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Elaine Gemini

". . ."

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a character in “Cosmogyral”, as played by Mineczka



❝The wind is my strength, it shall protect those I care for.❞
[[Character Voice Actor: Agnes Oblige]]
Theme || Reset/Thank You // Okami


~ Nickname ~". . ."
Fairy, though it's often used as an insult.

~ Gender ~*Gives you a look like: "Really?"*

~ Sexuality ~*Dark Blush*
Elaine can go both ways, though seems to fancy women more... For some reason.

~ Age ~*Glare*
Twenty-six According to Elaine... 269 According to time...

~ Role ~*Ensures gown looks nice*
Princess of Gemini

~ Distinguishable Features ~*Promptly adjusts choker*
Elaine for starters is completely mute, she can no longer speak from her body, the reason, you may ask, lies under her choker. Under her choker is a scar in which has severed her vocal cords, thus, Elaine cannot talk.

~ Personality ~*Sips Tea as if not paying any mind*
To start, there's a little saying that is very true to Elaine, "Still waters Run Deep." Welcome to the Mariana Trench in this circumstance. Elaine on the outside, seems to be a quiet and reserved person, which is true, Elaine is rather reserved, prefering to keep her feelings to herself unless she deems it fit to show them. Though under that reserved nature is almost a motherly being, being kind and especially gentle to those around her, she'd rather not poke others' emotions if she can at all help it, though Elaine is a hard read, she has a knacker at reading other people without much difficulty, and much like the wind she controls, she can adapt around to others suiting them with ease. Yet she's no fool, underneath that gentle smile, lies a intelligent, witty, and calculating person. She has a good grasp of reading people, and especially being able to tell when they're lying to her and often has that seriousness when she calls them out. Along with her intelligence, Elaine is a proven tactician, able to think and move both herself and her troops around, and defeating her foes without much of a loss on her side.

Though another part of Elaine is her anger. Elaine's fury is that of a God's wrath. Elaine is patient and calm most times, though when she does snap, when that patience is gone, and that kindness fades, that Wintry Wind turns into a whirling twister bent of wreaking havoc in it's wake. Especially since when Elaine's care for human life promptly jumps off the side of a cliff until her rage subsides. Yet that is rare, and often you'll see mama Elaine

~ Power ~*Smiles as a gentle breeze blows through*
Wind/air Manipulation (Referred to as the "Wintry Winds" || Elaine controls the wind and air around her to do many things, for starters, its one of the few ways Elaine can speak with those around her, though this is limited to how well the air can move through the space she is in. She's never without her voice, but, if she cannot move the air as well, she cannot speak as loudly through it. Though, it does have offensive properties, as Elaine can send gusts of wind to disrupt and even blow enemies away, along with any projectiles and various other things. Though her attacks often are using extreme winds to cut into her foes and other objects. Though if you put a solid enough object in the way, or put Elaine in a place where the air cannot move as well, this skill is all but useless.

Vesper: Being a Vesper, Elaine has various Vesper properties, pointed elf-like ears, and light, fairy-like wings, which allow for Elaine to fly a little, However, it really does little else.

~ History ~*Head shake*
To be added.


~ Likes ~
β™₯ Grasslands
β™₯ Caramel
β™₯ Tea
β™₯ The forest
β™₯ Painting
β™₯ Watching life

~ Dislikes ~
βœ– Liars
βœ– Pointless wars
βœ– Being confined
βœ– Spicy foods

~ Talents ~
βœ” Swordplay
βœ” Chess
βœ” Brewing tea
βœ” Casual communication

~ Hobbies ~
βœ” Botany
βœ” Painting
βœ” Playing chess

~ Fears ~
✘ Letting those she cares about down
✘ Being trapped and all that.
✘ Scorpions....

~ Flaws ~
✘ Admittedly Indecisive
✘ The limits of her magic with her muteness
✘ Mind over matter. (Elaine isn't great physicality wise)

~ Side ~*Stern Look*
Neutral, Elaine sees no point in fighting a war of ego.

