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Count of Time


This Roleplay is as of now an 1x1

Thoughts of a Demon

When we meet again, you'd be able to feel the familiarizes of it, but only get fragments and pieces of me through old memories. Could you ever remember who I am? Who we were? I remember. I remember everything and each time I have to let go, pieces of me fade away. I know I'm not like you, I can't just come and go from this world. I have to stay, for I am bonded to you for eternity. Do you ever see or feel it? How I would be the only one who can never leave or betray you. I'd always watch over you. From the day of birth to the day you die, I'd always be there. Never aging, never leaving and never fading. I'll be here for as long as you need me. For I would never leave you.

This time, fate had an odd turn. You never came this lifetime or even the next one. It's been so long since I've seen you and this world has become dull. It's cruel and full of darkness. I could only hope you'd never return to this lifetime either. As much as I long for you, just not this one.

This world has always been full of it's mysteries. Apart of them involve magic and ghouls, but you already knew that. Your last life time, it was because of that you had to parish. It was also my fault each time. I could never make it in time and when I do, I always see the same fate. You dying before me and life repeating its self. I've also tried to live away from you, only watch you from afar. I wanted to be sure you'd be safe without me. You never were, you'd always some how seem to look in my direction, yet never see me. You'd look so miserable after not seeing me. It was like your heart knew I was there, but you didn't realize. That was only some of it. Even when I'm not around, your life will parish at a young age and you will always seem to find death.

Just when fate hated me most, it did indeed have you reborn into this cruel modern time of the world. The only thing I could do this time around is watching over you until the time comes that you truly need me. The moment you where born, I felt it. It was a feeling that I had nearly forgotten, it's been so long since I felt it. I had always felt you be reborn, tie and time again. The darkness of my world had it's light once again and for it only to shine in your direction. As long as it shined brightly, I knew you'd be fine and away from danger. But as time passed, you got older and your shine started to slowly dim. The more it dimmed, the closer I knew had to be. We've never met this life time, but we are about to and your once casual world, would never be the same. You still won't remember me, but you'll feel like you've known me. How must I know this? It's because you would always tell me the same things. "This might be strange to you, but I know we've met before. We had to of. My heart won't seems to beat until I see you." You'd always assume it was us as kids, but I've never been a child in all the life times you've been around. For as long as I've known you, that has only been through five live times.


Taken :
Name / Female / Age : 17 - Be 18 soon /
Role : Human 1 - Awakens at 18 (Spoken over with GM)

For the female lead, I am looking for someone who could play the type of woman who is strong willed, but at the same time, she is kind and caring. She'd put herself in the line of danger to protect her loved ones. And she knows what pain and misery feels like. Apart from this, the character is yours to make.

Taken : SliderSoul
Donyoku, Saitonome (Saito) / Male / Age: Unknown - Looks 25 /
Role : Fallen Demon of Greed

He is the Demon who had fallen from the list of the 7 Deadly Sins. Betraying the 6 other sins, he began to walk his own path. Leaving the others behind.

Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

Other Characters

Name / Female / Age : 17 /
Role : Human 2 - Childhood Friend of Human 1 - Twin of Human 3

Name / Male / Age : 17 /
Role : Human 3 - Childhood Friend of Human 1 - Twin of Human 2

Coming Soon / Short Roles

Kouman / Male / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Pride

Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Nikuyoku / Female / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Lust

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Shitto / Female / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Envy

Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Gekido / Male / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Gluttony

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Boushoku / Male / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Wrath

Wrath is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Anger.

Taida / Male / Age : Unknown /
Role : Demon of Sloth

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.


1: Post no less than 400 words, use Detail to help.
2: Do no use small font or text / Keep colored text readable; Non-Readable Example this is not readable
3: Please use the Character Skeleton below. You may Design it to your liking but use the info that is provided.
4: To reserve a Role : OOC Reservations Section. Use Image of Character you'd like and tell me why you think you are up for the spot.
5: Coming Soon Characters. They are not yet apart of the Roleplay, but if you'd like one go ahead and reserve it. If I can not get a hold of you by the time we need the Upcoming Characters, I will find someone else. This applies to the main characters as well.
6: If you have a problem with anyone, tell me. Don't fight about it. I will take care of it, or you take care of it privately with each other outside the Roleplay. I do not want Drama. This is for respectable people only.
7: If you are wanting to reserve a spot for the Upcoming Characters, do know that they may or may not be killed.

