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Sebastian Libra

"Well here I am, mate" (wip~)

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a character in “Cosmogyral”, as played by Pantheran


Sebastian Alexus Libra


❝You know mate, I never expected to become a Prince. Sometimes it scares me.❞

~ Nickname ~""
Farm boy - not exactly in flattering manner

~ Gender ~"Can't you tell that mate?"

~ Sexuality ~"You can have fun with everyone"

~ Age ~"I know I'm too young to be a Prince"

~ Role ~"I didn't choose this"
Prince Libra

~ Distinguishable Features ~"Character Thought"
Purple eyes, birthmark on his neck

~ Personality ~"Why to worry? Problems tend to solve themselves in time."
The first impression you get from him is laidback and chill guys who doesn't worry about things too much and takes them as they come. However deep inside he's scared of being the new Prince. As a former country boy he has no clue about ruling or etiquette. Being the youngest ruler, he's often clueless about tradition of other Kingdoms and having bad memory, he barely remembers who is ruling which Kingdom. This causes him being awkward around other nobles and often he just takes the role of listener and stands in background trying to understand what is going on.

He loves to do walks in nature, take care of the horses and other animals. Often people are disapproving his actions as doing farm work isn't suitable for a Prince, but he finds comfort in it. He also enjoys spending time with children and is pretty good with them as he's been taking care of his younger siblings for years.


~ Power ~"Makes my head hurt"
His power is minor Psionics. This includes Aura Reading, Mind Link, Sensory Scrying and Psychic Navigation.

Aura Reading:
He can see person's aura. However he is still trying to figure out how to read them in order to tell the persosn's emotions or health.

Mind Link:
The power to link minds with other living being and share thoughts, memories, emotions or feelings. The link lasts maximum of 12 minutes and 12 seconds.

Sensory Scrying:
The power to perceive through other beings' senses. The only sense he can use are hearing and smell so he can hear and smell like his target would but not see or feel like them. Prefers to use this with animals over humans because most humans will unconsciously fight against it which is tiring. However he can't control the animal in any way so it's a pure luck if the skill is actually any use at time.

Psychic Navigation:
He can track people and objects with his mind if he has a clear image of a person/object they're looking for. This works in maximum 5km radius but is extremely exhausting and will get more inaccurate the further he searches. He can also create mental maps of an area within 500m radius which might come in handy when trying to find a hidden cave .

~ History ~"You can't call it glamourous, but it wasn't bad either"
Sebastian lived humble life in small town called Gravoy in the middle of Libra fields. His family owned a farm where they took care of their fields and sold the wheat and vegetables to the Kingdom. Sebastian worked on the fields with his five siblings - three brothers and two sisters. Two of the brothers are older than him, and the other siblings are younger. Their family was never rich and often Sebastian had to wear his brother's old clothes. After becoming a Prince, he has barely time to see them anymore and they can't visit him either because taking care of the fields takes most of their time.

About two years ago the previous Prince, Gallien Libra passed away at the high age of 73 leaving no heirs and no close relatives was alive either. The Prince was greatly respected by Libras and after his death no one was willing to take the throne as the task was too much for anyone to continue. No one felt confident enough to fill the empty space left by their beloved Prince. However the tradition of fortunetelling and clairvoyance has always been strong in the Kingdom of Libra and so the Council of Elders decided to turn to Kingdom's most appreciated fortuneteller, Lady Arandia. After several weeks of predicting the future, the announcement was finally made. The new Prince would be a young boy living in the fields of Libra and had a birthmark on his neck. So the Council of Elders sent soldiers to look for the boy and one day reached Gravoy and asked Sebastian to come with them. The last year he has been going through several studies to learn how to be a Prince. These include etiquette, politics, business skills, writing, reading and sword fighting - all in which he's not very good at. So most of the times important decisions are made by the Council of Elders and Sebastian just signs the papers.

Sebastian has had his physic powers from his birth. However the first time they become clear was when the previous Prince died. Not having used to these sudden powers Sebastian thought he was going crazy. He was hearing voices in his head and seeing people glowing. He refused to leave anywhere from the ranch as it was the most quiet place he knew. He started avoiding people and sleep in the barn with animals. Even that wasn't helping his case as Sebastian started to hear or smell much clearer all of sudden and not all the smells weren't especially pleasant. He only learned to control his powers after the day he was taken to castle as Lady Arandia thought him the basics of clearing his mind so he wouldn't suffer from the skills.

