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Theon Ozias Wystan Cancer

The Ruler of Cancer

0 · 348 views · located in Cosmos

a character in “Cosmogyral”, originally authored by Pandora's Melancholy, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Theon Ozias Wystan Cancer's Story


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                  Declarations of war. The thing many rulers fear, while others embrace it with a fire burning deep within their soul. Now that the Cosmos and all those who reside in it are under the threat of war, the two major sides have chosen to meet within one of their allied kingdoms. For the King, it was the Princess of Virgo who would host, while the Queen the Princess of Capricorn.Β 

                  As for all those declared β€˜neutral,’ many have highly advised them to consider a side; to at least look at those who are potentially arming against them - and consider those who are primarily around them. For while many prepare to depart, those who have not chosen to align themselves with a side still must choose if they need to call a meeting among themselves.

                  Once the war begins, no one will be safe. But for now, we turn to our stars that shine brightly in the skies of spring.

Thanks to Verix for helping out with the first post!


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xxxx.β™‹xx. THE PRINCE OF CANCERxx. β™‹
"Aren't they excited?" Theon commented to no one in particular as he threw the letter back on his desk. It's not like he didn't see this coming. Everyone did and he was no exception. The war has finally spilled into his lands. It was being kept at bay right now but, it can't be longer tolerated. Normally, he would have wanted to spare Cikrik from it. Since, they are just recovering from the stagnation of what the former Prince did and the effects of the civil war. He was still repairing the damages and introducing progress, but the situation right now would require it to be put at the back burner for now.

He had already stated whose side he will be taking and the people were fine with it. The citizen also didn't mind being thrown into another round of fighting. It was either the complete trust in his decision or it was an inherent nature. They are a militaristic nation, so the idea of going to battle isn't that revolted. "Is the King calling?" His eyes of gold met those of green as they had a silent staring contest for a full minute before he answered. "Yeah, at Virgo." A hand reached for the letter he discarded and he didn't stop it. There's nothing confidential about it and he really wasn't in the mood for being an all secret ninja type.

"Okay, I'll handle the security. It's not the far, anyway." There was a pause before he felt a smack on his head. "The hell are you doing, Grievert!?" The man responsible simply shrugged and had that annoying smirk on his face. It was remarkable to see such a relationship, but this is rather normal between the Prince and his Protector. "Just making sure you're still part of the living." Theon clicked his tongue and looked away with annoyance as he cradled the back of his head. Well, he was earlier lost in his own musings which probably explained his silence and distant staring. He was considering what his next moves would be. Strategies and fail-safe plans would be needed. One could never be certain of anything and anyone in war.

Grievert read the letter in passing before trailing back his attention to the Prince who was once again silent. "You talked with Princess Scorpio, right? So, did she give you some advice?" That's right Theon did go to Vanall Scorpio before he announced officially his allegiance with the King. He might not outright show it, but he did value what the Eternal Ruler of Scorpio has to say. In a sense also, she was more or so his second mother. "Advice as if I needed it." He haughtily answered before crossing his arms over his chest. His Protector looked at him with those accusing eyes that he was hiding something. It lasted for a bout two minutes before he spoke, begrudgingly. "She listened to everything and then patted my head." After saying that, he heard uninhibited laughter. "Fuckin' stop laughing!"

He stood from his seat and instantly threw a punch towards Grievert who blocked with his hand and continued laughing. "She treated you like baby boy! Hahaha!" Theon's eyes twitched in annoyance as he put more force into his thrown punch in which Grievert felt the surge and released the hand which made an impact to the wall behind, creating a hole in it. "Cool it, dude! Now, look what you did. We have to fix that again." Theon glared at his Protector who was inspecting the hole while he clicked his tongue before taking a seat again. "Shut the fuck up! I already know how she treats me that hag." Grievert looked back at him and sighed. "Well, you're her godson in a sense. But, that's the way she gave her blessing, right? Like go and do what you believe."

Theon was silent at that remark and recalled that conversation back in Vanall Scorpio. Grievert on the other hand shook his head. It's time for him to exit stage right. The Prince probably needed some time with his thoughts. "Anyway, I'll prep up everything for our departure and also have this hole in the wall fixed. See ya, later!" Then, the Prince was now alone with the closing of the door to his study. He looked at his hand which threw the punch earlier. Everything thrown in his way. He used his strength and bulldozed his way through. But, he really didn't want it to. It's because he knew that it won't be enough someday. "There's no stopping. I won't stop. So..." He closed his hand into a fist as his golden eyes narrowed and filled with unspoken devotion.

"You are not a boy anymore. So go and make your mark. I will always be watching. Always."

