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Alherii Juhivitjk

Pursuit of knowledge is the lust of the heart and mind.

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a character in “Corsair Knights”, as played by Mrkrutiika


Age 24
Gender Female
Species Elf
Height 5ft 11”
Occupation Scholar - Knight

Appearance Alherii has thick, dark hair, almost black in colour, untypical of an elf from her parts. Its falls beyond her shoulders to her mid back in soft curls. She has the pale skin of her people, which when coupled with her uncharacteristic hair makes for a striking appearance.

She has beautiful green eyes that stand out against her complexion, and plump peach lips. She has a fuller body shape than the typical elf, throwing out curves at her hips and chest whilst remaining a tall young woman. She maintains a slim physique, again a trait inherited by her ancestry.

Alherii usually dons a plain light white dress, drawn in at the hip with a brown plaited leather belt, to highlight her figure. Under this floor length dress she wears brown leather riding boots atop leather shin protectors. She carries a small dagger upon the inner seem of her boots.

When out of familiar terrain, Alherii has a hooded grey cloak made of fine sheep’s wool, a rare material to find in her home town.
She doesn’t care much for jewellery other than a gold necklace with the family crest as the pendant given to her by her great grandmother on her maternal side.

Personality Alherii is a vocal girl, with strong opinions on various subjects. Being a scholar, she is extremely well read so her arguments are well backed, often leaving her opponents in a state of confusion. She will happily start both a frivolous conversation and an aggressive debate with a stranger, a confident or even a member of royalty.

She rarely feels deflated or demotivated. She is extremely ambitious and has a strong desire to succeed in her field, which may have some influence from her upbringing and family background of notable scholars. However, Alherii will never walk upon an immoral path, and infact will stand to oppose it, even knowing that she may have little chance of success.

She is no stranger to having a good time, be it dancing in a rowdy tavern or stealing the lime light in group conversations with her wildly exaggerated stories of mythed creatures and valiant heroes. But, when at her desk, very little will break her focus, at which time she will often be reserved, quiet and reclusive.

Magic/Abilities Skilled and knowledgeable scholar in a variety of fields. Able to manipulate the element of earth with some effect.

Little physical/combative skills.

History Alherii, unlike many has had little complexities in her past. She was born to an anthropologist mother and a herbologist father, both who held great influence over the element of earth. She had a happy and uneventful childhood in a large elfish town in the heart of the Draconi forst, attending notable schools where she topped maths, science and geography. After completing compulsory education she went into solitary further education under the notable scholar Eiden Shjikver, enhancing her skill in herbal medicine and dragon lore. The legacy of her family and the presence of notable scholars shadows her and in turn drives her hunger in wanting to learn more, do more and experience more.

Being in the heart of the dense forest of Dheej , Alherii has had little contact with non-elves and has little interactive knowledge of humans and other races.

So begins...

Alherii Juhivitjk's Story


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A dark blue washed across the skies, with cool silver glows standing silently between curdled grey clouds that hung low in the night. It was under the watchful eyes of these stars that Alheri first caught sight of Terah. It sat like a forgotten pearl amongst a bed of iron, with cracked white pillars reaching toward the heavens like suffocating hands gasping out for clean air. The blemishes upon the old grandeur could be seen in the dimmed light of a shrouded moon, even from this distance.

Alherii, thought back to the drawings she had seen of the old city between the crisp leaves of leather bound books of her childhood. And she smiled softly remembering all the fantasies she had laced together between the milky white walls, the stain-glass windows and the stone covered streets. She thought of how she used to awe at the intricate details of the illustrious builds and how in her dreams she hid treasures, maps and little secrets in the nooks and crannies between the houses.

What stood before her, beyond the river Yehr, was but a fragment of the splendour that she had known the city of Terah by. It seemed like a forgotten memory that was barely kept alive. Alherii urged Tejh on through the charred meadows towards the cluster of dying stone that was known as Suburbia. As they slowly approached the outer edges of the contraptions that birthed The Queen’s toys, Tejh’s aversion to the towns mimicked that of Alherii. Yet she ushered him forward whispering into his ear,
‘Soon we shall pass through this metal and stone jungle Tejh, and one day we will free it from the smoke and dirt that is drowning it. One day it will breathe clean air, and the sun’s light will drench the streets with its warmth. But for now, help me through this unworldly sin.’