Do understand that I am the type to follow by rules. If you follow them you will have one happy GM. If you can't follow them, I will give you 2-3 warnings, depending on my mood, maybe even one, if you are unlucky or if it's extremely wrong. After that, if you can't follow them, I will replace you. Please don't let it succumb to that. I very much dislike managing others in that way.

Character Skeleton

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First name or Preferable name is fine, you don't need the full name
Print Full Name 
Last , First (Preferable Name)
Race: Human / Demon
(Human Role)
(Demon Definition )
You may put them where ever you like

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 2 authors


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lorawr
There was nothing special about the day that dawned, except for the fact that it was unusually cold, even for a winter's dawn. Ava woke, cool in her bed which oddly felt too big, but she lay there lethargically watching the way the watery light filtered through the blinds at her window. She blinked slowly, reluctantly dragging herself from sleep, as much as the few motes of sparkling dust rhythmically attempted to lull her back into unconsciousness. The drowsy chill was uncomfortable though, so at long last she roused herself, kicked back the bed covers and let her legs fall over the edge of her bed. One more gathered moment, and she stood, trudging sleepily to the window. It took her a moment to untangle the ties that controlled her blinds, brow furrowed slightly in concentration. Eventually she opened them, flooding her room with early morning sunlight.

Sunlight seeped in, almost as though reluctant to disturb the half asleep girl that tottered around her room. Ava spent a few moments, gazing at the street outside, and the field opposite her bedroom window, contemplating how she'd spend her day. It was a Saturday, so there was no school. Her nose wrinkled slightly as she thought about the studying she had to do though, discouraged further by the unpleasant chill that was starting to make it's way through to her bones. Despite the cold though, and the time, she could hear movement from within her little apartment. The casual bickering of her twin housemates was almost enough to make her smile. Regardless of the weather, that thing alone reminded her that it was just another Saturday.

There was a pause in the muffled arguing from the kitchen, and the smell of a cooked breakfast began to waft towards the young woman. Ava groaned, suddenly realising she was hungry. She placed a hand to the flat plateau of her stomach, feeling it rumble as though it was little more than a deep echoing pit. That decided it then. She'd start her day with whatever Yuri and Eiji had made. But first, she'd need more clothes than the shorts and tee that she wore to bed. Her steps had a little more spring to their step as she made her way to her dresser to pick out an outfit for the day.

As she got there, she paused, a small smile on her lips as she noticed the calendar that she'd hung on the wall. Grabbing a pen, she crossed off the date. It wasn't long now until her birthday. Ava smirked slightly, the familiar excitement for the day returning as she pulled on a pair of jeans. She'd never really done much for her birthday, but Eiji had accidentally let slip about the small party he and his sister had been planning for her. Her toes curled with excitement again. Restlessly, she hopped from foot to foot as she pulled a blouse over her head, more or less completing her outfit. Her stomach rumbled again as the sweet, alluring scent of cinnamon wafted towards her, and Ava all but ran for the kitchen.

She was caught by the sight of the library book that she instantly recognised as soon to be overdue, and her groan was one of dread this time. Grabbing the offending book, she left her room, now knowing she'd have to catch the bus into the main city to return it. "Dammit," she muttered to herself, closing her bedroom door behind her. Now she wouldn't get to enjoy her breakfast. Her bag was where she'd left it, on the kitchen counter, so she unceremoniously dropped her book into it. A bemused Eiji looked at her.

"Everything okay?"

The question was genuine, confused at Ava's foul expression. Yuri, however, was having none of it as she piled a plate full of cinnamon toast and shoved it towards her silently. Ava rolled her eyes in reply, but was almost distracted by the inconvenience of the book by the heavenly sight of the toast. Taking a piece, she put it in her mouth just as Yuri questioned what her plans were for the day. In answer, Ava continued to eat the sweet toast, pointing at the offending book in reply.

"Got to return this book... Catch you guys later though?" Ava tried to smile at them around her breakfast, even as she picked up another triangle of toast for the road. She cast a glance at her bag, checked her phone, keys and book were in there, then sent her housemates a resigned, mournful, goodbye glance. Looking out at the dismal weather again, Ava shrugged a coat on, threw her bag over one shoulder, and left.

