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Corentine Azura

"War is like a storm, ever violent and always looming."

0 · 624 views · located in Cosmos

a character in “Cosmogyral”, as played by Mineczka



❝If what it means to be a leader is to unlock everyone's potential, then I shall lead.❞
[[Character Voice || Lightning Farron // Final Fantasy XIII]]
[[Theme || "Great Distance" // Bravely Second: End Layer]]

"Look at me, I'm the captain now"

~ Nickname ~"I've been called various things. Pick one."
Corentine often goes by the shorthand Coren

~ Gender ~"Please, Do say that was sarcastic..."

~ Sexuality ~"Awfully personal I see."
Coren swings both ways

~ Age ~"A mere number that defines me."

~ Role ~"I take the role that has been given to me."
Second Ruler of Gemini, the Twin. Also an experienced Tracker

~ Distinguishable Features ~"I'm sure I have a few. As do you."
First and foremost, one can notice the strange headset that Coren wears at all times, as explained as well in powers, it aids Coren in controlling her power, not only that, it aids Corentine's hearing, as she is very very hypersensitive to sound, these dull the sound to a tolerable level, along with dulling the power that sleeps within her. Outside of that, there are several scars from her training as a tracker throughout her body. Though one she keeps hidden on her left arm, is a scar from when a Dire Wolf had bitten her, though often she hides this.

~ Power ~"We all have a 'power' It's just to be found."
With Coren, she has the power of Weather Control, able to alter the weather around her to her own will, whether she makes the day clear, or sends a typhoon through can be decided by Coren. Carrying the second part to the Kingdom of Gemini's twin powers, the Wind and Storm. With the weather control Coern can cause storms and even pick where lightning strikes, although, at the cost. With such power, it requires concentration to keep a storm raging on, leaving her vulnerable to attacks, along with this, her body is not fully adapted to the power, and thus she wears that headset you see, as it lessens the power and it's toll respectively, she'd still be able to summon storms, for example, but not terribly strong ones.

~ History ~"History is important, but personal at the same time"
[Fill in Here]

~ Personality ~"You're asking to put who I am into words?"

Determined: [Often]|| "I will fight for what I want"
Opinionated: [Rarely]|| "I try to view the world from both sides."
Proud: [Always]|| "Taking pride in one's actions is good"
Stubborn: [Often]|| "If I disagree with your options, then I won't budge."
Quiet: [Always] || "Speak when Spoken to, and keep your words sharp."
Friendly: [Sometimes]|| "Deep down we are all friendly in some respect"
Easygoing: [Kinda]|| "Keeping calmed is an easing presence to all."
Affectionate: [Uncommon]|| "I'll praise you where praise is due."
Risk-Taking: [Sometimes]|| "One must show what can be done"
Curious: [Often]|| "Obtaining knowledge is ever helpful."
Emotionally controlled: [Always]|| "Emotions tend to bind our thoughts."
Charismatic: [Sometimes]|| "Charisma is a virtue, and allows for leaders to form."
Fearless: [Often]|| "Fear is an emotion I've tried to drive from myself. But Cannot."
Adventurous: [Always]|| I becamse a Tracker to see the world."
Daring: [Sometimes]|| "There is a thin line between Courageous and reckless"
Defensive: [Rarely]|| "If I am wrong, I'm wrong. No point saying I was not."
Sarcastic: [Often]|| "I haven't the foggiest idea what you could mean."
Boisterous: [Never]|| "I've never struck anyone to be the loud and energetic one."
Charming: [Sometimes?]|| "Charming is not something I can judge on my own"
Grudge holding: [Sometimes]|| "Forgiveness is earned. Not Given."
Persuasive: [Often]|| "Given logic can aid in this."
Calculating: [Always] || "Forward thinking is a great aid to tact."
Intelligent: [Often]|| "Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in wit."
Insecure: [Sometimes] || "Am I a true leader? Or thrown into this role?"
Doubtful: [sometimes] || "Much like everyone else, I second guess myself."
Humorous: [Rarely]|| "I'm not a good joke teller, my apologies."
Selfless: [Sometimes]|| "I'll lay my lofe ofr others, but not my pay.."
Secretive: [Never]|| "Most know my secrets before I seem to."

