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The Queen

Let us speak her name with pride.

0 · 142 views · located in Terah

a character in “Corsair Knights”, as played by Mrkrutiika


Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5 ft 3”
Occupation: The Queen

Appearance: The queen has a pale (once full of olive colour) complexion of smooth supple skin, an unexpected reflection of youth for a woman of her age. Her cheeks are tinted red and she adorns her lips with rouge paint. Her hair used to be a beautiful black and straight like a waterfall of misguided shadows, but now it lays limp and streaked with grey. The imperfection displeases her and so often she will wear a wimple head piece. She has deep set brown eyes, pale in colour, much like dirtied water.

She is usually garbed in heavy woollen robes of dull colours varying from murky green to dirty brown and even night black. More often than not however you will see her in a navy blue attire, the one she favours the most.

Personality: Though she is not well read in any field, the queen is a mind of many layers. She is primarily a very docile natured woman who is displeased by conflict. Her greatest strength is her sharp and unmatched tongue which she can manipulate to please gutter rats to aristocrats. The Queen makes it a point to never raise her voice and has only disbanded her rule only a handful of times. She believes that it is the words that are the power not the volume.
Her manner is always polite and you will never get the air that she is above you, which she undoubtedly does believe. She is a calm and patient and angered only upon treason. Though, treason to her takes many wild shapes and forms.

Invariably she is a very cunning and calculating person, every move she makes, every word she utters and every breath she takes is planned. Once she stops planning, she knows, she will lose all she has gained. She carries no councillors on her table for she doesn’t trust anyone with her ideas. In fact there are very few, if anyone at all, that The Queen trusts.

Though she is a skilled swordsman, the only skill she has truly mastered, she will rarely pick up a sword. If she wants a fight, she will make others do it for her. If she wants a death she will make a flower an assassin. The Queen, in all her years of reign, has no blood on her hands. How is that so? Words are stronger than steel.

Some would label The Queen as a racist and an elitist, having done what she has with the world, but the truth is but the contrary. She accepts and embodies the power of all races, the dwarves gave her their strength of stonemasonry, the elves their wisdom on the battlefield, and the dragons their knowledge of the earth. Humans were and are a weak race, all they could offer her were numbers and that is what she used, their numbers to further her power. In this the other races dwindled, a casualty that she assumed to be collateral damage.

Background: The Queen was born to a land merchant and his wife in a time when land was a valuable equity for humans, making her family very wealthy. Still, her father was labelled a glorified shop keeper to the high society folk. His position in society was further highlighted by the lack of education The Queen and her brother received, as her father believed that wealth was achieved on street smarts not book smarts. For that reason again he had both his children master the art of sword play reasoning that defence in this unforgiving world was a skill every soul should be gifted.

The Queen had a happy childhood in which she longed for nothing. But this wasn’t enough. Her intelligence was unmatched and unchallenged in the humdrum of this daily affair. She didn’t want to be trained to be some witless nobleman’s wife, she wanted more.

She was a merchant’s daughter, the beauty of wordplay came easy to her; in high society parties she took a liking to lacing her words with fancy tales to please her comrades. Equally she enjoyed teasing her fellow gutter rats with stories filling their minds with fantasies and hope. Slowly she became a very likeable young lady with a loyal following of subjects both wealthy and poor. This was the beginning of her rise to power.

The Queen had had the opportunity to travel across the lands many a time with her family due to the nature of her father’s business and upon her travels met races of all kinds. Here, she tested the strength of her tongue and quickly found new loyal admirers. Her name began to grow throughout the land as she fed fantasies of uniting all that lived in Terehjsa.

Her parents could not radiate more pride in their daughter’s accomplishment, for power meant wealth and wealth is what they sought. They watched her slowly take the reigns over the land as she walked into minds of the people she spoke to. Her family lived out their normal human life span watching her begin her reign unassuming of the years she was yet to hold the kingdom in her hand. Her brother left her a niece who enjoyed the height of the queen’s power but passed away before bearing any children of her own.

Love has come and gone in her life and now the queen sits atop her throne alone, her only family is the comfort of the power she has gained and fostered as her own sick child.

So begins...

The Queen's Story