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         For the next couple of hours Leesha went through the book with Usha and Tempos, answering their questions and explaining much of the world and the demons. Eventually they were interrupted as there was a knock at the door and some muted chattering outside before a red headed man walked in accompanied by two women dressed and loose flowing garbs, their faces hidden apart from their eyes. The man clothes were a brightly coloured and ragged, looking as if they had just been patched together at random for scraps. It gave him a showman's look as well it might since he was by trade a 'Jongler', a kind of traveling solo circus performer. He introduced himself as Rojer and his two wives whose names I am unable to repeat but did not seem to matter as they only ever spoke to Rojer and very rarely at that.

Once everyone was clear on the basics I spoke up. "Why not give them a small demonstration? We will have a several hours of night left, and I bet my left leg that you have some bone scraps in one of those pockets Leesha. And I know you'd never miss a chance to perform and showoff your musical talents Rojer." Rojer was more willing than Leesha, Giving a flourish and offering his hand to Usha to escort us outside. When it was clear that Usha would not take his hand he spun round and offered it to Sabrina who smiled and took his hand, letting him guide her outside. The two wives started with malice at Usha for a moment before following their husband and we all followed after.

We walked till we reached the edge of the wardnet where some of the larger and stronger rock demons thrashed and battered away uselessly at the wards. Rojer retrieved a small case from inside his large multicolored cloak, opening it up and pulling forth a beautiful violin. He turned to us and gave a low sweeping bow. "Allow me to introduce myself again. My name is Rojer Halfgrip, and I pray you enjoy the show." If the other had not noticed yet they spotted it now. His left hand only had three things and naught but scars where his index and ring finger should be. He turned back to the demons and slowly began play, slowly picking up a melody. As he continued on the demons stopped hitting the wardnet and turned their attention to the music, as the music got louder and more complex the two wives began to sing in harmony with the violin. With the addition of the lyrics the demons began swaying back and forth to the music, mesmerized by it. Then Rojer took more control, playing meaningful notes and tunes and in response the largest demon swung round and started attacking its kin, smashing them to bits while they remained stuck in place and unwilling to defend themselves.

After the immediate area was cleared and the only remaining demon was the one that did all the killing the music and lyrics went from smooth and flowing to sharp and jarring and the demon convulsed violently several times until eventually it seemed to explode from the inside out in grand fashion.

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