Honest: [Often]|| "I am not one to lie to your face."
Blunt: [Always]|| "No use beating around a bush"
Loyal: [Always]|| "If it means going down with the ship, I shall remain"
Serious: [Always]|| "I tend to every matter accordingly"
Romantic: [Rarely]|| "I can't say I'm familiar with love."
Flirty: [Never]|| "I have a track record of having "Anti-flirting."
Sympathetic: [Often]|| "I can understand and act to your emotions"
Brave: [Sometimes]|| "I'm brave, but not stupidly brave. I walk the thin line."
Optimistic: [Sometimes]|| "It is uncertain what the future holds."
Pessimistic: [Sometimes]|| "As stated; It is uncertain what the future holds."
Independent: [Always]|| "As a part of a team, one must have solidarity."
Dependent: [Sometimes]|| "If I need help, I will reach out for it."
Logical: [Often]|| "The only times I'm not logical, is when instinct takes over."
Hyperactive: [Fat Chance] || "I feel that was sarcastic there, Lufia."
Kind: [Often]|| "As I've said, I won't give my pay, but I'll help"
Caring: [Sometimes]|| "When aiding, I take the utmost care."
Jealous: [Rarely]|| "People are better than I am, but I'll still try!"
Nurturing: [Often]|| "I present to be a motherly figure to most."
Childish: [Never]|| "Puerile thoughts have since been removed"
Hostile: [Kinda...?]|| "Some mistake my aloofness as hostile."
Argumentative: [Rarely]|| "No arguments here."
Passionate: [Always]|| "Like a roaring fire"
Demanding: [Often]|| "I demand everyone to do their best as they can."
Protective: [Always]|| "You'll have to go through me"
Possessive: [Sometimes]|| "What's mine is mine, I'll share a bit, but not my pay."
Social: [Kinda?]|| "If approached, I am willing to talk, but outside of that, no."

"Well, You're adorable aren't you?

~ Likes ~
β™₯ The Vesper Wings*
β™₯ Rain and storms
β™₯ Viewing the world she inhabits
β™₯ Flying
β™₯ Dancing (She works it into her fighting style)

~ Dislikes ~
βœ– Flirtatious types
βœ– Her failures
βœ– Zekeru
βœ– Dire Wolves
βœ– Giving up her pay.

~ Talents ~
βœ” Sword fighting
βœ” Singing and Dancing
βœ” Leading
βœ” Card games

~ Hobbies ~
βœ” Writing poems and songs
βœ” Adventuring
βœ” Maintenance on her equipment
βœ” Sleeping (For days sometimes)

~ Fears ~
✘ Dire Wolves
✘ Gemini falling
✘ The idea of ruling.
✘ Losing her "Vesper wings"

~ Flaws ~
✘ Very sensitive to sound
✘ If her headset is removed, she can die.
✘ Gets violent when people touch her pay
✘ Has a tendency once in a while to be abhorrently clumsy.

~ Side ~"I shall side with the Kingdom of Gemini"
Along with the twin, Elaine, Coren has decided to remain Neutral.

~ Thoughts on Others ~I've not met any of you. But will try my best with what I know."

King Constellation "The world isn't as black and white as you think it is."

Queen Stars "A seemingly quiet observer, I wonder what lies in her head."

Aries "A mere child thrown into war, and the world itself."

Taurus "A flirtatious man whom should know better than whom to flirt with."

Gemini "While Lady Elaine is mute, words do not escape her. From what I've seen, still waters run deep, and she has some serious potential to cause harm."

Cancer "A war mongering thug. I have no patience fro him."

Leo "A sellsword. I've heard her and Lady Elaine are quite good friends."

Virgo "Another child thrown into this madness, though something feels much darker about her realm..."

Libra "A mere farmer, I like that, though he's not as refined as the other rulers, his frank nature allows for a more common perspective, something these rulers may have lost."

Scorpio "I've been told she's death's hand. I'd like to see that."

Sagittarius "The only one I've not heard anything on."

Capricorn "She's quite like me, blunt, honest, and loyal. I think her and I would get along well if we ever had the chance to meet."

Aquarius "How on earth does he remain sane and keep his composure ruling with his whole country warring with each other?"

