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Dr. Evangeline Renee Greyson

Reclusive Medical Genius

0 · 100 views · located in Corsair

a character in “Corsair”, as played by Myrn


Dr. Evangeline Renee Greyson


Name: Evangeline Renee Greyson
Nickname: Dr. Greyson
Title: Doctor
Species: Human
Sub-Race: ---
Race: Aramaic
Hometown: Borne, Borne County, Amarais.
Apparent Age: 18
Factual Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Medic
Affiliation: Greyson Family | University of Borne | Amarais Medical Union
Specialization: Herbalism | First Aid | Emergency Medical Care


Hair: Golden Blonde/Chest Length/Straight
Eyes: Clear Sky Blue/Round/Average
Eye Brows: Thin/Golden Blonde
Ears: Small/Slightly Pointed Round Ears
Nose: Slim/Child-like
Lips: Thin/Light Red/Gently Curved/Pouty
Build: Frail/Very Slender/Healthy but Lacking Muscle
Skin Tone: Fair/Almost Doll-like
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lb
Voice: Weak/Feminine/Refined
Handed: Right
Unique Body Features: Skin is unmarked further enhancing the doll-like quality


Physical Description: Standing at 5'5" with her slender build, fair skin, and youthful features she appears very frail almost as if she will break if left to hold a small weight in her arms. Taking in her appearance and ignoring her frail looks, she could fairly easily be mistaken for a living doll, that is if she actually dressed up and did something with her hair. Her hair is normally held in a simple ponytail to keep it out of her way, but due to frequent care it maintains a healthy sheen and gentle weightlessness. Her curves are easily noticeable and pleasantly round, but are small enough to easily be hidden within loose clothing.

Personality Description: Quite the recluse often locking herself away in the med lab unless her presence is required, usually only venturing from her comfort zone if she needs to resupply, eat, or has been called upon to provide a temporary patch up so that they can be moved to her lab. Whenever conflict arises she is always the first to disappear, whether it is verbal or physical, during which she either hides in her lab or a nearby closet. She avoids emotional confrontations about as much as she does conflicts, when a patient starts getting emotional on her table she usually glares at them then either pours alcohol down their throat till they shut up, or inject them with the necessary medications to knock them unconscious. She also has an irresistible love of apples; capable of smelling them even in a busy market street, their taste bringing such bliss that she detaches from her surroundings upon her first bite.

Combat Prowess
Very Poor Hand-to-Hand Combat: Bare Hands
Very Poor Melee Combat: Swords and Staffs
Very Poor Armed Combat: Ranged Weapons
Very Poor Mounted Combat: When Riding an Animal

Skills and Abilities
Excellent Herbalism: Identification/Harvest/Processing/Application of various plants
Excellent Medical: Care and Treatment of Humans/Elves
Good Alchemy: Creation/Modification/Repair of simple items

Very Poor Leadership: Ability to lead

Very Poor Fighting: Ability to Fight

Very Poor Tact: Ability to strategize

Below Average Charisma: People skills

Average Honor: Ability to do whats best

Poor Courage: Ability to face danger or fear

Very Poor Bloodthirst: Brutality in combat

Excellent Intelligence: Self Explanatory

Excellent Wealth: Amount of money
Head: High Quality Leather Hairband, Small Oval Glasses

Neck: Small gold pendant bearing the Greyson family crest with a picture of her in her youth posing with her father and mother.

Chest: Form fitting grey tank-top

Back: Long white lab coat with family crest embroidered in blue on it's back

Waist: Loose grey trousers, Black leather belt

Feet: Black leather loosely tied boots


Items: Medical bag filled with patches, thread, a bottle of strong alcohol, various needles, bandages, adhesive of sorts, her personal panacea, various widely used anti-toxins, and an experimental serum. Small chest filled with many research notes, a few sets of spare clothes, and a selection of elegant blue dresses.

The Greyson's, a small merchant family, had recently risen to wealth through careful trading and clever business deals. Within a few years they had moved to the city of Borne and continued to gain wealth at a steady pace. But due to the way of the other Borne wealthy the Greyson's soon found themselves being looked down upon and noticed how they were missing out on many events and opportunities due to their relatively low status among the other families. In response to this they began looking for ways to raise their prestige and elevate the family name to gain better standing. After a few years of neither rising nor falling the second generation of Greysons came of age and expanded the reach of the family. This allowed them to rise to slightly above average status within the wealthy families of Borne, but the Greysons were not yet satisfied. They quickly used their new reach to gain more wealth and expand their market in order to gain more leverage, yet still could not gain the prestige or respect the older families had acquired. It wasn't until a child in their third generation had shown great potential, did they realize a way to gain some semblance of prestige among the other wealthy families.

Evangeline Renee Greyson, the name of the first born child in the third generation of the Greyson family, from a very early age her intelligence was unmistakable. Upon realizing this the Greyson's found they could use her to gain prestige for the family simply by having her use her intelligence to spread the family name. They immediately began hiring the best tutors they could find to teach her various subjects, shocked at how quickly they were all absorbed by the young genius. Both the family and tutors alike were simply awe-stricken by how quickly she was learning and the comprehension she had shown despite being so young. As soon as they were able they sent her to the best, most prestigious schools they could afford happily savoring the attention their family gained as she scored top marks in her studies through the years. As the years passed though, they began to notice that she was not very sociable, and shied away from interaction; this on it's own was not too bothersome for the family as they only wanted her to gain recognition for her achievements not who she is as a person. Sure enough she brought more interest to the family name when she was accepted into the prestigious University of Borne at the young age of 13, once there she delved into the study of the medical field. It wasn't much longer until the next time her name was spread as she became quite famous for a highly effective panacea. Her panacea may not be a true cure all, but it is the most effective medicine for many of the most common and troublesome ailments, plus it tastes like apples. Over the next few years while attending the University of Borne, she found various anti-toxins that previously had no known cure. As far as the family was concerned Evangeline was spreading the family name far and wide, while also bringing in far more money as her creations were almost completely monopolized by the Greyson family. After the creation of an injection that could speed the recovery of various injuries several fold, Evangeline ran off. In her place she left only a note written in a hasty scrawl that read, "incomplete". It took a few days before anyone realized Evangeline had left the University of Borne. Her parents found out she left almost a week after the fact, wanting her found and brought home immediately so that they could get that serum's completed recipe and begin selling large quantities. Due to this they set a reward of tens of thousands in crowns to have her safely found and brought home.

Evangeline soon arrived at Port William looking for transport to a new location that could potentially house what she was looking for to complete the serum or at the very least inspiration and insight as to what could be used. As it was, the serum could still be used; but continued application leads to the build up of a deadly toxin that increases the aggression and alertness of the target before finally causing their heart to explode from over exertion.

So begins...

Dr. Evangeline Renee Greyson's Story