Half Elf, Half Human

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a character in “Corruption Within”, as played by Snowdrift


Physical Description:

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 142lbs
Gender: Female
Hair: Black, Waist length
Body Type: Toned
Markings: None


Quiet and observant, either speaking with a soft tone or a silver tongue with annoyed or angered. Somewhat a bit direct yet tends to like to toy with those who are more weaker-minded.

Equipment & Abilities:

Wears light, yet flexible greenish leather armor with some metal plates hidden underneath that covers her vital areas.
She also wears a silver headband that has ancient elven inscription written on it.
Carries a carved long bow with special, handmade arrows that she carves herself.
Carries a slender, curved dagger with inscriptions written on its handle.
She has the ability to cast specials but depending on what kind of spell she cast, she suffered from side effects.

So begins...

Aiyana's Story


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Character Portrait: Aiyana

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*My eyes shot open to a blinding light and a surging pain going through every part of my body, it lasted only a few seconds before it subsided and I felt a renewed energy flowing through me. At first I thought I had finally passed on but as the light dissipated I saw my surroundings and realized where I was. I quickly jumped to my feet and instinctively reached for my swords only to grasp air. I noticed a elf lying next to me twitching and bleeding, I knelt down and brushed the hair from her face and blood from her mouth.*

"What happened? Did she heal me?"

*I looked at my arm and wiped the blood away seeing that my wounds were now healed. Looking around at the other prisoners I knew none of them would or could help anyone, even if their lives depended on it. I picked up the elf in a cradle and slowly made my way down one of the tunnels, I nearly had to crouch to stop myself from headbutting the ceiling. We eventually came across a small makeshift cell, only a small room with iron bars as a door and a small cot in the corner. There was water running down the wall on the far side of the cell. I gentle put the elf down on the cot and cupped a small amount of water running down the wall. It was clean for the most part, I took a small sip and washed the blood from my hands. I tore off a piece of cloth from my undershirt and soaked it through. I began to wash the blood from the elf's mouth and hands before cleaning and wetting it again, I folded it over and placed it on her forehead.I looked over her and wondered.*

Why did she help me? If shes in a place like this she can not be too different from me."

*I moved to the other side of the cell and removed the rest of my shirt, hanging it on the wall under the water. It felt strange moving around without my armor and weapons, i felt lighter and quicker yet weaker much weaker. I sat on the floor next to the water letting it flow over my right side, drawing my hair over my face. It was refreshing but the smell of this place was enough to make you gag, I only hope there is a way to escape this place. Sooner rather than later.*


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Character Portrait: Aiyana

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*I drew my hair back and out my face as she left the room, thinking to myself. She may be the only person here that could escape, but she would need my help. If the rumors i heard of this place are true then there is only one way to leave, the way you come in. The tunnels lead nowhere but dead ends and sealed off pathways, but a flicker of plan beings to form. I stand up and pull the rest of my hair back, I moved back through the tunnels until i reached the entrance. I could see the elf inspecting the hole and area around trying to formulate a plan, I looked around and saw a prisoner sitting in the shadows. Looking at nothing with dead eyes, i crouched in front of him and waited. His eyes seemed to roll back to life once he noticed me, he had been here long enough to have the information i need.*

"How often do patrols come by the hole?"

Prisoner; "There are three always stationed at the top, they check every couple of minutes."

*He spoke quietly, nearly whispering. This place had broke him long ago, if we do not leave soon it will do the same to us. I moved beneath the hold and out stretched my arms judging the distance. It could be done, but one misstep or going to slow will surely mean death. However I'm not willing to my life in another persons hands, not yet anyway. I made my way to the elf and inspected her before speaking, she seemed much different when she was awake not as peaceful.*

"Why did you help me before? It was clearly dangerous to you."