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Ruaomoko Patera

'Release me, because I'm not able to release myself.' Sagittarius, Queen's Alliance

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a character in “Cosmogyral”, as played by WhiteFeatheredSin


Ruaomoko Patera
Ruaomoko's Theme



❝I finally understand now. My heart is safely with me.❞

~ Nickname ~"Address me as Lord Ruaomoko."
Ru, Ruao, or Red

~ Gender ~"Why ask a constellation it's gender?"

~ Sexuality ~"I had fallen for her brave and courageous heart."
Omni, no regard towards gender or gender identifications.

~ Age ~"I'm not a mere child."
Twenty Six

~ Role ~"I'm not fit to be a ruler if I could not save one girl."
Ruler of Sagittarius

~ Distinguishable Features ~"I'm no different than you. Don't we both have a strong, beating heart?"
Pointed Ears
Unlike most of the other countries, Ruaomoko's Saggitarian royal blood line have distinct Elvin like ears and other physical attributes. It is common to distinguish such as a sign of noble blood in the Sagittarian country.
Average Height
Saggitarians on average are usually a bit taller than most others. However Ruaomoko is a bit short in comparison to his country men as he stands at five feet and eleven inches, about four inches shorter than the average Saggitarian.
Magic Tattoos
The true sign of noble blood is the mysterious black lines that take form in the presence of magical power. Be it his own prowess of gravity or an opponent or ally casting an incantation down on him, these marks fade into and out of sight.

~ Power ~"I have something I must protect."
Gravitational Pressure
Ruaomoko has the ability to affect magnetic fields, able to disrupt the flow of gravity in a limited, immediate area around him. This can be used in a variety of ways such as allowing him to practically fly, crush objects, and the like. His range is severely limited, needing to be within four feet of his core body. Naturally like any change in gravitational pressure, his body is affected as such. Overuse of his powers could lead to muscle atrophy, though he is careful to avoid this. It is thought that his stunted grown is due to the use of his powers.

~ Personality ~"Tempered by sea and sand, my foundation is strong as the desert sun."
Determined | Blunt | Martyr | Temperamental | Calmly Fierce
He is proud and stubborn to a fault, but also strong, courageous, and caring. As the ruler of the Sagittarians, Ruao acts in an aristocratic manner. He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people, even while actually deeply conflicted. He is notably calm, even in the mists of conflicts. He generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations he is faced with, and rarely views any sort of violent confilct being worth his time. Ruao is easily offended if his name is not used properly. As such, he views anyone with slight disdain when referring to him improperly. When Ruao talks with others, he tends to call them by their full name. Ruao is very perceptive, fully aware of the limits of his abilities, and anything he states in comparison to an opponent is usually justified. When he was younger, he was quick to anger and very hot-headed, and he keeps some traits of such. Ruao strongly believes in peace and order. He constantly works hard for a peaceful society. He feels that if someone in his position does not follow the rules as a good example, no one else will. In spite of his icy and regal manner, Ruao cares for and protects those important to him.

~ History ~"I won't lament the past as long as the ones I love remain in my heart."
[Rough outline, will flesh out.]
Childhood - The old ruler of the Sagittarius granted himself a heir then mysteriously vanished along with his lover once Ruao was the age of six or so.
Teen - Under the tutelage of a close family friend, he trained tirelessly to become a worthy king.
Young Adult - He had fallen in love with a peasantry woman, though through some events, she perished due to the ensuing war.
Current - Swearing allegiance to the Queen above, he uses his kingdom's prowess and resources under the idealism of peace.

~ Likes ~
β™₯ Peace
Little is lost in times of peace. To ease the hearts of his people whom have suffered the hardships of a barren land, he strives for peace among all the kingdoms so that they may rely on one another.
β™₯ Loyalty
The act of betrayal baffles him, though he is no stranger to the idea as the harsh desert calls for many of his people resorting to underhanded trickery as such. He values the loyalty he receives from his supporters and fellow rulers, a fiercely loyal young man himself.
β™₯ Competence
He does not call for supreme intelligence, nor does he hate the lesser knowledgeable. However, in the face of sheer stupidity, he is often left wordlessly staring with a wide, confused gaze.

~ Dislikes ~
βœ– War
He wishes for peace among the kingdoms, believing that war is not the answer. However, he will subject himself and his kingdom to the fight when words are no longer able to be heard.
βœ– Being informally addressed
He is a stickler for proper etiquette and being as a ruler he wishes to be addressed as such.
βœ– Losing
He is by no means a sore loser, but he is competitive when the time calls for it.

~ Talents ~
βœ” Formal and Traditional Combat
Fighting with flourish and flair, he is courteous on the battle field and is well versed in the traditions of formal combat such as duels and militant strategies.
βœ” Ocean Faring and Desert Traversing
His kingdom is a large desert on the coast of the islands, being part of the outer 'wall' of the entirity of the continent. As such, he and his people are accustomed to the harsh life of both the dry, sandy deserts and the rough, raging seas.
βœ” Social Skills
He is exceptionally skilled in the politeness of social conduct and speech, as a royal political figure must be.