Pisces "Not much on this one, as I've never fully heard much of him, but I think he'd be delightful/"

King's Bodyguard "The savage guard to the King, I'll gander she's not that tactful."

Queen's Bodyguard "Can't say I like him much. He seems like someone I'd punch."

Cashmere "The feline husband to Princess Leo, I take pity on him, but I don't think she is that bad to him. But what do I know on that?"

*Vesper Wings: Equipment you'd see Trackers in and use, it's pressurized air powered.
~ Credits ~ "Giving credit where Credit is due."
All images presented are not my own, and belong to their respective owners.
The Nametag is hosted by
Personality part was given to me by Hα΄‡ΚŸΚŸΚœα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄…

So begins...

Corentine Azura's Story


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                  Declarations of war. The thing many rulers fear, while others embrace it with a fire burning deep within their soul. Now that the Cosmos and all those who reside in it are under the threat of war, the two major sides have chosen to meet within one of their allied kingdoms. For the King, it was the Princess of Virgo who would host, while the Queen the Princess of Capricorn.Β 

                  As for all those declared β€˜neutral,’ many have highly advised them to consider a side; to at least look at those who are potentially arming against them - and consider those who are primarily around them. For while many prepare to depart, those who have not chosen to align themselves with a side still must choose if they need to call a meeting among themselves.

                  Once the war begins, no one will be safe. But for now, we turn to our stars that shine brightly in the skies of spring.

Thanks to Verix for helping out with the first post!


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Joining the meeting with the King, The Sleeping Storm, Corentine Azura

Along that same dreary day, just outside the capital, Corneria bracing the elements, rests several military troops, each in a Dark purple cloak. As the five stood there, one seemed out of place, with a headset on as it would seem. Though as they stood there, one did break off, giving a laughing scream of enjoyment as he plummeted to the forest floor, only to come back, soaring high into the air. As the other three laughed, and cheered the man on, the one with the headset had stepped aside, looking to several travelers. Wondering what they had stopped for, the woman went to investigate, only to be greeted by a smiling man, his skin was tanned in tone, with what appeared to be trimmed facial hair lining his jawline and around his mouth, he greeted her rather frankly, noticing the Emblem on the other cloaks and on the woman's as well, a smile curled his lips, as if happy about something as he spoke,

"Well that's an uncommon sight, seeing Raven Squad here. What seems to be the occasion?" as his gruff voice stretched, the other three members had soon approached as well, with the other woman, whose features were hidden by said cloak replying with a, calm tone, but her voice was a bit grainy, as if something is perpetually always caught in her throat,

"That's something we can't say. As we were merely ordered here, but I'm sure Lady Elaine will explain the situation to the rest of the people, trust me, we're just as in the dark as you, as we're under Nightrose, and even they've been scrambled for some reason. Possibly because-" before she could even finish her remarks, the other woman had covered her mouth,

"Forest ops were short staffed, as several squads are out on hunts and such. So they asked the Nightrose Legion to help in guarding from anything. Nothing special. Ignore Effelia over here, she tends to talk from speculation."

As the traveler nodded before moving along, figuring he wouldn't gain any more information from the now five members, though the woman named Effelia soon removed the other woman's hand from her mouth, "Coren! What was that for?!"

"We're under order not to talk about the situation, remember?"

"Still! That was mean!"

"I'm not the nice type. You should know that."

Before Effelia could reply, the man whom flanked Coren's left, whose face wasn't as hidden, showing a young man's face, looked to Effelia and Coren, "That's enough, you two. No need to squabble here."

"But Icarus-"

"No Buts, Effie, we have our job to do. And that's final."

With those words, everything settled down with the five, things dragged on, and with a few light moments where the Vesper Wings were used to cure idleness, the cold and dreary day was just not ending quickly. Moving several hours, it was about lunch, and as the man whom was flying around earlier went to get lunch, having drawing the short straw, the other four sat on higher branches, mucking about until their food arrives. As the rain kept steadily falling, Coren leaned against the tree trunk to take a short nap, the day had been dreadful to her patience, thus, she began to doze off.

"-en Azura?"

Some sort of conversation had interrupted the sleep she had managed to squeak in, though she heard the same voice again,

"I'm looking for Coren Azura. Is she here?"