"It's my turn now." He proclaimed to himself as he stood from his chair as if his resolve had been strengthened by fire. "If you mean by fixing that hole on the hall, I say that's true." His eyes looked at the one spoke and saw none other than his renowned childhood friend, so to say. "Tsk. It's not a big deal. It's Grievert's fault. Anyway, what are you doing here, Velvet?" A rising Cirian soldier within the Bato Rogues and a candidate to be the Prince's wife, that is Velveteen Crepuscle. "The fault goes to the one who actually did the damage." She noted as she closed the distance between them. "I've heard from Grievert. " Theon clicked his tongue at that. "Can't keep his mouth shut. Idiot."

A hand was placed on his shoulder as he gazed at it and then met those amethyst eyes belonging to her. "Theon. You saved Cikrik. You did that. In this war, I feel safe knowing you'll be leading us." He looked away and there was the faintest pink tint on his cheeks. It wasn't noticeable if one does not know what to look for exactly. "What the hell are you spouting about?" Velvet smiled at him and then shrugged her shoulders playfully. "I wonder... Probably some garbage coming out of my lips." He glared at Velvet at that remark who lightly giggled before taking a step back and removing her hand on his shoulder. "Anyway, I heard about your trip to Virgo. Try to be a good boy, okay?" He retorted to that statement in an annoyed manner. "I'm not a kid! Y'all better stop treating me like that!"

Velveteen just smiled at him which made Theon sulked in her opinion who had a rather small pout on his lips. "All right. Well, you better get going, my Prince. The meeting won't wait, right?" He released a sigh and cracked his neck for a bit. "Yeah. Handle things here, Velvet." She nodded and gave him a thumbs up. "Leave it to me." He placed a hand on her head, like a gentle pat. "Thanks." Just like that, he left to meet with Grievert. It was about time for him to go to Virgo and to start his mark.

❂ Already had my life turned upside down, ❂Image
Image❂ I keep fighting, you won't ever bring me down. ❂


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  1. X-Unit is a scientifically disturbed and mutated group of soldiers, who no longer have the ability to speak, and if they do, their thought process is no longer coherent enough to do so. Link:

    by Hα΄‡ΚŸΚŸΚœα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄…
  2. The rehabilitation unit is actually know as the Stone Hearts, many of their uniforms change as determined by the Princess. As of right now, their uniform will be posted in footnote 3

    by Hα΄‡ΚŸΚŸΚœα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄…

    by Hα΄‡ΚŸΚŸΚœα΄α΄œΙ΄α΄…

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xxxxxxxxxxDΙͺα΄€ΚŸα΄Ι’α΄œα΄‡ Cα΄ΚŸα΄Κ€ β—† cadetblue
xxxxxxxxxxxTΚœα΄α΄œΙ’Κœα΄› Cα΄ΚŸα΄Κ€ β—‡ grey
                      XXThe sun shined too brightly for such dark days befalling the Kingdom of Virgo. This world was such an odd place, for such a tiny princess. Even with such early years, far under her belt, Amalia knew there was still so much to learn. Everyday, every passing minute, there was something new, dangerous, involving her own kingdom, much less the business of an upcoming war. Had her mother been alive, perhaps they would of been able to claim that of neutrality, without the threat of the Kingdom's own growing uprising.

                      XXInstead of picking something that would of simply ceased the revolting, the Queen's side, for some reason however, Amalia had made it a point to pick that of the King. She had claimed far too many times it was to prevent destruction from that of Cancer, but somewhere deep down, the royal family knew the truth. They were counting on that revolt...

                      XX But you couldn't blame a girl for having second thoughts about her own choices... Especially with the events of misfortune a week ago, and once again last night. A week ago, the Princess of Virgo had successfully sent out the invitations to host the grand meeting in her own domain, her messengers swift and to the point of giving the notes early Sunday morning. However, once noted of the invitations safe arrival, the island of Tenebris had shook. And whatever shook the entire island had disturbed that of the large, terrible creatures within it - giant spiders, to put it lightly.

                      XXCrawling onto the destroyed bridge, they had no qualms with attacking the peaceful island of Flamma, soldiers being dispatched left and right in order to prevent the many towns that resides there, as well as the castle of the royals. By the time a larger number of militia got to the island, some of them had already begun attacking the castle. It left... quite the impression on many of the poor Virians. Luckily, they managed to... eliminate the spiders or turn them back to Tenebris within the course of the next two-three days. Next, simply came the tedious repair progress and assessing damages. But last night? Well, it was more traumatic in Amalia's eyes then a bunch of overweight spiders that once chased her and her hero around as a younger girl.

                      XXLast night, Fortitudo nearly had a prison break.

                      THE NIGHT PRIOR

                      XXPanic began to spread throughout the island of Flamma as a strange noise began to sound. A clap- stony in sound and almost as if rocks were stomping. An alarm from the stationed angelic statue, or rather, the nine that circled the island. Embedded with magic from the strongest Virian Princess, it almost seemed like they were some sort of advanced creature. They weren't of course, just a helpless golem or two, told to serve to be alarms.

                      XXAs a result, even the one in Aquarius seemed to begin to clap in slow sync, despite being all the way across the map of Cosmos.