The cold was the first thing to hit her. It was sharp, bitter, and biting. The ground underfoot was slippery in patches, as though it had iced over during the night and hadn't yet melted with the new day. Ava sighed, checked the time, and made her way to the bus stop, hands shoved unhappily deep into her pockets. A chill breeze blew at her, stirring her red hair, and making her eyes water. She tilted her head down, scowling at the floor and not even looking at the space in front of her as she walked towards it. Evelynn would return this library book even if it was the only thing she accomplished that day.


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0.00 INK

They day was indeed cold, but to Saito it was nothing. In fact it was probably warm to him, that also could have been due to the clothing he wore. Layers of fabric over the fabric. One would call it a Hakama. His hair was a traditional long Japanese length for a proper samurai of the Edo period, but instead of it up, he wore it down, to hide his demon ears. The night was short and morning had started to bloom. He hadn't noticed that he had spent the whole night in the human world standing under a Sakura tree that had not yet bloomed and was cover in morning dew of frost. The snow he stood on was not yet high enough to reach over his black Geta's. Time was different in the human world, it moved much faster than he remembered it to have. The demon world, time was slow and long. For one day in the human world, it probably wasn't even a minute in the demon world.

Silently he reached up to touch the tree as if to bid it a farewell. Shortly after he had taken his leave only to spot something he shouldn't have. A shadow, which means he was most likely being followed by his kid brother, Wrath. But all had settled when he saw it was just a human walking by with his hands in his pockets, trying to keep warm. Saito squinted his eyes a bit feeling a slight irritation. Taking his hand off the handle of his Katana, he let himself relax slightly as he went on walking.

The snow slowly turned into slush under his feet as he started to walk on the side of the roads. He had let his mind stop and his feet walk for him. Without much to it there was a change in the air. A cold chilling breeze swept through his long black hair and around his face. He used the sleeve to his clothing to block the air from his eyes, shielding them from the slushed up snow. His body had stiffened this time, the smell was something he wasn't expecting. The familiarizes of that scent had made his feet start to walk faster, almost a run or gliding. He had wanted so badly to stop, but the greed in his body had taken over.

Before even time knew it, he had found himself stopped and his eyes being captured. No movement had come from his body anymore. All he could do was stare. If he had a heart, it would have stopped.

A woman, just on the other side of the street, the only thing parting the two was the road before them and the snow they must push through. But there she stood, blocking the cold breeze from her frail human body. He cheeks red with the cold and her hair almost a flame in the cold white morning. Her barely hidden lips were like a fruit one would want to suck the juice from and her eyes could capture any man's soul or lust.

He'd hope she wouldn't see him, he was probably begging it inside his mind for her not to notice him. It would be easier for him to just walk away and go back. The sound of a bus screeching loudly came up the road. The breaks seemed to have worked, but the ice wasn't agreeing with the tires. Saito acted without thinking, he held his breath as he moved quicker than a speeding car. One hand held onto the handle of his Katana and the other reached for the Firey Woman now before him. He had taken her arm and jerked her back into his body as he slide a few steps back, blocking her view of the bus. When it had finally come to a stop, a bunch of sloppy wet slushy snow sprayed everywhere onto Saito's back, he had leaned forward so none would get on her, meanwhile the bus hitting a tree, but not hard enough to dent it.

Keeping himself composed he looked down at her, eyeing her body to make sure he hadn't done any damage before stepping back and letting go of her once her balance was good. It was a while before he had opened his mouth to finally say anything.

"You'll be fine."

His voice was low and assuring.


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Character Portrait: Ava Character Portrait: Saito
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lorawr
Ava had stopped at the bus stop, attempting to shelter from the sleet beneath a tree, not that it provided much cover as it's leaves drifted around her booted feet. She pushed her bright hair back, out of her face, eyes narrowing as she looked up and down the street. It was so quiet, not usual for this time of morning, but she supposed that the weather was keeping everyone in. She sent a wicked glare at her bag which held the book. She would much rather have stayed home and enjoyed a lazy morning and a warm breakfast. She could still smell the cinnamon. Sighing, she cast a glance up and down the street. There was only one other individual, but he or she was too far away. They were merely a dark silhouette against the white of the day.

That was when she saw the bus, sighing with relief. Eager to get out of the weather, she found herself stepping forwards a little too quickly, a little too uncertainly. One heel slipped on the ground, and as everything slowed down, she belatedly realised that the ice was causing havoc on the bus's tires too. It's headlights glared at her, drawing closer too fast, faster than she could even think to move out of the way.