~ Hobbies ~
βœ” Pressed Flower Craft
Pressed flower craft consists of drying flower petals and leaves in a flower press to flatten and exclude light and moisture. Pressing flowers makes them appear flat, and often there is a change in color, ranging from faded colors to a greater intensity of vibrant colors.
βœ” Equestrianism
Equestrianism, more often known as riding, horseback riding, or horse riding, is referring to the skill of riding, driving, steeple chasing or vaulting with horses. This broad description includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises, and competitive sport.
βœ”Fish Keeping
Fish keeping is a popular hobby concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond.

~ Fears ~
✘ Paedophobia
Fear of dolls, more specifically porcelain and realistic dolls of children.
✘ Ailurophobia
Fear of cats, or all felines in general.
Fear of ghosts or demons.

~ Flaws ~
✘ Blunt
Characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion. Frank, callous, insensitive, brusque.
✘ Idealist
One whose conduct is influenced by ideals that often conflict with practical considerations. One who is unrealistic and impractical, guided more by ideals than by practical considerations.
✘ Superstitious
An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear from an irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
✘ Soft-hearted
Having softness or tenderness of heart that can lead them into trouble; susceptible of pity or other kindly affection. They cannot resist helping someone they see in trouble, suffering or in need, and often don't think of the repercussions or situation before doing so.

~ Side ~"The person I loved was lost resisting the King's revolution. I will carry her will in my heart and serve in the name of peace."
Queen of Stars

~ Thoughts on Others ~"This generation of young rulers shall set the cogs of destiny in motion."

King Constellation "A man whom I have a deep rooted respect for. However, it is his war cry that felled my beloved. I do not detest the man, but I shall not support him in this fight."

King's Knight "A young girl not much fond of me and makes it clear upon any and all contact with me. I suppose it's to be expected, though I find her loyalty rather invigorating."

Queen Stars "My divine ruler that I raise my often sheathed blades for. A fickle and tricky woman whom oft more so than not earns the ire of those around her."

Queen's Knight "A cold and chilling man whom even as my own comrade has given me a rather cold shoulder."

ImageAries "A young and energetic girl with almost boundless energy and optimism. Her enthusiasm is rather endearing, though she may be something of an odd character. I like that she cannot lie, it means she's to be trusted."

Taurus "A man whom is rather charismatic, though it is difficult to pin exactly what his thoughts are. This deems him a rather dangerous person, however he puts his country first and foremost. A sentiment I can whole heartedly agree with."

Gemini "A woman whom relies on her actions rather than the words she has lost. Her temperament is that of a cool breeze to an unforgiving hurricane."

Cancer "A poor example of a ruler's professional visage, though he is a rather mysterious man. His prowess in the waters vastly outmatches my own."

Leo "A woman with fire in her blood. She's passionate and has her drive. A threat or an asset, she may have a great deal of pull on the battle field."

Virgo "A young girl not much younger than myself. She's rather flighty, oft more than not flustering herself over tiny details."

Libra "A young ruler whom was thrown upon the throne at a young age, similar as I. Though I was raised to be a monarch whilst he was raised a common man. I hope he sees the advantage he has."

Scorpio "A serene and skilled woman whom seems too far away to even touch at times. I have been tempted to be consoled by her powers to speak to my beloved, though I've yet to do so as I am an outsider whom should not meddle."

Sagittarius "Myself? I am a ruler known as Lord Ruaomoko. There is not much to know about myself."

Capricorn "A young woman who is as shrewd as she is loyal. Her trust is not something easily gained, but perhaps that makes it all the more grander when one does."

Aquarius "A man not to be trifled with. I find myself envious of his equal standing with his kingdom's people. Though the man is rather.... Comical at times."

Pisces "A man of stifling isolation. He is not one for much social graces, but his intelligence has struck me in awe on many an occasion."


Princess Stella Buret - Female || Twenty (Desceased) || Ex-Princess || Ex-Lover
Ducit - Male || Forty Seven || Royal Advisor || Family Friend, Mentor
Tenebris Buret - Male || Twenty Two || Prince, Royal Heir || Brother in Law, Brother of Stella
Tristitia - Male || Twenty Six || War General || Childhood Friend

So begins...

Ruaomoko Patera's Story


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                  Declarations of war. The thing many rulers fear, while others embrace it with a fire burning deep within their soul. Now that the Cosmos and all those who reside in it are under the threat of war, the two major sides have chosen to meet within one of their allied kingdoms. For the King, it was the Princess of Virgo who would host, while the Queen the Princess of Capricorn.Β 

                  As for all those declared β€˜neutral,’ many have highly advised them to consider a side; to at least look at those who are potentially arming against them - and consider those who are primarily around them. For while many prepare to depart, those who have not chosen to align themselves with a side still must choose if they need to call a meeting among themselves.

                  Once the war begins, no one will be safe. But for now, we turn to our stars that shine brightly in the skies of spring.

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