                      XXThe island of Fortitudo was undergoing a prison break, soldiers dying and inmates screaming from inside the deadly mountainous prison. They hadn't found the exit yet, but serial killers and serial rapist - Stars knows what else - weren't stupid. Princess Virgo and her younger brother, the man technically in charge of military assaults were quickly escorted in the dead of night to the outer rim of the island, the set up base to learn how to trap and regain control from the outside in.

                      XX"Who the fuck do they think they are?" Giovanni swore, smashing his fist onto the tactical table. Gritting his teeth, he glanced softly at the tiny girl who rested her hand gently on his arm. "...You should go to the castle." He snapped, ripping his arm away in an attempt to act and seem tough. This was no place for a delicate, still learning Princess. That smile of hers just seemed to piss the younger, yet taller brother off. How was she always smiling with someone as stupid as him?

                      XX"...Perhaps... we should try using the participating members of the Rehabilitation project... Mother had started?" Amalia offered, to which a feminine hum replied. Aunt Aviana...

                      XX"That'd be a smart move, on the militia part, but... they'd be expecting that." Aviana stated, gently resting her hand under her chin as her other wrapped around her own waist. Her expression seemed serious, as if this truly was something to worry about. Amalia felt a chill run down her spine.

                      XXHer brother seemed to calm at the majestic women's arrival. "Then what do you propose we do, Lady Aviana?" He inquired, tying his hair back curtly. His face may of been tight, but it seemed like he already knew the answer before the women even spoke it up.

                      XX"Release the X-Unit, it'll give your men a chance to regroup, and they'll be taken off guard with drastic measures. The bitch made more anyway, didn't she?" Aviana replied, much to Amalia's cringe.

                      XXGiovanni nodded, despite the apparent bloodshed it would end up resulting in. The entire system was corrupt, but it seemed like this was just the cover for it all. They had guests arriving in the morning... but...

                      XXA fast forward through the night, a total of 20 inmates were killed, one of the X-Unit members were decimated and the head caved in, and over 25 soldiers were killed, and this number was not included the number of men wounded. Escaped inmates however? Only one.

                      XXThe rehabilitation group would be the ones who guarded the Princess more closely then ever, while the Unit-X members and sergeant of the guards would be escorting the royals as they arrives.

                      THE PRESENT

                      XXFeet dragging themselves out of bed, Amalia let out a loud sigh. Right. Time to actually get dressed and wait at the giant doors of the castle, a fake smile on her face as her sister and brother stood behind her, her... other aunt, lurking within the shadows. Of course, they had to dressformally for the occasional, Stars forbid they give their country a bed reputation. Trivial.

                      XX But trivial was just how this bloody kingdom worked. Standing in the doorway, Amalia sighed as she assumed that Sterling was still contently passed out in the guest bedroom made specifically just for him. Haah, what a lazy bum. But glancing around her, she leaned down to twist her high heels to properly fit her feet.

                      Show time, Amalia.


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xxxx.β™‹xx. THE PRINCE OF CANCERxx. β™‹
The sea, it is always a nice feeling to be near it even more so to be on it. Well technically, he is on a ship, but whatever. In a gist, he likes the ever flowing sea. He was currently on the main deck as he leaned over the bulwark as he looked at the clear yet deep waters under his dominion. It was calming to his senses as the thoughts in his head were being filtered through and being divided into what is necessary right now and in the "later" category. He does have to set his priorities and war has always been a serious business even if it was done in his opinion out of a sole man's egoistic pride. Not like he could say anything about it, he was joining in the chaos after all. That in itself can also be called egoistic. Sometimes, he does wonder if fighting is what he really wants or is the only path available to him.

He looked at the silhouette of his islands he was sailing away from at the distance. There was the bubbling emotion of doubt inside him. He was unsure whether he really had been doing a good job as a Prince. No one was complaining strongly against him. There were rumors, but it was simple harmless gossip as it was never taken into serious thought. More or less, the people trust him. That's why it makes him feel pressured and it was really suffocating. Of course, he won't say or show that, he was supposed to be a strong ruler and right now, weakness isn't needed for someone like him. He took out a cigarette from his jacket and lit it up with match. After that, he took took in the nicotine it offered, inhaling the smoke, a poison he was happy to take inside of him.

"We're going to be in Virgo's territory soon enough." Grievert announced as he approached Theon who was enjoying his time alone. The Head Warrior noticed the brooding expression of the Prince and teasingly commented on it. "Sulking again?" Theon glanced at Grievert before pinning his cigarette between his fingers and exhaling the nicotine smoke. He was really not in the mood for a banter and simply ignored it the snide remark. Grievert sighed at this and knew when not to push too much. He had been around Theon enough to know those flippant moods of the Prince. "Fine, I'll leave you alone. Just don't make my job hard once we're there." He then left Theon who rolled his eyes and looked back at the scenery laid before him. It was then he caught sight of Virgo's Islands. It won't be long where he would confirm his part in this war involving all of Cosmos.