The moment ended quickly. Her breath held, there was suddenly a dark mass in front of her, pressing her back out of the way and all she could do was allow whatever it was to carry her back. Whoever it was gripped her tightly, almost so it hurt, and she was held tight against their body. For a moment, Ava forgot to breathe as the bus slid past them, landing against the tree she had been sheltering under just a moment ago with a crash that shattered the snow-filled silence of the morning. The quiet returned then, and Ava suddenly realised she had been holding her breath.

Head spinning, she let it go, taking stock of her situation. She was pressed tightly against a man, his arm and his body protecting her from the bus and the spray of snow so that not a drop had landed upon her. She shivered nonetheless, wondering where she'd be now without him. She released her breath, and drew in another, deliberate and slow, and suddenly all of her senses were filled with him. His scent, the blackness of of his clothing and how his chest felt beneath the layers of too rough clothing beneath her ungloved hands. Reality slipped. For a second, all she could see were two bodies. She could hear music, of a type she'd never heard before, and two people, both eerily familiar moving sublimely in time with the heady thickness of the music.

"You'll be fine."

His voice almost echoed, but it grounded her. Catching and gathering herself one last time, she extracted herself from his embrace, and frowned. Blinking blearily, she looked at the bus, then at the snow-drenched man in front of her. Flushed, her hair wild, she parted her lips as though to speak. When no words came out, she closed her mouth, and tried again.

"I... Thank you," she uttered softly, frowning a little. "I'm not really sure what happened there... Do I know you?"


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Character Portrait: Ava Character Portrait: Saito
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0.00 INK

Pulling his eyes away from her, he closed his as he pulled out a piece of softly roped string. Sliding it through the back of his neck and under his hair, only to lift it all and tie it back. It took a few wraps of the string, but it was soon tightly secured, probably making him look the part even more. Snow slid from his hair as he ran his fingers through the tail to whack it off. He would have worried about his ears, but it had seemed he'd forgot the fact as to why his hair was down in the first place. He could always do human form, but it was too much effort. Then there was also the fact he didn't like humans, only one was an exception.

"I...thank you" She began but seemed unsure while frowned. "I'm not really sure what happened there... Do I know you?"

Opening his eyes one again to stare at her, this time his hands tucked into his sleeves. "One needs to know someone to stop snow from splashing the other." It wasn't a question, it seemed more like he was taking note of that. Straightening his shoulders he glanced over his right shoulder in the direction across the road as if searching. "Do I know you?" After a moment of quiet he finally repeated her question. Slowly he exhaled after taking in a long inhale, but it wasn't like a human, you couldn't see hot air circle around him like you would others. He glanced down at her in her direction. "Not in this life time." One would think that to be an insult, but he didn't say more or correct his tone he said it in.

"I could take those, it's on my way." He reached out and flicked her back that revealed a book's edge. "It's not safe for you." He took a step forward as he moved his hand to her elbow, guiding her off the ice that he now stood on with no problem, you think his foot wear would for sure make him slip, but he stood on the ice as if it were rock ground.

Close to her once again, but this time, his hand didn't pull back, seeming to forget it was even on her. The act was natural to him, it was a sign of protection, something he had always done. Even if the protection was a minor thing, he wouldn't even want her to get a scratch, his greed wanted all of her safe. Again he took a step closer, almost touching her body with his. He had acted as he if wanted to say something, but no words came out of his closed lips, but his eyes said it all.

Just then the sound of a small howl like scream broke through the cold wind, almost blinding in with the sound. It was as if he were being called. This caused him to let go and pull back, letting reality hit him again. "I have to go, just don't go out in this weather." His voice was almost like a pleading warning as he looked her straight in the eyes.


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Character Portrait: Ava Character Portrait: Saito
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lorawr
Ava watched as the stranger tied back his hair, still a little shaken from her almost-fall. It wasn't until his hands dropped back down that some small part of her noticed the odd shape of his ears, though it was a thought she set aside instantly. Compared to how her morning had gone so far, it was the smallest most insignificant detail. She looked up as snow began to spiral down, barely feeling the first flakes starting to settle on her lashes. It was just another bizarre element of the day.

"One needs to know someone to stop snow from splashing the other."

