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Alejandro Villanueva-Gutierrez

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

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a character in “Covens, Cliques, and Hexes”, originally authored by .euphoria., as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Alejandro Jesus Villanueva-Gutierrez
Nicknames: Alec and Al
Age: 19
Hometown: I was born in the beautiful mountain city of Jayuya, Puerto Rico.
Ethnicity 100% Puerto Rican. Meaning I am very, very fluent in Spanish and have an accent that drives people muy loco.
Sexuality:....I am questioning if I am bisexual.... I guess. I mean of course I love the women of this country. But, some of the men are.... different than they are in Puerto Rico. They are more accepting and a few of them are into other boys. How can I not be in to them?

Coven: Medea
Illusion Manipulation Meaning I can trick people, anyone really into perceiving unreal things, illusions do not have to be tangible, but can be very realistic to manysubjects. And, there are many, many, many ways illusions can be created, for example,I have Sense Manipulation, through Hypnosis or Light Manipulation. My favorite part is being able to create complex and detailed worlds, where others may be able to only alter the way they or the target are perceived. Maybe it's good but, it can also be a nightmare.... so stay on my good side. *smiles*

Cryo-Pyrokinesis I am able to manipulate a fire that is either cold, or manipulate both fire and ice simultaneously, which can be used to freeze the my victim-- I mean target with ice burns like frostbite that are a lot more severe than normal burns.

Aura Manipulation An aura or chakra, my dear is the energy that is formed from someone's achievement of spiritual power through extreme mental focus or strong emotions. And, that takes a lot of concentration. I, the amazing beholder of this magic ablilty am able to increase my own natural abilities, and attract and repel the aura of others, and sense the aura of almost everyone else except a few people who learned to control their complete mind, and I can project it also. I know, pretty awesome right! And, I learned this from my grandmother that there are different types Chakras located in different parts of the physical body like the forehead, spine, throat, heart, and stomach. I can also use it to paralyze anyone who is getting... how you say, 'too close to be comfort'. Not forever, just for an hour at the most.

Familiar His name is Emmanuel. And, most people may not be able to know exactly what he is.... so he is a Puerto Rican Woodpecker. And, yes they do exist in the world and he is really kind to most people and is a true cassanova with the birds of the academy especially Amarina's white peacock, Kumberlin. Haha.... that's awkward.

Personality: When you frist meet me it could go one of two ways weather you're a guy or a girl. If you're a guy, I am.... how you say, rather 'cold' and plays it cool like I couldn't care less about you and that may or may not be true. Once I find something in common with you or you find something in common with me, I can and most likely will warm up to you and start actually being friendly because at frist I don't trust many people. I really am a social person with others once you get to know me. Unless you're Atreyu, I have nor will I ever be overly friendly with him. Don't ask me why. But, if you are a girl, I can be really, really flirty. Weather I mean to or not, it just happens. I am a flirt person who was raised by a single mother. She wanted me to learn how to respect a woman, unlike my father could to my mother. No matter what, I was taught to make a woman feel like a queen. So, that is what I do. But, recently I have been going towards men as well. But, after a while if I start to fall for a girl, And start to be with them my eyes stay on them. I do not and will not flirt or kiss or... make love to another. Because, I am yours.

But,if you are taken I will not take you away from your lover. You chose them for a reason and I won't get in the way of that. In most cases. But, I never have taken a girl or guy from another.... at least not on purpose. Now don't get me wrong I do have a small record of taking girls.... no men just yet but, anyway, I have taken a few girls to bed when it comes to parties and me drinking a little too much. And, well shit happens. But, when I am in a relationship like I was with Amarina, I am really protective because I don't want anything or anyone to take them away from me. which may go far at time but I am ferociously protective of the people I hold close to my heart and once I feel like someone trying to take them from me. I go off sometimes. Sue me. With that said I do like to argue and do have a small temper that can go off sometimes when people step on a nerve.

