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Quinn Ewing

"Cute as a button, sweet like honey, but deadly like a viper.

0 · 364 views · located in Regnif, Rhode Island

a character in “Couples That Kill: The Initiation”, as played by Blondie104


Quinn Adia Ewing
The American Mafia Sucessor


Name: Quinn Adia Ewing

Nickname: Q, Babydoll

Age: 19

Birthday: November 6

Sexual Orientation: Straight, preferably

Engaged to: Japanese Mafia Successor

Description: Diminutive in stature, Quinn can fool you into thinking that she's weak. Gentle-looking and small, she makes you believe that she can be easily defeated and that you have won the fight long before it has started. However, that slim body has been toned from a background in mixed martial arts and is very agile with a great stamina. Quinn has curves in all the right places with a tattoo of a Scorpion on her lower back, seemingly long legs tempting you to get a feel of her sexy body. Soft, olive complexion always appear dewy in the light, giving her a bright glow that you can't ignore. Almond-shaped, beguiling chocolate-brown eyes stare at you innocently, tricking you with a bat of those long, thick lashes. High cheeks dimple slightly with her adorable smiles, arched eyebrows raise when in question, and full, supple lips entice you to kiss that luscious, heart-shaped mouth. Long, silky raven hair falls down her back and around her shoulders with soft curls in the end, giving her a dark halo of sin.



  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Knives
  • Liquor
  • Fun

  • Arrogance
  • Attitudes
  • Assholes
  • Players

Snapping people's necks

Despite being a Mafia's daughter and trained to kill, Quinn is not nearly as ruthless and as heartless as some would believe her to be. In front of her father and before many who dare strike up her anger, Quinn is deadly and demanding. She shows no mercy towards enemies and acts strategically. She attacks with a passion, grace, and agility that only a natural dancer would possess. She rules over people with eyes that darkens just as much as her soul, mentally destroying her opponent long before she begins the physical torture. She is swift in her execution of pain and leaves no messes. At times, she uses her looks to her advantage. After all, Quinn's no fool to her beauty. It's been talked about all over New York and admired by some of the most elite women. So, why not use it? A seductress when she wants to be, Quinn lures you in with innocent eyes, an adorable smile accompanied by a lower lip bite, and a tempting little body that has you begging on your knees to get a taste. But that little body will turn on you and kill you.

However, that's not who Quinn actually is. Outside of the world her father has forced her into, Quinn's actually a more chilled, relaxed person. She's definitely nicer, sweeter even. She cares deeply for her family and only wants to prove herself to her father. She longs for a simpler life, but chooses to endure the pressure her father has placed upon her simply because she does not wish to disappoint him. She has a big heart and feels an intense remorse for the people she has hurt, which has led to her love for liquor. The guilt is eating away at her, but Quinn tries not to let her emotions get in the way. She's very determined to prove herself and is a hard-worker. Having graduated on top of her class, Quinn is very intelligent and her cunning ways have won her plenty of victories.

When it comes to love, Quinn knows that her soon-to-be marriage is arranged and it's been one of the things she argued with her father over. She wants romance - real, intense, and passionate romance, like the relationship her parents had. And she wants to believe in her engagement, actually really faithful to her betrothed. She wants the best for him and happiness for the both of them, despite knowing the possibility of that not happening. Her father has teased her countlessly that she's already let her emotions get the best of her, that she's already soft for her fiancée. And that might be true; Quinn would never tell you. Who wants to admit when they're vulnerable? Definitely not this girl!

Trained in:
  • Kickboxing
  • Judo
  • Taekwondo

  • Very efficient in shooting and has a collection of guns. Two pistols are on her at all times
  • Her sais are her babies and are kept on her person at all times.

Born to a powerful family with a reputation of luxury and wealth, Quinn had a pretty good childhood. She received everything she desired and appreciated all of it, especially the hard work she knew her father did. She wanted to dance, she was given ballet lessons. She wanted to sing, she was given a private vocal instructor. She wanted to learn languages, she was given separate tutors and was able to learn Spanish, Japanese, Bulgarian, and French. At a young age, she was informed that she was the successor to her father's Mafia empire and set out to prove that she could handle the responsibility. She threw herself into her studies and worked herself to the bone, gaining high grades in school. She began training young as well, learning to cope with pain and to late ignore it.

But her father noticed something about Quinn that she hates. As much as she talks big stuff and acts like a cold-hearted person, she's not and some people noticed. She was thirteen when it hit them and had just found out about her engagement. On her first kill, Quinn froze up and broke down in tears. Her father had to clean up her mess and chose to starve her for days, ignoring her mother's pleas. Quinn did not argue with him and simply wallowed in her guilt, locking herself away in her bedroom. After a week had passed, her father stormed into her room and called her pathetic, that she was not worthy of the family name. He even said that if he could, he'd make her younger brother the successor because the boy was less emotional. That hit Quinn hard and as he walked away, she found herself back in the home gym, working to fight back her demons and ignore her pain.

When she was fifteen, she actually argued with her father about being engaged. She didn't know her fiancée and didn't see it fair to be betrothed so young. It was at that point her father realized that his daughter was growing up and would no longer be pushed around by him. So, he struck up a deal with her. She beat his best assassin in three rounds, he'd take back the engagement. Naturally, he was lying but a young Quinn would not know that and accepted the challenge wholeheartedly. So, she fought the assassin and lost brutally, ending up with a broken arm and a very bruised face. Her father simply informed her that she was to be engaged and that that was the last of the conversation. The fight only made Quinn want to fight harder and get stronger. So, she did. Her main goal is to prove to her father that she is worthy of the family name.

And she'll be damned if anyone gets in her way.

So begins...

Quinn Ewing's Story