Speaking of which, it did make him wonder though why Virgo chose the King's side. It was no secret that its people and its former Princess revered the Queen and its lineage. Well, whatever the reason is he won't have to worry about fixing their kingdoms' relationship once the war is over since they would be allies under the King. His nation and their Kingdom have a close relationship especially since they are neighbors and all. As for the other kingdoms in league with the King, there is Aquarius who is also well-versed in battles though there is Libra too. He won't have high hopes for that newbie Prince, but that's manpower still. From the looks of it when compared to the Queen's alliance, they were far more combat-oriented. It shouldn't be difficult to crash the opposing side if all of them keep their wits about them. But, he was also aware that anything can change suddenly in war. That's why they must not be overly confident. After all, that bastard Taurus is on the other side.

"Tsk. I'll crush him." He returned the cigarette into his lips once more as his eyes were now directed to the sky. He will never forgive that shithead. The mere thought was really angering him that he inevitably bit his cigarette into half. When he noticed it, he clicked his tongue and crushed the remaining portion in his palm. "Supreme Commander." He looked at the one who called him with a glare and quite frightening growl of, "What!?" The unfortunate soldier froze in fear as he took a step back and tripped making him fall on his butt. This made Theon take a moment to assess what he had done exactly as he covered his face with his other hand and sighed. It seemed he let his temper get the best of him. He dropped his hand to his side and then reached out to the frightened soldier. "Get up." The soldier nodded in caution and then hesitantly took the offered hand before standing. "What did you want?" The soldier immediately saluted and delivered his message. "We're about to dock at port of Virgo, Supreme Commander." It was about time, huh. He gave a nod and gestured to the soldier to leave which was done quickly. It can't be helped.

Anyway, he met up with Grievert and when they finally docked a small contingent of Virgo's soldier welcomed them or more like apprehensively looked at him from head to toe. He is indeed a Zodiac but it didn't mean he was looked favorably by others due to his certain... attitude and reputation. "We--" Theon didn't allow the guards to the runabout greetings when clearly he wasn't like. He was not in the mood for fake things. "Whatever." He cut them off with that and began to walk away. Grievert shook his head at this and was very close on smacking Theon on the head, but it was better not to do that in the public especially outsiders. The Virgo Soldiers looked at him in surprise and fear especially when those golden eyes pierced at them. "Hurry up."

He was immediately escorted to the castle where he had been informed along the way the Princess Virgo and apparently the King was headed to as well. He was not that far due to him taking the sea route so, it took him just a few minutes and frankly, the Virgo escorts wanted to be out of his presence. It was probably because of his brutish behavior. It was further implied as he walked ahead of his entourage and the Virgo escorts, and before Grievert could stop him, he went ahead and opened the doors himself with a bang, uncaring if he disturbed anyone. He really was not up to do those pleasantries; he could leave that with the others. "Oi, chick, you're coming in aren't ya?" His golden eyes glanced at Amalia, the Princess Virgo who was actually by the entrance probably doing all that formal welcome. There were the obvious protests from the Virgo soldiers hearing such a disrespectful address to their Princess. This was silenced as he glared at them. "I can't hear ya."

Grievert wanted to tie Theon at this moment with iron and drop the man in the sea never to be seen again. "My Prince." He took a step closer to Theon and whispered the rest. "Don't cause trouble or I'll tell Velvet all about this." Theon looked at Grievert sharply. "Tch." He then looked back at Amalia rather intensely as well. There was a moment of silence as if he was thinking whether how to tackle the next words that would be coming out of his mouth. "...I'll be waiting inside." That was all he said as he entered without a second thought as if he owned the place in the very beginning and Grievert wanted to sink into the ground and disappear. He looked back at the Princess Virgo and bowed his head both in apology and respect. "Good day, Princess Virgo. Let me speak in behalf of my Prince for your courtesy and hopefully your understanding. My apologies and my gratitude." He then looked where Theon was as the said man was walking along the hallways unabashed. The Prince Cancer was indeed a wild card.

❂ Already had my life turned upside down,❂Image
Image❂I keep fighting, you won't ever bring me down.❂


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Image Image Image
⌈k i n g OMNEβŒ‹LOCATION:avalon - cosmos sky - flamma
NOW PLAYING:xwar of change

xxA feeling of anger bubbling to the surface like that of a boiling pot and aptly so, the sound of a twig breaking echoed within the solemn room belonging to none other but the King of Constellations.

xxThere it was again... The pen was broken into two.

xx"This is ridiculous." It was delivered by a voice with a deep and rich baritone timbre akin to silk yet, it radiated annoyance. Those obsidian eyes with a hue that spawned darkness itself reflected the useless pen and documents meant for him to sign. "She is absurd." The innocent pen was then discarded to a nearby pile with its kind in similar states. "That crown doesn't deserve her." Long and candle-like fingers reached for a dangling crescent moon earring and held it in comfort. There was silence that followed that for a while before it was shattered by a knock. "Pardon me, Your Eminence."