Alherii and Tejh pushed through the small town of Mitre, one of many that encircled the white city like a steel choker. The furnace that slept in the heart of this town roared above all else, and soaked the walls in a dry heat that hung upon one’s breath. Tejh was the only other living creature seen among soot painted humans, thin and weathered from a lifetime of work. Their eyes were hollow of hope, with the furnace having stolen every ray of light that once lived amongst these lifeless souls.

It took them the rest of the night to reach the other side of the town, making their way through the maze of taverns, shacks and houses. Lanterns of liquid gold provided them a dim glow to aide them on their journey. They dodged inebriated bodies that clumsily fell upon their road and deafened themselves to shouts of profanity. It was nothing short of relief that swelled within Alherii when she saw the towering gates of Terah before her. It was a beautiful structure. Two white marble men stood on either side of the great oak door, their arms outstretched before them welcoming visitors and inhabitants alike.

Relief was burnt out by the hot flames of hope that gripped at every inch of Alherii. Finally she was here. To stand with strangers as one. To wash away the injustice. To fight for a life worth living.


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Alherii and Tejh pushed forward through the night, they had rested very little since they had embarked on their journey. They had ridden for four days and four nights to reach the old marble bridge at Yehr. The journey through the rotting suburbia completed their fifth night and brought them upon the brink of their fifth and final day. Alherii’s back ached as the sun began to pull itself back into the sky. As much as she loved her steed, long rides just didn’t become her. But she pushed on, for the end of their journey was near, and she could taste the comfort that awaited her after she had met with her fellow crusaders.

Alherii had garnered little information as to who the Knights were and what they comprised of. She knew only of their goal; to build a life worth living, to create a kingdom where all creatures were valued as equal, where the prosperity of a few was shared to eliminate the poverty of many. The elders back in Dheej had received a message six moons passed, asking for them to send a person who aspired to change the core of the system, who had the strength to leave all they have known, and who would entrust their life into the hands of strangers for people who they would never come to know. Many discussions and debates had been held within the council, many young and aged elves had been called upon, but each had their own shortcomings.

Alherii had no fewer flaws than those who had been considered alongside of her, but she had the heart that no other could match. She yearned to rip the immoral core that her world had born its poisoned fruit upon and to change the reign of the queen to free the people of their sullen lives. She believed more than anyone that the strength in truth, honesty and righteousness was far greater than the power of greed, manipulation and corruption. At times, you’d even believe that her crusade for delivering justice to the people of Terejhsa was of more significance to her than the home she’d left and the people she’d loved.

As her weary body meandered through the winding streets of Terah, her eyelids hung low, moving sluggishly to form a blink. It took another hour to reach the entrance of the archive building; the meeting place of the Knights. The once grand archway stood before her, blemished with cracks and chips in the faces of the dragons that bowed around the doorway. You could see the embossments that once housed an array of precious stones to form the scales of the great winged creatures. They crawled up either side of the aged oaken doors, meeting at the top with their hands tangled within each others’.

Alherii smiled and appreciated the tribute the people of yesteryear had gifted the dragons; creatures of great strength and even greater knowledge. Other than the stone giants, no other soul guarded the doorway, so her passage was an uneventful one. She left Tejh tied at the gate, reassuring him she’d be back in mere moments. Tejh was a proud horse, and contained any nervousness he had of an unknown city that was busy with bodies pushing through the narrow streets.

Alherii made her way through the tall corridor to the library, the room that was home to the literature of the land. As she entered the grand room, her eyes lusted after the rows and shelves and aisles of well-kept books, stealing from her any exhaustion that haunted her body.

Welcome” a matured voiced echoed, snatching her attention from the books, and placing it upon the tall broad figure that sat at the other end of the room, with what seemed like a faded smile etched upon his face. “I see we have a young lady and a mischievous young pup amongst us” As he finished, filling the room with an unspoken authority, three other figures emerged around him, and behind them a skinny thing of girl attempted but quite obviously failed to discretely open a door that stood at the other end of the room.