~ Thoughts on Others ~*Begins to whirl a wind around to speak*

{Will be completed on a later date}
King Constellation "A just man whose intelligence is unparalleled. I pray this man knows what he's gotten himself into with this war..."

Queen Stars "A sincere and fickle woman, she has an endearing quality to her"

Aries "I have no knowledge of her."

Taurus "Oh, Taurus, he cares so much for his people to be happy, and his popularity with the people. I understand him, and likely him and I share the same ideal of keeping our decisions in private, before telling the people the good decisions."

Gemini "A decent person I would hope."

Cancer "A curt man whom only thinks of himself. He's sharp witted and frustrating to deal with. Though I understand why, he wants to protect himself much like a crab."

Leo "A tempered woman whose rage is second to none. Though I can see something deep down that has a more soft side by chance?"

Virgo "Amalia, a girl whom I have grown accustomed to and enjoy her presence and her heart. I pray that she does not succumb to anything horrible that may beset her."

Libra "Laid back and calm are two words to describe him, though I wonder how he will fare with the others..."

Scorpio "She seems to be a calm woman whom minds her own, I can't help but be curious, but I can understand her reasoning."

Sagittarius "Calm as ever, he is, though I wish he'd take the silver spoon from his mouth...."

Capricorn "An honest and abrasive woman, yet I cannot help but enjoy her presence and especially her honesty."

Aquarius "Ah, Sterling. A man whom was almost born into war. We should be almost polar opposites, and yet, we are more similar than most may think.... I would enjoy sitting with him once and a while, and having a talk."

Pisces "Quite honestly, I have no real way to put my thoughts into this man, he's intelligent beyond words, but, I do hope he breaks from his shell..."

So begins...

Elaine Gemini's Story


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                  Declarations of war. The thing many rulers fear, while others embrace it with a fire burning deep within their soul. Now that the Cosmos and all those who reside in it are under the threat of war, the two major sides have chosen to meet within one of their allied kingdoms. For the King, it was the Princess of Virgo who would host, while the Queen the Princess of Capricorn.Β 

                  As for all those declared β€˜neutral,’ many have highly advised them to consider a side; to at least look at those who are potentially arming against them - and consider those who are primarily around them. For while many prepare to depart, those who have not chosen to align themselves with a side still must choose if they need to call a meeting among themselves.

                  Once the war begins, no one will be safe. But for now, we turn to our stars that shine brightly in the skies of spring.

Thanks to Verix for helping out with the first post!


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Character Portrait: Elaine Gemini
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With War looming over the peaceful land of Gemini, the Council of Eight gathers once more, to aid their princess, Forest Vesper, Elaine Gemini.

T'was a cold and rather dreary day in the Northern Forests of Gemini, as it was raining steadily with a wind. Which had lowered the temperatures to a fair margin below the normal temperatures that Gemini often had seen. Though that did not stop the Geminians one bit, as atop the trees, in the Capital, Corneria the city still moves, trading various items such as furs, to meats, to little household items and toys for children. Though as the city seems to be at peace, the story in Yggdrasil was mote panicked, as military leaders and alike had began rushing around preparing for the war that will soon strike the Cosmos, though whereas the previous ruler to Gemini, Lady Ikarii, would have snapped down quickly and readied the forces for battle, but hold them until the need arises, her daughter, Elaine, quietly sat, contemplating every move she can take.

On one side, there was the Queen, whom Elaine was fond of to some degree as she reminded the Vesper of herself when she was young. Elaine lightly laughed as she remembered how frustrated her mother quickly by being late to meetings and disappearing from the castle to play with the animals, and her mother would yell so hard. Times were much simpler at the time, but now she thought about the King, whose wit was like her mother's, cold, calculating, yet still does all they can for the people. It was obviously a hard choice on Elaine. Thinking patiently on it was all she could do the Council of Eight began to enter Yggdrasil, or at leasr the outside members, the first to enter was Mineczka, whom was accompanied by Sylvia and Elaine's good friend, Aria. Seven of the eight had come and arrived early even. There was one left to wait on, as Elaine's eyes narrowed, as she sat on her chair, which was designed for her as her wings often kept her away from sitting with certain backrests, but she sat, obviously annoyed, as that last council member was Zekeru. Even if one were to give Elaine a week to explain why she hates this child, she wouldn't have enough time to explain.