She frowned up at him, and it took her a few moments to process his words. Did he mean to imply that they did know each other? And what was he looking for? She felt dazed, unfocused, like an individual snow flake in the flurry that was starting to dust the crown of her head. She rose a hand to brush it off. "Do I know you?" Ava had to wonder at the direction his gaze took, the lost, wondrous tone of his voice. He seemed just as certain as she felt, that is to say, not at all. It made her smile slightly, just the corner of her lips. They shared that, then, at least.

"Not in this lifetime"

What was that supposed to mean? Ava frowned, but the question grounded her again. His tone was rude, but the words gave her a distinct sense of deja vu that distanced her from whatever the man meant by the words. She shrugged, inwardly.

His next words, when they came accompanied by his hands, went almost unheard. Ava stepped back, letting the man guide her back away from the ice with his lithe agility. His grip on her was gently possessive, and she found she had to tilt her head up to meet his gaze. They were stood so close, close enough that were she to take a breath, their bodies' would brush just slightly. She exhaled softly, but she had remained herself enough that when he offered to take her book for her, she refused.

"No... No, it's okay. I'll do it myself. Thank you, though, for the offer."

She smiled up at him warmly, though it faded to a more questioning expression as she read the desire in his eyes. Her breath caught again. What did this man want from her? She didn't step away though, until a sharp sound shattered the delicate silence between them. She stepped back, careful not to slip again, and clutched her book to her chest.

"I have to go, just don't go out in this weather."

"Sure, okay. Thanks again, anyway. See you around, maybe."

Ava nodded slightly, and extracted herself from his vicinity. Her brain told her body to take another step, but her body didn't move. She had to close her eyes to turn away, and when she did, it was suddenly easy. She started to walk away, her boots loud on the icy ground. If the bus wasn't functioning, she'd walk to return her book. Not that she would tell this stranger, because for all it looked like, she walked back in the direction of her house, and the further she strode, the more herself she felt.


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Character Portrait: Ava Character Portrait: Saito
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0.00 INK

He bowed his head slightly, also pulling his eyes away. Once she was out of sight a gust of wind swirled around Saito's body. After the gust faded, a beautiful white fox with two tails had appeared on his shoulders. She had blue fancy markings on her face that lit up in a slight glow and he eyes to match.

"You smell of human. Were you eating? I thought humans wasn't to your liking?" The fox's voice was slow and sounded like echos of spirit's soul. "It is odd seeing you in this realm, it's been centuries my dear old friend."

Saito reached up and slid his long white fingers through the fox's short white fur. "She has returned Yukina, but she's different this time around... I could feel it. I was nothing ore than a stranger." His eyes had become dark, full of anger and sorrow.

"Hm, perhaps my dear friend, she just needs to be awakened like all the other times."

"If anything, I want to avoid it. The less she is apart of our world the better."

"You speak as if she isn't apart of us Saito." Yukina arose from his shoulders only to glide in the air before him, to look him straight in the eyes. "She is fated by the soul to you. She is apart of this world and of ours. We both know she isn't like any other human and she will remember sooner or later. Then there is the point, you couldn't be less fated to her as well."

The look in his eyes changed into pain and almost suffering. As much as Yukina was right, he didn't want that. Even if this time he had to kill himself to prevent it, he would.

Yukina hissed at Saito. "Don't be stupid! You might be Greed, but to take your own life won't make anything better. If you were to die, your siblings would ruin us all. You know just as much as I that you are the line that keeps them from destroying everything!" Yukina's markings started to fade from blue, purple and into a bright red of anger. The clouds even began to quiver into a dark gray. "You need to fix things! Her time is almost up and you need to stop wasting it by fighting yourself. You already know what would happen, you've been there several times. Fix it and it would be over and you'd only have to go through this pain countless more times... Are you not tired yet, Saito?"

With that, Yukina left Saito under the dark clouds that had begun to snow. If he already had troubles with the Snow Spirit, who's to say he could fix anything? Looking down at his wet clothing he sighed. It was the time he had probably cleaned up and looked the part, then figure her out from a distance. Perhaps it was time to change things. He hadn't noticed how much the Fox was right until now.