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#, as written by Byte
Soon after Jackie's little endevour to unbolt the heavy door that previously blocked the path of Nora and herself, the two women were quickly discovered the second they had entered the, what they presumed was an abandoned archive.

Evidently not, or they wouldn't have been spotted otherwise. Her eyes fell on the figure that sat at the other end of the room, watching as his supposed entourage gathered around him. Jackie felt wary, but was quick to retort in her usual brash and snarky tone. "Do you always address people by their current stereotype, or is being a presumptuous git the only way you can get your jollies?"

Nora felt hard pressed to suppress a smirk at Jackie's quip as she entered the room, making sure to close the door behind her. "I think that, compared to the Queen, we're all 'young pups' here," she remarked. "And since my companion and I are not being held at gunpoint, I suppose I would be correct in assuming that you are indeed the Corsair Knights I have been looking for. If you have truly been keeping an eye on the Queen's activities as of late, then I'm sure you would have some inkling of who I may be."


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The city made Amity nervous. It was too still, no rustling leaves or singing birds to reassure her. The only sound she could hear in the darkness were Butterscotch's hooves clopping heavily on the cobbles, and they seemed louder than thunder in the quiet. She wrapped her arms around herself, for comfort. William glanced briefly back at his sister, frowning at her discomfort. He shook his head and turned back to their objective. Finally, the shadowed roads and alleys led William, Amity and Butterscotch to the building the note told of.

A black horse stood before the gate to an old, but impressive building. The horse turned to look at the approaching group curiously, and Amity swung herself down off of Butterscotch's back. She reached a hand out for the horse to smell, carefully not looking directly at the beast.
"Hello there, friend." She murmured soothingly. William knew better than to approach while Amity was doing this, so hung back with Butterscotch until his sister was done. The strange horse still seemed slightly wary of them, but he didn't spook when, after a nod from Amity, William dismounted and tied Butterscotch next to him. With the mare secured, the Clarence siblings finally began approaching the building.

They were surprised to find the door open, but with a glance at each other, both of them stepped inside. As they continued, now following the sound of voices, William's hand slowly came to rest on the pommel of his sword, and Amity's in the crook of his arm. The voices that floated through the building seemed to be the voices of a few woman, and a man. A room opened out before them, one which contained a number of people. Three women stood before, presumably, the man they had heard, who was covered from head to foot. Amity hung back slightly, as William stepped forward. He bowed respectfully, just as his mother had shown him when he was young.
"William and Amity Clarence, representing the Loup Caravan?" He introduced, indicating himself and Amity in turn.


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Nora watched as one of the robed figures came over to her and Jackie, offering a handshake. Although the man stood taller than the artificer herself, she firmly shook his hand without hesitation. Perhaps being accepted into this group wasn't going to be such a complicated matter after all.

Just then, another two people - a man and a woman - entered through the still open front door of the building. Luckily, they weren't guardsmen, seeing as they decided to introduce themselves rather than start shooting at everyone present. Nora quickly racked her brains for any knowledge of the Loup Caravan they spoke of. Were they expected guests of the Corsair Knights?

Jackie brushed the handshake aside, only offering a muffled "Hi." from the corner of her mouth. There was no reason she should be buddy-buddy with some stranger who, truth be told, was coming off as slightly patronizing and just a little bit too eager to make acqauintances. Or perhaps that was just Jackie's grump talking. Either way, Jackie wasn't feeling hunky-dory being forced to wait out this charade of friendliness.

As Jackie was about to cut to the chase, two more people entered the archive. It wouldn't have bothered her so much if it weren't for...

"Geez, so much for a closed meeting. Why don't we go ahead and invite everyone and their dog while we're at it?" The thief commented with emphasized sarcasm, nodding her head in the direction of the door that was so clearly opened it may as well be waving flirtatiously for prying eyes to come take a closer look. Honestly, some people could be as dumb as a post.