Though as the wait extended into tens of minutes, Elaine listened to idle conversations, ranging from hunting stories, to simple chats of the weather, the harvest possibilities, and what-have-you. After about forty minutes after the meeting was to start, a specific man had walked in, Zekeru, as he walked in the conversations had silenced with all eyes locked to the young man. His crimson eyes meeting them back excluding Elaine's, knowing full well Elaine does not enjoy it when people are this late. But as he sat down, a man rose, his name was Arturus Kellam, Thirty-Eigth head to the Kellam family, whom was devoted to the Royal Family of Gemini, his words were stern, but guiding, as Elaine only lightly smiled, as Arturus was one of the closest people to Elaine, though his words blazed through the silence;

"I expect you all know why we are here. War is looming over the Cosmos. And Little Miss over here could called us to get an idea what the people want."

That term, "Little Miss" was meant of endearment for Arturus, as he was the only one whom Elaine allowed to call her, though her brow furrowed, today was not the day, and Arturus realized this when he took a glance to the little Vesper, though the first to speak after, was Mineczka, whom stood, sounding official,

"I say we go with the King, there is no way we can fight both Aquarius and Cancer at once. No matter how well our lands will confuse and spin them around." As Mineczka sat back down, a young man, Enick, stood, the Council was now going out of order,

"I say we stand with Her Highness, there's no good to be the belligerents in this circumstance. His highness has no reason outside of his skewed perception to up and attack her Highness-" Enick loked as if he was to continue further, but a swift glance from Arturus and a "Sit down" had done enough, though as he sat, Aria rose, with her brother, Harper, as if they had talked this over before arriving,

"Harper and I both agreed, we wish to side with the King. I apologize, Enick, but he seems to have the right, the Queen has abandoned most of us."

Things were getting more and more tense, as the Concil's varying opinions had struck, especially when Arturus rose again, offering his wits on the matter,

"What are constellations without stars to form them? They're the backbone, much like the Queen is to us. I advise joining the defense of the Queen." Though his words were stern, a quicker wit retorted,

"I know you're willing to protect the infrastructure, Arturus, but, do look at what the King has. Aquarius, Cancer, and his own Airships. A fight against them would end in disaster for us, as our forest, yes protects us from ground invasions, but one from the sky? We have nothing to stop that."

"That is true, Sylvia, but you cannot just throw away infrastructure because of the enemy's pointed weapons."

Before Sylvia had a chance to retort, a new voice chimed in, as a smile curled around her lips, she nodded, "Gods smile upon those whom have done nothing wrong, I don't think we should throw away the Queen's strength just yet. I would side with her, as her hand has yet to be played~"

"Leave it to the Witch to make the most sense. How I see it, it's like a game of cards. One has shown his Straight. The other, has yet to show her hand. And it could be a Royal Flush, or, a Pair of threes. I'll side with Vespera here. It's a gamble, but I like that"

"Wow, Zeke, you actually kept it serious. Nice"

"Are you insulting me?!"

As a fight was to break out, a gust of wind poured through the room, as the drapes had swayed from the long windows, as a voice was carried by said wind, filling the room with a light voice, none other than Elaine's own voice, before she had lost it in a tragic incident, as this wind gusted and swirled, Elaine rose, reaching her hand forth,

"The Council of Eight could not come to a decision. As it is a draw, the decision is made to me. You all brought valid points, but, this is a war of ego. The Queen granted, abandoned the King, and the King has reason to be angry, but lacks the foresight to realize what he may very well do, damage wise to the others. That's not to say, the amount of loss of life, on a massive scale. With this, Gemini will remain out of this war for now. As it is unwise to battle against two equally strong foes. However, I've received word for a meeting on each side. Mineczka, you are to depart to the King's meeting in Virgo, to both get answers as to why the war is beginning, and to tell the other Rulers that Gemini is neutral and battling in Gemini will result in actions against both belligerents. Enick shall set off to Capricorn, and meet with the Queen. Sylvia, prepare our troops, have them patrol the forests for any suspicious activity. Keep a large guard in Ivalice, and reassure the citizens, Gemini will not partake in the war, and we will keep them protected. Am I clear?" As the wind swirled there was a unanimous, 'Yes, Lady Gemini' with her voice sweeping through again, "Then, this meeting is adjourned."