xx"Come in." The door opened revealing the General of the Plethora Aerum, Bagwis, one responsible for the Airship Fleets of the OurΓ‘nios. Garbed in his military regalia, he entered and delivered a formal bow to show his respect to the King of Constellations, Omne. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the gesture for him to proceed in his purpose and so he did. "Your Eminence, we are a few minutes away before we land at the designated spot at Aureus Caelum. Everything is right on schedule." He then waited for a response from his liege who appeared to be troubled judging from the piles of broken pens on the desk. "Good. I will be joining you all at the deck shortly." The fingers cradling the earring released its grasp as those black-ridden eyes returned to the document at hand.

xx"Understood, if I may your Eminence?" Omne directed his gaze to the General whom affirmed this as permission to speak further. "Shall I bring you a pen?" That is right there were no more pens available. However, "I do not need it. You may leave." Bagwis did as was stated as he bowed once more before excusing his presence. "Very well, your Eminence. Please excuse me." Once the door closes, Omne set the document aside to a small stack. He was already done with the ministerial work which he took with him aboard the Avalon, the Flagship of the Aerum. The lull of the journey to Virgo was not to be wasted in his standing, though the issues of the war loomed upon him consequently. This was amplified when the source of it lingered. Hence, the broken pens were done.

xx"You pushed me to do this. I will make sure you regret it." He then stood from his chair as he grabbed hold of his coat as he wore it before leaving his room. There was not a figment of hesitation in his mind that what he has done is wrong. It was within his duty and his pride to implement the Lore accordingly, no matter who shall be put in the stand before him such as the Queen of Stars. This was an inevitable outcome that overtook the Cosmos and he is aware that it divided the world into two sides. He would be frank that he did not expect any of the Twelve Zodiacs to go against his principle. If one would trace it, their existence was made possible through the blood of his forefathers, not anyone else. They were indeed some ungrateful cretins, but this would be a good opportunity to weed out the rotten. All of it will be done in accordance of the Lore to restore order to the realm.

xxThat will always be his goal. His purpose.

xxHe took his first step on the deck where the scene of Aureus Caelum met his gaze. The soldiers and crew present displayed their reverence to him by delivering a bow and a scrape as he walked passed them. His eyes only looking forward as he stopped before the railing as the touch of the wind with the scent of sea wrapped around him. "Your Eminence." Bagwis was once more present and was now by his side. "General. Was Virgo alerted of our arrival now?" He cast his eyes towards Bagwis who gave a prompt answer to the query. "Yes, your Eminence. I have been notified just now that a Virgo Security Force had been deployed already to serve as our guards to the Palace at Flamma. They are waiting at the landing area. It also appeared that Prince Cancer and his entourage have already arrived as well."

xx"I see. Virgo has done its part in preparations." His eyes lingered towards the island where his cortège consisting of five airships would be docking. The Kingdom of the Maiden is where he had chosen for his war council to commence. It was done out of spite not towards its Zodiac, but for the reputation it held towards the admiration for the Queen of Stars. It was attested to be a mind game by the people around him, but he did say it was done by him to show the irony of a Kingdom so attached to the Queen to be now at his side. This was his self-gratification. That is all. No matter, Virgo did not disappoint in welcoming him. The same could also be said to Cancer who had arrived early.

xxThe nation which boasts the power of the sea through its naval forces and its Prince covered as a tyrant and belligerent warrior. It is not bad to hold the sea as his sword in this war and he was certain that as long as he holds that, the crab will use its pincers towards his enemies. "I see Cancer does not disappoint. It would be dishonorable for him to be late considering how close he is." Bagwis listened to his liege before the announcement of them to be docked had finally come. His eyes returned to Bagwis. "Tell Hel, I need her." That was his order as the process of docking went underway. It was about time to take another step in the board of life.

Soon enough, Omne found himself trailed by his retinue and escorted by a unit of Virgo guards to the castle. There, he saw the Princess and her family poised to welcome him and the others. Another person was also there appearing to apologize with the large doors already opened. He did not need to guess what had occurred with the knowledge of already arriving. "Princess Virgo." He called out to her while his suit bowed in respect of the zodiac princess before continuing his words. "Greetings. I am impressed by your preparations. I would ask that it would be a continued trend." As always, the King of Constellations is direct and without a smile. Yet, there is that undeniable presence of his overpowering all further be mesmerized by his beauty.


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Within the airship, a hall stretches back, on each side are darkened rooms as they were not in use, yet, one was lit to some manner, inside sat the last survivor of the Suzaku tribe, Hel Suzaku, The Vermilion Bird.