Time had passed and he had done just that. Cleaned himself up and made sure to watch her from afar. The more he followed her unseen the more her scent covered the area. It had been a long time since he had felt at peace. It was nearly pathetic that a scent alone would make him feel that way. It also had a poor side affect to his fingers. They tingled with the lingering touch left over from earlier when he had touched her. It was almost annoying of how weak he had become in this moment.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ava Character Portrait: Saito
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lorawr
Ava's day improved drastically from there, and she soon set the bus accident and the not-quite-stranger from her mind. Walking via her house to grab a coat, she'd soon been offered the twins' company. Accepting gratefully, she'd laughed a lot more as they walked to the library as a trio. The walk hadn't taken them too long, and they'd made short work of returning the book that had started it all off. Yuri had made a small joke about the quality of some of the literature in the library, which had set them all giggling quietly.

Leaving the library, the snow had begun to fall heavier. It swirled around, whistling, almost aggressively through her hair and she'd gasped as the cold hit her sharp and quick. The twins had reacted similarly, instinctively stepping towards each other.

"It's so cold!" Ava had gasped, shouting over the spontaneously violent weather. She had begun to shiver, feeling the cold deep. Wrapping her arms around herself, she looked at her friends, and then around. Everything was a haze of white, the snow darkening the previously bright sky ominously so that everything the sun's light touched had an eerie, watery glow to it. All, that is, except for the orange neon blur across the road. Ava couldn't read what the words said, but she gestured to it with one pale hand and, as one, Eiji and Yuri had nodded. Together, they held hands to cross the road, stumbling through the tinkling door of a quiet coffee shop.

The three looked at each other, noting the white that adorned their coats and eyelashes, eyes bright with the quick thrill the lashing winds had brought to them. They shared a moment of silence, then burst into laughter, relieved to be in the comparatively warm shop. Smiling, Ava led the way to the counter.

"The snow is unbelievable today. It's so cold!" She repeated numbly, pausing to direct her words to the green-haired woman behind the counter, and pass over enough money to pay for a hot chocolate. The others agreed, paid, and then they mutually agreed on a set of chairs by the front window of the coffee shop. Ava gratefully sank into the warm couch. She sighed softly, and cast her gaze out of the window, barely listening to the random chatter between the two twins. The silhouette of a streetlight belatedly reminded her of the man she'd met earlier. She blinked, and turned back to them as their drinks were placed on the table between the three of them.

"I almost slipped in front of a bus," she told them out of the blue, adding quickly to quell their worries, "There was someone there though. I mean, he made sure I was fine"

"No! Who?"

Inundated with questions, Evelynn couldn't help but laugh at the incredulity of her friends. Surely it wasn't that much of a big deal? She Ava filled them in with the details, waving her hand to disregard their worries. Yes, she was okay. No, she wasn't hurt. No, she hadn't fallen. No, she didn't know who the man had been. That had caused her pause, still uncertain as to why he was so familiar.

Sighing, she took a sip from her drink. Her hands shook slightly, filled with the cold, and she lapsed once more into another daydream. The background music changed, hauntingly familiar, and she warmed her hands on the ceramic of the cup.

Her whole body began to warm, but there was a slight breeze on her neck. It came and went, rhythmically, not quite in time with the music, but it took her a few moments to realise because her whole body was meltingly warm, as though she'd woken wrapped in a toasty cocoon of blankets on a cold morning. She smiled, without realising. A slight pressure on her hands, around her waist, and the top of her back. The breath on her neck. Belatedly, she realised the warmth was coming not from just her hands, but from behind her, where a tall man all in black held her securely against his chest. Sighing contentedly, she turned to look up, just as the shrill screech of a phone reminded her of the coffee shop.

Ava snapped out of her daydream, almost dropping her drink which was now lukewarm. Looking around for the source of the noise, heart pounding, she watched as Yuri answered her phone. She felt shaken, pale. Had she really fallen asleep?

"Hello? Yes, she's speaking... No, he's my brother... Okay... Yes... Sure... What? No!... Of course... We'll be there... We're going now..."

Yuri looked up, trembling, her phone unceremoniously clenched in her hands.

"It's mom. It's our mom. Eiji, oh my god, she fell again. They say they hit her head"

Ava frowned, reaching across the table to take her friend's hand. Moments later, they'd gone, Eiji and Yuri, to find their shared mother refusing Ava's company as she wouldn't' be allowed in to see her anyway. Shaking slightly, Ava finished her drink, then sat back to take in the weirdness of the day.

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