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** sorry for such a long ass time for posting
** roleplay is still going strong
** I guess its slowly getting off of a hiatus??
** thanks to everyone that was such a huge emotional support tho
** lol kill me i deleted half the post so i gave up
xxxxxxxxxxDΙͺα΄€ΚŸα΄Ι’α΄œα΄‡ Cα΄ΚŸα΄Κ€ β—† #F75D59
xxxxxxxxxxxTΚœα΄α΄œΙ’Κœα΄› Cα΄ΚŸα΄Κ€ β—‡ #E18B6B
                      XXHuffing, the 'Prince' of Sagittarius roamed his grand halls with mild disdain for the events transpiring. War? Great. That would mean strengthening the defenses to stop any moron from trying to waltz in and demanding they side with anyone of the sort... but from what he was hearing early in the morning hours, it seemed like he was not the only one. No, in fact, it seemed like there were a few others in the same position...

                      XXBut there was in interesting thought that was flooding around closed doors, and Fayez was already taking advantage of the situation. Call it ego or pride, but this was one situation that... could just very well work out in the favor of what few natives existed outside the 'reserve'. His lips curled as sinister thoughts hummed throughout his brain. Seated at the meeting table, however, was already the entire family that sat patiently awaiting him. "My apologize, I was finishing reading the latest news of the situation. Quite troubling, is it not?"

                      XX His four wives nodded, though three out that number were... vocal about their thoughts. Asha and Rana were commonly siding with each other, with Naima being the voice of reason. Layla, however... Well, she was never one to be vocal about her true thoughts in front of the many children and creatures that roamed the grand room. "Yes. Though, Rana and I believe this is a great opportunity to turn the neutrals as a whole against that of both of them. Most are easily manipulated if you tell them what they'd want to hear. To Narina 'Hydra', a promise of peace and protection for his country. Elaine, a promise that no harm shall come to her people or land, and Sangreal will be able to keep that of a neutral stance while keeping her Kingdom safe. The general idea here is that they all want 'their' country to be safe." Asha announced, to which Rana seemed to nod along too.

                      XX"Manipulation is the primary target to this sort of situation. If we can get them all to revolt against them both, they might be able to convince allies as well. The woman warrior seems to be under contract as is, but there are ways to work around these sort of things." The tattooed vixen added on, a hand propping up her face.

                      XXWhile these were all valid comments, he looked over to his children. Nyla, seemed to be the only one actually paying attention, Nura, being out and about for her lessons. "Perhaps we should be a bit more open-minded, father and mothers. Send them invitations, invite them for a meeting and let them announce their own thoughts on the situation." The prophet motioned, to which Naima and Layla nodded with.

                      XXA sigh escaped the male's lips as he crossed his arms. "Fine. Send out a letter of invitation wishing to discuss a potential alliance with that for the self-proclaimed neutral countries, I'm not in the mood to write to these barbarians myself." He snapped, much to a cringe of a few. Storming out of the room, the demonic prince of chaos was biting his lip as he set servants with a wave of his hand to alert one of the underground cities to move to the surface city of Neheh. He'd take Nyla above with him, as well as Asha. The rest were at privilege to stay or go as needed, though he'd prefer the twins would stay as far away from these morons as possible. They were stupid enough.


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Character Portrait: Elaine Gemini
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Sending an envoy to each meeting, Elaine readies for her own trip, to Sagittarius, to attend a meeting in his Kingdom, it's only one's guess as to what the future holds for the Forest Vesper.