~ Likes ~
β™₯ Animals - especially horses
β™₯ Walking in grass early in the morning when
the dew is glimmering in grass and sun is
just rising
β™₯Β Marshmallows - a rare treat for him

~ Dislikes ~
βœ– Paperwork
βœ– Being yelled at - his father is famous for it
βœ– Being the Prince - well it wasn't his own choice

~ Talents ~
βœ”Β Knowledge of farming and fieldwork
βœ”Β Cooking
βœ” Comes greatly along with children - been
taking care of his younger siblings constantly

~ Hobbies ~
βœ”Β Riding
βœ”Β Gardening
βœ” Singing - no one wants to hear his singing though

~ Fears ~
✘ Failing as a Prince
✘ Thunder
✘ Tight spaces

~ Flaws ~
✘ Can't write or read well
✘ Lack of traditional skills required from ruler
✘ Awkward around the other nobles
✘ Bad memory
~ Side ~"Well the Elders told it would be wise"

~ Thoughts on Others ~"Opinion of my mates? Haven't even met everyone."

King Constellation "I should ask him about the aura thing. Doesn't he have a similar skill?"

Queen Stars "I don't think I have ever met her?"

Aries "Cute girl. I wouldn't mind to get know her better."

Taurus "Ask again in two weeks?"

Gemini "Oh she's chill. Makes really good tea."

Cancer "What I have heard I gladly stay away from him."

Leo "I still see nightmares of making business with her. "

Virgo "What I have heard she's pretty young ruler too. Must be hard on her"

Libra "I'm not sure what you want to know about me?"

Scorpio "I know we share a border with them"

Sagittarius "He's the guy from desert. That's pretty much all I know"

Capricorn "Do I know him?" *hears Capricorn is female* "Oh. Oh I guess I don't know her then"

Aquarius "Cool guy. I think I could come along with him pretty well."

Pisces "He's... that guy.... uhh... You know that guy?"

So begins...

Sebastian Libra's Story


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                  Declarations of war. The thing many rulers fear, while others embrace it with a fire burning deep within their soul. Now that the Cosmos and all those who reside in it are under the threat of war, the two major sides have chosen to meet within one of their allied kingdoms. For the King, it was the Princess of Virgo who would host, while the Queen the Princess of Capricorn.Β 

                  As for all those declared β€˜neutral,’ many have highly advised them to consider a side; to at least look at those who are potentially arming against them - and consider those who are primarily around them. For while many prepare to depart, those who have not chosen to align themselves with a side still must choose if they need to call a meeting among themselves.

                  Once the war begins, no one will be safe. But for now, we turn to our stars that shine brightly in the skies of spring.

Thanks to Verix for helping out with the first post!


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Dialogue: #810541
Place: Castle of Arcieder, Libra Kingdom

β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž

The day in the Kingdom of Libra has started like every other day, the nobles in big cities were enjoying their life in luxury while the countrymen living in the farms were trying to make through their everyday life. It was the spring season so not much was growing yet, only the wheat was sprouting in some fields. Farm workers were planting vegetables and watering the fields from early morning to late night. Taking care of fields was constant work and usually it was done with everyone in the family. However in the capital of Libra, Arcieder, residents were wearing colorful, beautiful and expensive cotton or even silk clothing and the wealth was seen in the city. The traders were selling high quality coffee, sugar and tobacco from the Kingdom of Pisces and the two large libraries, Meride and Orias, stood inside the city walls. Meride was closed from public but Orias was buzzing with professors, researchers, university students and nobles, all with the same goal; to gain knowledge.

The castle itself was just as glamorous as the rest of city, made from white stones and marble floors. The biggest bedroom was just as gorgeous; a king size bed with with silk sheets, the shelves and drawers painted white with detailed ornaments. Everything inside the castle told those paying visit that this Kingdom was wealthy. But there was one person who didn't fit to this image, The Prince of Libra, Sebastian who had been a common man working on the fields just two years ago. Without even thinking he touched the birthmark in his neck - the mark that had caused all this. Sebastian had never liked being a ruler and the studies of etiquette, reading, writing, business and politics were exhausting him. Even if he was the Prince, he had yet made no decision lacking every skill commonly needed from a ruler.

There was a knock on his door as a lady-in-waiting stepped inside making a curtsy. "Good morning Prince, I came here to help you---" she cut herself in middle of the sentence looking at Sebastian who was wearing a white shirt, red trousers and red jacket, and sighed. "My Prince, haven't you been told that we're here to help you with your morning routines?"
"Nah I don't like to bother you"
Sebastian answered smiling at the girl who was maybe only a year or two younger than him. Even after living in the castle over a year he wasn't used to letting others dressing him up or preparing a bath. He usually woke up earlier than any other royalties and went to stables to take care of the horses. At first the stable master hadn't been happy with him doing so, but now everyone at the stables greeted him with a smile. For Sebastian's annoy he wasn't able to go to stables as they had to leave to meet with the King.
The girl sighed again. "Breakfast has been prepared and Julius is waiting you there with lady Katherine."
"I will come soon and stop sighing so much. It doesn't suit to your cuteness." The girl blushed softly as she just made another curtsy leaving the room.