The voice was familiar, Mineczka, the leader of the Trackers, and especially Forest ops, Coren remembered training with the woman, they were somewhat friends, though not as close as Coren was with Raven Squad, but none the less, they knew eachother well. Rather swiftly, Coren lept from the branch she was on, to the wooden pathway that the clump of people stood upon, after ensuring a safe landing, Coren looked to Mineczka,

"What might you need, Mineczka?" Coren was one the few trackers whom could get away with calling Mineczka by her name, as those two were close enough to call friends,

"You're joining me to go to Virgo, since I know you like adventure and all. Come, we have a meeting to attend."

Without any questions, Coren followed Mineczka. Though she tried her best not to show her excitement, Coren was very excited to be able to go out and see the world, as it has been a dream for her since she was a mere child, to see the world and it's many wonders. As this excitement and bliss had pooled in her chest, something... Strange happened. As the rain seemed to almost suddenly stop as the clouds dispersed, allowing the sun to shine it's way in beautifully into Corneria. As Coren stopped, looking at the clouds dispersing, her head throbbed as she looked to the sky, though she ignored it as she caught up to Mineczka.

Moving to the forest floor, came to the most hated part of Coren being in the military, Dire Wolves just looking at them made her left arm throb, remembering the pain from the incident Eight years ago. Though she still got on the blasted thing, though made sure to touch as little of it as possible. Soon enough they were off once more, though this time, to the capital of Virgo, another long journey, but that had not bothered Coren.

Making their way to Virgo was a different feeling trip, as they had to pass through a bit of Taurus and all of Cancer, and with how the Dire Wolves couldn't run the whole way, it made things eventually slow down once more. As the Dire Wolves walked, eventually they took a rest, at the Tauren-Cancer Border. After that, the cross over through Cancer. Despite Coren's thoughts, the trip was quiet, and finally they were in Virgo.

Finally, Mainland Virgo, as an exhausted Coren and Mineczka approached where they could get to the island of Flamma, were greeted by what appeared to be a twenty-six man group, definitely bigger than anything they have squad wise in Gemini, though one did approach her, a man whom seemed to be well looking had approached,

"You must be the Geminian travelers. I shall assume you are tired from the trek?"

"Yes, and we are tired but that is no matter as of this moment."

"We have been assigned to escort you to the Castle in Flamma, however, your Dire Wolves will have to stay in the bottom decks of the ferry, as larger animals are not permitted on the bridge. Or, there is a rural station to the west of here, where the wolves can rest, it is west of here."

"Alright then, we will be back, so we can get the wolves there. We will be back as quick as possible."

With that, the two rode west to the outpost that looked a little shocked that there are such large animals that are as dangerous, but none the less, the dire wolves were soon set in a stable, with Mineczka and Coren walking again,

"Hey, Mineczka, care for some fun?

"If it's what I think it is, why not? It'll be fun"

As the two looked at each other, they began to run and soon, two wires came from their Vesper Wings and they were now soaring into the sky, admittedly having fun as the rest of the trip was boring, this provided to be fun and exhilarating. As they flew up and over buildings, several of the citizens of the small town they had to fly through looked shocked, as they had not seen what the Geminians had. And soon, after a launch and flip over the last building, Mineczka and Coren had returned. After that, the twenty-six men gathered and encircled the two women, and the trip was underway once more.

This part was equally boring, as it was hours of walking and a boat ride in silence, even with the occasional quip of some sort from Coren or Mineczka, they still had a boring day, and the weather appeared to show Coren's frustration with this, as several small storms brewed and even passed through, on a day that was previously sunny, however, after said walk of misery, the grouping had finally reached the castle, with the leader turning to face Coren and Mineczka,

"For the comfort of the youngest child of Virgo, I will have to ask that you remove your equipment."

"We can remove our main components, but unfortunately, this equipment involves hours to don and doff, so while I will comply, there will be parts remaining on us."