'Gods I cannot stand flying....' were the first words Hel mumbled to herself as she felt the ship rock quite some bit with the wind. Hel couldn't stand being on boats, including airships, which she hated more because of the little resistance there was to keep the blasted ship from moving as much, at least with actual boats there was another wave pushing the ship back, while here, there wasn't anything to help that. Yet brushing the thought aside, Hel took out her crimson cloak, which ended to about her hip, and half-way stitched to the ends of the cloak were what appeared to be fur from a wolf, while it was completely cosmetic, Hel enjoyed the look of the white fur with the crimson red. As she stitched the fur on she almost forgot she was on an airship, while her mind slipped from reality, she had completed putting the fur to the coat-tails of the cloak, and caught herself as she was drawing up a design she thought about for Omne, a simple set of dragon wings that would stretch down the back of some article of clothing, with almost a laugh to herself, Hel looked at the design, 'That'd be the day, when His Highness wears dragon wings embroidered by his retainer.' Yet, Hel had cut off her laugh, ending it with a long sigh, as she thought about her other designs, and especially if she had decided not to take up her weapons, and decided to live peacefully instead of in a constant threat of being harmed and especially killed.

"To think on things like this now.... What is wrong with me?" Hel asked herself, leaning back in the chair she sat in, looking at the ceiling, as she had never thought about her death before, but then again, those were times of general peace within the Cosmos, but, this was different. Despite being thrown into the webbing of war between tribes, Hel couldn't help but feel that this war was going to be different, especially since it now involved the rest of the world, and would lead in possibly millions of casualties. Yet Hel forced the damned thought from her head, "Now isn't the time to fear both my life and others. Right now, I need but to ensure the King remains safe." As those words echoed in the room she sat in, jamming the design into her pocket, Hel grabbed her cloak, putting it on over her shoulders, then went to her weapons, taking her ax quickly followed by a club with several metal balls up and down the beating part, and soon, with her mask having been tied to her head, able to be quickly placed on her face if needed, Hel set out to disembark the ship with Omne and Bagwis.

Thinking about it, Hel wasn't a big fan of Bagwis, though her reasons reamined unknown, she just had a gut feeling about him that was off, but this wasn't the time to think on that.. She soon looked to Omne, nodding to him that she was prepared. As they disembarked to the Sky Bridge, Hel placed her mask over her face, as a marker, as the guard to the King was here, and ready for anything. Glancing around, Hel noticed the heaviness of the armour of their escorts, 'Hm... They're not playing around it'd seem. Good. Hate to have to fight in another's country because their guards are lazy.' as those thoughts moved through, Hel followed closely flanking the King's left side, keeping her eyes and wits around, ready to deal with any threat that'd come from anywhere. Walking along the bridge, Hel knew this journey was going to be rather long, dreadful, and especially unpleasant.

Flanked by the guards of Virgo, Hel glanced around, her mask slightly hiding her gaze, it was never a comfortable feeling when she's surrounded by unfamiliar forces. Especially with the roughian Prince Cancer near His Highness as well. It was needless to say, Hel was on pins and needles, ready to strike any foe whom would have the gall to attack the envoy. Though the passage was quiet, as nothing seemed to happen while they moved, they did reach the meeting point, to be greeted by none other than the little Princess Virgo. As Omne had bowed and greeted the princess, Hel did the same, although she didn't speak, as, it was not her place to do so, unless one asked her name. However, she did keep her eyes around her, noting the troops, in case things go... South. As those thoughts brushed her mind, she reaffirmed that her equipment was easy to grab.

Though one thing seemed missing from Hel's possession, that design she had planned out.


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Joining the meeting with the King, The Sleeping Storm, Corentine Azura

Along that same dreary day, just outside the capital, Corneria bracing the elements, rests several military troops, each in a Dark purple cloak. As the five stood there, one seemed out of place, with a headset on as it would seem. Though as they stood there, one did break off, giving a laughing scream of enjoyment as he plummeted to the forest floor, only to come back, soaring high into the air. As the other three laughed, and cheered the man on, the one with the headset had stepped aside, looking to several travelers. Wondering what they had stopped for, the woman went to investigate, only to be greeted by a smiling man, his skin was tanned in tone, with what appeared to be trimmed facial hair lining his jawline and around his mouth, he greeted her rather frankly, noticing the Emblem on the other cloaks and on the woman's as well, a smile curled his lips, as if happy about something as he spoke,

"Well that's an uncommon sight, seeing Raven Squad here. What seems to be the occasion?" as his gruff voice stretched, the other three members had soon approached as well, with the other woman, whose features were hidden by said cloak replying with a, calm tone, but her voice was a bit grainy, as if something is perpetually always caught in her throat,

"That's something we can't say. As we were merely ordered here, but I'm sure Lady Elaine will explain the situation to the rest of the people, trust me, we're just as in the dark as you, as we're under Nightrose, and even they've been scrambled for some reason. Possibly because-" before she could even finish her remarks, the other woman had covered her mouth,

"Forest ops were short staffed, as several squads are out on hunts and such. So they asked the Nightrose Legion to help in guarding from anything. Nothing special. Ignore Effelia over here, she tends to talk from speculation."