I am a strict person on himself after being 'brainwashed' by society aka my father before he left and since I like to be left alone, I am pretty independent and like things done my way aka the right way... What I am a perfectionist, sue me. But, I do loosen up around my friends mainly guy ones, meaning I am a tiny bit..... rude but in that joking way as in I may hit you upside the head and call you motherfu**er as a nickname even if you are my closest friend. But, at the end of the day, you are my friend for a reason no matter how fucking stupid your choices may be.

Speaking Spanish
Men..... maybe.... I'm not sure
Joking Around
The Nightime
My Accent
My Guitar
Pranks and Jokes
Amarina "We are pretty close friends, she has honestly told me everything about her life."

Being Confused
Amarina "At the end of the day she is my ex for a reason."
Atreyu "This asshole is the reason."
Overly "Friendly" Guys
The Unholy Trio (Pippa, Xavier, and Divinia) "Doesn't everyone?"

History: Editing

So begins...

Alejandro Villanueva-Gutierrez's Story

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Ethan Holler

"Oh, nothing. I'm fine," Ethan told Ever as she approached him with a guy that he didn't know at the moment. He gave them a small smile and conjured himself a cup of wine as Alec greeted him. He grinned and took a sip of the wine, "Eh, I'm just practicing for Profesor Romeo's death matches, you know?"

He snapped his fingers and a few wine vines grew around them, snapping themselves like whips. Knowing that he wasn't fooling anyone he sighed and stated, "Well, I think I actually liked Amarina, but she's with Atreyu now so, I'm moving aside. I'm happy for them, really. Still. Damn sexy Indians. They're not going to leave any of the women for the rest of us, are they?"

He grinned to show he was kidding before his eyes shifted over to Alec and he grinned at him, "Still won't stop me or you from pranking him, is it? I already have a few ideas. Standard rules apply. No mucking up relationships and nothing that can cause permanent harm."

He glanced over at Ali and grinned at him, "Who's this? For a second, I thought he was Aedan. You have the same aura, man."

"Just make sure she doesn't make a mistake. Please. My human won't survive a broken heart," Patty woofed over at Muffin before walking off to find Aedan with the Merlins. Aedan was in much better cheer now and was joking with his fellows.

"I'm telling you, Kwan and Karol have some sort of perverted bet going on. I can tell that. Why else would they look like they'd enjoy facing each other," Aedan announced with a grin. And older student balked.

"You're nuts, Ae. Everyone knows they hate each other."

Aedan grinned and winked over at his familiar. He woofed, They're in heat around each other. Disgusting humans.

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Character Portrait: Ever Daniels Character Portrait: Ethan Holler Character Portrait: Alistair William Talsworth Character Portrait: Alejandro Villanueva-Gutierrez
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Alistair William Talsworth

"Blasphemy," Ali responded immediately with a cocky grin. "I'm clearly unique." He skipped back a step and spread his arms wide to give Ethan and other guy a better look at him (and because broad, theatrical gestures when he spoke were kind of his thing - his motto was "All the world's a stage, and I'm the lead role") then bowed low. "Folks call me Ali," he continued, rising up to full height again. "I'm the new kid in Puck coven." Now he stepped back, clasped his hands like a hammock behind his head and leaned into it. "Gotta tell ya, it's been a hell of a first hour. I walk into an arena while it's changing, meet an old friend from way back, now I hear there's pranks and a party planned!"

He stepped forward, spun a bit and ended up leaning on his palm against the tree, looking down at Ethan. "And you'd be the mastermind, I gather?" He finished. "Righteous, man." Finally he looked up at the only one here he didn't yet know the name of and gestured broadly at him. "You, my friend... Actually, I have no idea who you are." He seemed to deflate for a moment, then bounced back almost immediately and hopped over Ethan and his vines to clasp him by the shoulder. "But what's a name between friends, right? C'mon, what is it? Trigger? Rover? Lassie?"

Ali's dad always told him he was born to be in marketing, and maybe that was true, but his real passion wasn't salesmanship - it was showmanship. He'd seriously considered going into acting. He still might, after this magick melarkey was over with. After all, his dad did magick and he had a day job. He was sure this Zeus business wouldn't get in the way. Probably. Eh, it'd wait.

...Wasn't there a dog here just a minute ago?