With that, Coren had turned off the pressurized air nozzles and detached them from the rest of the equipment, and then the blade holsters were next part to be removed, leaving only the propelling face, which was attached to the belt and centered the wires that ran along their body, with Mineczka, most of the wires remained hidden, though a quick look over Coren's clothes, and body one could easily see where the wires trailed around. Though this took several minutes it was tedious to Coren and Mineczka, as they would have to check the connections to keep from any leaking, all that remained were the triggers to launch the hooks, the main mechanism of the equipment, and two small tanks attached to their belt, one let the hooks propel to the object they're mounting to, the other is an emergency movement canister, if one has no more air in their other canisters, this one was to allow for the tracker to get to safety. The only weapon-like item that remained was a large knife, which rested on their left arms, it's job was to cut anything that the wire snagged on, or the wire itself if it came to that. But none the less, Coren and Mineczka were ready, and with a polite bow the two walked to the hall where the meeting is to take place.

Approaching the door, Mineczka noticed Amalia, with a bow she spoke with grace and courtesy,

"Hello, Princess Virgo, I'm Mineczka of Gemini, I was sent here as Lady Elaine's diplomat, and this is Corentine Azura, a Tracker under Gemini and accompanies me. It is a pleasure to meet you."


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Dialogue: #810541
Thought: Italic
Place: Virgo Kingdom

Lady Katherine
Dialogue: #644E20

β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž

Flying. The most fearful thing ever. Humans hadn't made for flying. And the huge predators under them didn't make the case any easier. Sebastian hated flying. He couldn't even guide the bird, he just had to trust it went where he wanted and wouldn't eat him."My Prince, we're arriving to the waters of Virgo. Please hang on tight, it's windy over the sea." Lady Katherine informed him. It made Sebastian even more nervous as he had to press tighter against the giant Kalofly. Princess Virgo had been kind enough to let them land on Flamma instead of walking. "So kind.... I wouldn't have minded walking..." he thought in his mind but tried to forget it. At least the trip would be soon over. Though he wasn't so happy about that either. Despite his usual laidback nature he was terrified about the meeting. He barely knew the other rulers and knew he wouldn't have a word in the conversation.

As the landed to Flamma, Julius helped Sebastian down. He would stay with the birds as the Prince and head of Council of Elders would go in the meeting. "Now, do you remember who will be on our side? And how you greet them properly? Also I do not want to see half-assed bow from you. Understood?" Katherine used her strict teacher voice again. For an old woman she was surprisingly sharp and didn't let anything to go past her. Sebastian grinned awkwardly and nodded. "I try. And besides Princess Virgo there will be King Constellation, Prince Aquarius and....." Sebastian scratched his head. Despite he had been forced to go through the list over and over again his memory was on the worst side. "Prince Cancer." Katherine said irritated as all the teaching was going waste with this new 'Prince'.

That was the short time they had to discuss as two Virian guards run to them. Katherine stepped forward."Greetings, we are here for the meeting with the King. We have already taken care of Kaloflys as Julius here will be staying with them whole time to make sure they do not cause troubles for your Kingdom." The two of them then walked into castle, the guards keeping their company - though it was rather silent trip. Sebastian walked in front of Katherine just because of some random etiquette or prince rule he didn't understood.

Once they got inside he looked around surprised to see people with no idea who those were. Barely remembering his training he bowed clumsily. "King Constellation we're here to show you our support. Princess Virgo I thank you kindly for invitation." he said awkwardly as he was just speaking the words he had been told. As soon as he stood up he felt a shoulder on his side - Katherine was still doing a curtsy, keeping her head down. "Oh uhh... this is lady Katherine. The Elder of Councils--- I mean Head Council for Elders--- Wait that's not right either. Uhh..."

"May I?" Katherine said politely with a smile but her eyes were glaring at Sebastian. "I'm Lady Katherine, the Head of Council of Elders and here to help our Prince with his journey. I apologize for his lack of manners. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She turned towards everyone. "If I have not mistaken you must be lady Hel Suzaku" she spoke to King's bodyguard. "And you two are from Gemini, correct? I must apologize I do not know your names." She kept smiling as Sebastian was grinning and scratching his head awkwardly. This place wasn't for him. She then turned to the man. "Have I met you before? You seem familiar. From Cancer I think? And if so, is Prince Cancer going to delight us with his presence?"

Sebastian now stood there awkwardly hoping no one would ask anything from him as he had no answers for them. He had tried to pay attention to Katherine's words but he had already forgotten everyone's names. So the barbaric looking girl was apparently King's bodyguard and the other two belonged to Gemini. Sebastian tried to hide his small sigh. It would be long day for him.


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