As the traveler nodded before moving along, figuring he wouldn't gain any more information from the now five members, though the woman named Effelia soon removed the other woman's hand from her mouth, "Coren! What was that for?!"

"We're under order not to talk about the situation, remember?"

"Still! That was mean!"

"I'm not the nice type. You should know that."

Before Effelia could reply, the man whom flanked Coren's left, whose face wasn't as hidden, showing a young man's face, looked to Effelia and Coren, "That's enough, you two. No need to squabble here."

"But Icarus-"

"No Buts, Effie, we have our job to do. And that's final."

With those words, everything settled down with the five, things dragged on, and with a few light moments where the Vesper Wings were used to cure idleness, the cold and dreary day was just not ending quickly. Moving several hours, it was about lunch, and as the man whom was flying around earlier went to get lunch, having drawing the short straw, the other four sat on higher branches, mucking about until their food arrives. As the rain kept steadily falling, Coren leaned against the tree trunk to take a short nap, the day had been dreadful to her patience, thus, she began to doze off.

"-en Azura?"

Some sort of conversation had interrupted the sleep she had managed to squeak in, though she heard the same voice again,

"I'm looking for Coren Azura. Is she here?"

The voice was familiar, Mineczka, the leader of the Trackers, and especially Forest ops, Coren remembered training with the woman, they were somewhat friends, though not as close as Coren was with Raven Squad, but none the less, they knew eachother well. Rather swiftly, Coren lept from the branch she was on, to the wooden pathway that the clump of people stood upon, after ensuring a safe landing, Coren looked to Mineczka,

"What might you need, Mineczka?" Coren was one the few trackers whom could get away with calling Mineczka by her name, as those two were close enough to call friends,

"You're joining me to go to Virgo, since I know you like adventure and all. Come, we have a meeting to attend."

Without any questions, Coren followed Mineczka. Though she tried her best not to show her excitement, Coren was very excited to be able to go out and see the world, as it has been a dream for her since she was a mere child, to see the world and it's many wonders. As this excitement and bliss had pooled in her chest, something... Strange happened. As the rain seemed to almost suddenly stop as the clouds dispersed, allowing the sun to shine it's way in beautifully into Corneria. As Coren stopped, looking at the clouds dispersing, her head throbbed as she looked to the sky, though she ignored it as she caught up to Mineczka.

Moving to the forest floor, came to the most hated part of Coren being in the military, Dire Wolves just looking at them made her left arm throb, remembering the pain from the incident Eight years ago. Though she still got on the blasted thing, though made sure to touch as little of it as possible. Soon enough they were off once more, though this time, to the capital of Virgo, another long journey, but that had not bothered Coren.

Making their way to Virgo was a different feeling trip, as they had to pass through a bit of Taurus and all of Cancer, and with how the Dire Wolves couldn't run the whole way, it made things eventually slow down once more. As the Dire Wolves walked, eventually they took a rest, at the Tauren-Cancer Border. After that, the cross over through Cancer. Despite Coren's thoughts, the trip was quiet, and finally they were in Virgo.

Finally, Mainland Virgo, as an exhausted Coren and Mineczka approached where they could get to the island of Flamma, were greeted by what appeared to be a twenty-six man group, definitely bigger than anything they have squad wise in Gemini, though one did approach her, a man whom seemed to be well looking had approached,

"You must be the Geminian travelers. I shall assume you are tired from the trek?"

"Yes, and we are tired but that is no matter as of this moment."

"We have been assigned to escort you to the Castle in Flamma, however, your Dire Wolves will have to stay in the bottom decks of the ferry, as larger animals are not permitted on the bridge. Or, there is a rural station to the west of here, where the wolves can rest, it is west of here."

"Alright then, we will be back, so we can get the wolves there. We will be back as quick as possible."

With that, the two rode west to the outpost that looked a little shocked that there are such large animals that are as dangerous, but none the less, the dire wolves were soon set in a stable, with Mineczka and Coren walking again,

"Hey, Mineczka, care for some fun?

"If it's what I think it is, why not? It'll be fun"

As the two looked at each other, they began to run and soon, two wires came from their Vesper Wings and they were now soaring into the sky, admittedly having fun as the rest of the trip was boring, this provided to be fun and exhilarating. As they flew up and over buildings, several of the citizens of the small town they had to fly through looked shocked, as they had not seen what the Geminians had. And soon, after a launch and flip over the last building, Mineczka and Coren had returned. After that, the twenty-six men gathered and encircled the two women, and the trip was underway once more.

This part was equally boring, as it was hours of walking and a boat ride in silence, even with the occasional quip of some sort from Coren or Mineczka, they still had a boring day, and the weather appeared to show Coren's frustration with this, as several small storms brewed and even passed through, on a day that was previously sunny, however, after said walk of misery, the grouping had finally reached the castle, with the leader turning to face Coren and Mineczka,

"For the comfort of the youngest child of Virgo, I will have to ask that you remove your equipment."