As the mist of the morning had dissipated in the warmth of the sunlight, and the people worked the fields, Elaine was in Ikarii, t'was the day after the Celebration of Harvest and Life, which was to promise a good harvest in the summer and fall, along with a coming of age ceremony for all children whom turned the age of nineteen officially become adults, through a gentle passing of clothing and a document. The clothing held a special meaning, as they were what the now adults ceremonial and festive robes, whilst the document was very important, as it portioned a part of the vast fields to the one and their family to come. Elaine smiled as she remembered those memories as she walked to the shrine of the namesake of the city, The shrine to Lady Ikarii, Elaine's late mother.

Entering the shrine, Elaine was now alone, as the two escorts were to stay outside, as weapons were forbidden in the shrine. As the vesper walked to the shrine, the feelings of regret and melancholy welled up her chest and into her throat, it felt choking as she approached the supposed tomb to her mother. As she knelt in a prayer, said emotions soon dispersed as she felt the air clear as per normal when she does this, almost as if her mother came to comfort her child. The silence had remained, as Elaine placed a robe over the tomb, along with a bag, containing Elaine's Mint-Leaf tea. It brought back memories as Elaine would sit with her mother on several occasions, enjoying the Mint-Leaf tea that Elaine would always make for her mother. Along with the bag of tea, Elaine had set a small bouquet of Chamomile, which in Gemini meant "Unwavering courage." It was Elaine's way to tell her mother, that despite the looming war to soon erupt, her precious daughter was not going to back down. With a small breath, the Forest Vesper turned, and walked to the door, looking back with a small smile, and with a breeze sweeping through, carrying her words to the heavens, "I shall return soon, mother."

Exiting the temple, Elaine nodded to her escorts, whom tailed her each taking one side, and after about a day, Elaine was back in Corneria, and Yggdrasil, the day felt calmed. Elaine simply went about her day in her castle, though the calm was interrupted, as a messenger had entered, carrying a message tube, which was Gemini's way of protecting the parchment from the weather or some violent being that would think the message tube was a bone, he spoke with a shaking voice, as he seemed tired from the running,

"L-Lady Elaine, there's a message for you." as those words were in the process, he held the tube out, which was gently grasped in Elaine's hands, as she opened it, her emerald eyes scanned over the paper she nodded, with the wind sweeping through the grand hall,

"Arturus, ready the Verpser Guard, We are to set off to Sagittarius."

"E-Elaine, are you sure you want to set off to That place of all things?" The wind swirled once more, carrying a voice that everyone knew well,

"Yes. As the Prince has invited me to attend a meeting, and it would be rude not to attend. I appreciate your concern, but I won't send anyone but myself. If the land is volatile, I'm sure we can adapt, after all, Gemini's Fauna aren't exactly nice either."

"Fine, but if a certain Little Miss is put in danger, I will not hesitate to call for a retreat." with those words, Elaine nodded, as it was fair, she was the sole leader of Gemini, whom missed their twin. Thus, if Elaine suffers any injury, it'd put Gemini in grave danger, but that was besides the point, Elaine turned, and went to her quarters without hesitation. As she entered, Aria had followed, with her typical farming voice reaching Elaine,

"Off to say hello to the Sagittarius are 'ya?"

With a soothing wind, Elaine turned to Aria, "Yes, as it is needed that I attend this meeting, I can trust you and Sylvia can manage here?" As the question hung, Elaine had started to get her battle Regalia, as she knew the journey would be dangerous in itself, as this happened, Aria replied,

"I'm sure we can handle anything that comes our way, for I doubt you'll be too long. May the wind carry your wings." As Aria finished, Elaine had finished her preparations, Aria exited with her. Dropping down to the forest floor, the preparations were set, six Dire Wolves and riders had gathered, along with Arturus, four Phase Cats, and Elaine's pack of seven more Dire Wolves, along with Elaine, they were not taking any chances on this journey, with a nod to the others Arturus nodded,

"Let's move out."

With that, the journey to Sagittarius had begun.