As Sebastian walked to the dining room he wasn't that excited. He knew they would leave today to meet the King and that made him nervous. He was never been good at speaking formally or following proper etiquette and having lady Katherine, the head of Council of Elders, made the thought even worse. He already knew that the one talking in the meeting would be her since he was just the front cover. All the real decisions were made by the Council of Elders and he just signed the papers. The breakfast table filled with the best meat and fruits all over the Cosmos was also something Sebastian despised. His family has had to always survive with the little amount they got from their own farm. Being the third oldest children in his family, he had had to wear his brothers old clothes since the new ones would have cost too much. Now he had a closet full of expensive outfits - most of what he would never wear.

Stepping in the room he was greeted formally by both of them. "Yeah good morning to you too" he bowed clumsily to Katherine immediately getting a glare from her from the lack of etiquette. Sebastian sat down and took some slices of bread and fruits.
"You should eat more my Prince, we have a long trip ahead of us. Your belongings are already packed and the Kaloflys are waiting. We shall leave as soon as your majesty has finished everything" Katherine was speaking politely but there was a light tone in her voice that told she didn't respect the new Prince. Sebastian just nodded as he ate finishing the breakfast quickly.
"Right I'm ready." he said despite it being complete lie. He hated flying.


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Dialogue: #810541
Thought: Italic
Place: Virgo Kingdom

Lady Katherine
Dialogue: #644E20

β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž

Flying. The most fearful thing ever. Humans hadn't made for flying. And the huge predators under them didn't make the case any easier. Sebastian hated flying. He couldn't even guide the bird, he just had to trust it went where he wanted and wouldn't eat him."My Prince, we're arriving to the waters of Virgo. Please hang on tight, it's windy over the sea." Lady Katherine informed him. It made Sebastian even more nervous as he had to press tighter against the giant Kalofly. Princess Virgo had been kind enough to let them land on Flamma instead of walking. "So kind.... I wouldn't have minded walking..." he thought in his mind but tried to forget it. At least the trip would be soon over. Though he wasn't so happy about that either. Despite his usual laidback nature he was terrified about the meeting. He barely knew the other rulers and knew he wouldn't have a word in the conversation.

As the landed to Flamma, Julius helped Sebastian down. He would stay with the birds as the Prince and head of Council of Elders would go in the meeting. "Now, do you remember who will be on our side? And how you greet them properly? Also I do not want to see half-assed bow from you. Understood?" Katherine used her strict teacher voice again. For an old woman she was surprisingly sharp and didn't let anything to go past her. Sebastian grinned awkwardly and nodded. "I try. And besides Princess Virgo there will be King Constellation, Prince Aquarius and....." Sebastian scratched his head. Despite he had been forced to go through the list over and over again his memory was on the worst side. "Prince Cancer." Katherine said irritated as all the teaching was going waste with this new 'Prince'.

That was the short time they had to discuss as two Virian guards run to them. Katherine stepped forward."Greetings, we are here for the meeting with the King. We have already taken care of Kaloflys as Julius here will be staying with them whole time to make sure they do not cause troubles for your Kingdom." The two of them then walked into castle, the guards keeping their company - though it was rather silent trip. Sebastian walked in front of Katherine just because of some random etiquette or prince rule he didn't understood.

Once they got inside he looked around surprised to see people with no idea who those were. Barely remembering his training he bowed clumsily. "King Constellation we're here to show you our support. Princess Virgo I thank you kindly for invitation." he said awkwardly as he was just speaking the words he had been told. As soon as he stood up he felt a shoulder on his side - Katherine was still doing a curtsy, keeping her head down. "Oh uhh... this is lady Katherine. The Elder of Councils--- I mean Head Council for Elders--- Wait that's not right either. Uhh..."

"May I?" Katherine said politely with a smile but her eyes were glaring at Sebastian. "I'm Lady Katherine, the Head of Council of Elders and here to help our Prince with his journey. I apologize for his lack of manners. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She turned towards everyone. "If I have not mistaken you must be lady Hel Suzaku" she spoke to King's bodyguard. "And you two are from Gemini, correct? I must apologize I do not know your names." She kept smiling as Sebastian was grinning and scratching his head awkwardly. This place wasn't for him. She then turned to the man. "Have I met you before? You seem familiar. From Cancer I think? And if so, is Prince Cancer going to delight us with his presence?"

Sebastian now stood there awkwardly hoping no one would ask anything from him as he had no answers for them. He had tried to pay attention to Katherine's words but he had already forgotten everyone's names. So the barbaric looking girl was apparently King's bodyguard and the other two belonged to Gemini. Sebastian tried to hide his small sigh. It would be long day for him.


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