"We can remove our main components, but unfortunately, this equipment involves hours to don and doff, so while I will comply, there will be parts remaining on us."

With that, Coren had turned off the pressurized air nozzles and detached them from the rest of the equipment, and then the blade holsters were next part to be removed, leaving only the propelling face, which was attached to the belt and centered the wires that ran along their body, with Mineczka, most of the wires remained hidden, though a quick look over Coren's clothes, and body one could easily see where the wires trailed around. Though this took several minutes it was tedious to Coren and Mineczka, as they would have to check the connections to keep from any leaking, all that remained were the triggers to launch the hooks, the main mechanism of the equipment, and two small tanks attached to their belt, one let the hooks propel to the object they're mounting to, the other is an emergency movement canister, if one has no more air in their other canisters, this one was to allow for the tracker to get to safety. The only weapon-like item that remained was a large knife, which rested on their left arms, it's job was to cut anything that the wire snagged on, or the wire itself if it came to that. But none the less, Coren and Mineczka were ready, and with a polite bow the two walked to the hall where the meeting is to take place.

Approaching the door, Mineczka noticed Amalia, with a bow she spoke with grace and courtesy,

"Hello, Princess Virgo, I'm Mineczka of Gemini, I was sent here as Lady Elaine's diplomat, and this is Corentine Azura, a Tracker under Gemini and accompanies me. It is a pleasure to meet you."


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Dialogue: #810541
Thought: Italic
Place: Virgo Kingdom

Lady Katherine
Dialogue: #644E20

β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž β™Ž

Flying. The most fearful thing ever. Humans hadn't made for flying. And the huge predators under them didn't make the case any easier. Sebastian hated flying. He couldn't even guide the bird, he just had to trust it went where he wanted and wouldn't eat him."My Prince, we're arriving to the waters of Virgo. Please hang on tight, it's windy over the sea." Lady Katherine informed him. It made Sebastian even more nervous as he had to press tighter against the giant Kalofly. Princess Virgo had been kind enough to let them land on Flamma instead of walking. "So kind.... I wouldn't have minded walking..." he thought in his mind but tried to forget it. At least the trip would be soon over. Though he wasn't so happy about that either. Despite his usual laidback nature he was terrified about the meeting. He barely knew the other rulers and knew he wouldn't have a word in the conversation.

As the landed to Flamma, Julius helped Sebastian down. He would stay with the birds as the Prince and head of Council of Elders would go in the meeting. "Now, do you remember who will be on our side? And how you greet them properly? Also I do not want to see half-assed bow from you. Understood?" Katherine used her strict teacher voice again. For an old woman she was surprisingly sharp and didn't let anything to go past her. Sebastian grinned awkwardly and nodded. "I try. And besides Princess Virgo there will be King Constellation, Prince Aquarius and....." Sebastian scratched his head. Despite he had been forced to go through the list over and over again his memory was on the worst side. "Prince Cancer." Katherine said irritated as all the teaching was going waste with this new 'Prince'.

That was the short time they had to discuss as two Virian guards run to them. Katherine stepped forward."Greetings, we are here for the meeting with the King. We have already taken care of Kaloflys as Julius here will be staying with them whole time to make sure they do not cause troubles for your Kingdom." The two of them then walked into castle, the guards keeping their company - though it was rather silent trip. Sebastian walked in front of Katherine just because of some random etiquette or prince rule he didn't understood.

Once they got inside he looked around surprised to see people with no idea who those were. Barely remembering his training he bowed clumsily. "King Constellation we're here to show you our support. Princess Virgo I thank you kindly for invitation." he said awkwardly as he was just speaking the words he had been told. As soon as he stood up he felt a shoulder on his side - Katherine was still doing a curtsy, keeping her head down. "Oh uhh... this is lady Katherine. The Elder of Councils--- I mean Head Council for Elders--- Wait that's not right either. Uhh..."

"May I?" Katherine said politely with a smile but her eyes were glaring at Sebastian. "I'm Lady Katherine, the Head of Council of Elders and here to help our Prince with his journey. I apologize for his lack of manners. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She turned towards everyone. "If I have not mistaken you must be lady Hel Suzaku" she spoke to King's bodyguard. "And you two are from Gemini, correct? I must apologize I do not know your names." She kept smiling as Sebastian was grinning and scratching his head awkwardly. This place wasn't for him. She then turned to the man. "Have I met you before? You seem familiar. From Cancer I think? And if so, is Prince Cancer going to delight us with his presence?"

Sebastian now stood there awkwardly hoping no one would ask anything from him as he had no answers for them. He had tried to pay attention to Katherine's words but he had already forgotten everyone's names. So the barbaric looking girl was apparently King's bodyguard and the other two belonged to Gemini. Sebastian tried to hide his small sigh. It would be long day for him.


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