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Xavier Jonathan St. John

"Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit."

0 · 239 views · located in Fae's Academy, Washington

a character in “Covens, Cliques, and Hexes”, originally authored by .euphoria., as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Xavier Micheal St. John
Nicknames: Why have one? My name is so sexy already, do I need one? But, some of the little "boy toys" aka guys I just flirt with since most of them don't go my way.... damn. They can call me Xav, girls call me Xavi.... 'Because it's so cute just like you.' Yea, I got it. Thanks.
Age: 18
Hometown: Liverpool, England
Ethnicity Caucasin/British
Sexuality: Homosexual and proud!

Coven: Circe..... Do not act surprised!
Specialty: Bad Luck. Haha, honestly! I am a living bad luck charm. Isn't that fun?!?! I cause other people to have accidents, misfortune, pain, agony, and other bad luck things. Isn't that fun like I said, no don't answer that. I already know you're going to say "Hell yes".

  • Hexing, yup pretty good at hexing fucktards that want to mess with me about shit. Mostly when people judge me about being gay. Saying it's my fault? Whatever that means. Anyway, I'm not going to bitch and moan to you. But, yea I do put hexes on people but, not for no reason before you assume
  • Fire.... Yea, or as my friend's say. The fire of Hell. Haha, anyway I can make it appear from my hands, fingertips, feet, mouth, not eye though. I'm like a firebender of Avatar: The Last Airbender!... Don't tell anyone I said that.

Familiar This is Kermit. Say hi, Kermit *Kermit hisses* ..... Okay, never mind.. Just finish eating. Please don't kill me. He scares me... He scares everybody but, I have to make sure he doesn't eat Divvy's boa. She would kill me and my cute honey badger. He put up a fight unlike me though, he is Chuck Norris as an animal. Check mate, bitch.
Personality: Ok, I will admit at first glance, you would count me probably as your typical jerk or bastard. Someone who doesn't care much of the world except for the select few I calls my world like my mum, sisters, or close friends. I will say I am ferociously protective of the people I holds close, sometimes pushing it to a point of oppression. Do not judge. I do have quite a short temper, getting angry at the smallest things with record speed and time to spare. I will say that. I am a bit (very) particular about what I likes and how things are suppost to be done. I do demand things and will not settle if they are not met when I want to be...... Ok ,fine I am a little rude without meaning to since I always and I do mean always speaks my mind and doesn't care who hears. I have a certain limit of respect, but the line is blurry and hard to see for me, not joking. Yet, if you become my perfect person, I will treat you with the utmost praise, like the god or goddess you deserve to be treated as. I speak the exact words that girls and guy alike die to hear and know exactly how to make them fall if I can say so myself.

*chuckles* I can creates an inescapable atmosphere of comfort when I wants to. To make you feel like the only person that matters in the world at the time. I am very argumentative, loving to bicker and to win arugments. Yet, I won't stand to love. My parents have told me I was egotistical. Whcih isn't wrong. I will ruin others who defy me. End of story. In front of all this is a sexy playboy smile and an even sexier bad boy background that makes the ladies on the block go crazy. If I can say so myself. To be honest, most of my bad habits and crazy actions come from a lack of understanding of how love works and the proper way to treat a love one. I-- I just don't want them to get hurt, so I do it my way. To keep them safe.

God, I LOVE the Beatles!
The Ramones
Playing Guitar
Myself "God, I love myself."
My Name "Xavier.... just plain sexy."
Men "Men are different than boys. They have class while boys have 'swag'"
Sleeping In
The Union Jack Flag
Playing Piano
My Accent "I think it's sexy as Hell."
Flirting With Guys.... Even Straight Ones. Haha

Sluts, Men or Females.... even if I am one.
Clingy Girls
Attitude From Others
Dancing With Others Around No, just no. Never
Rap Music No purpose to me."
Vegans It wouldn't kill you to just eat a steak. Damn
Immature People
The Joker"I think i'm a lot better."
Homophobic People..... duh

History:Most people would think I was a pampered little asshole.... And they would be right. I will not lie to you about that. But, with every upside there is a downside as well. I was born to an Florence Marie Jones and an Oliver Anthony St. John. And before you asked, no they were not married. Nor were they even together at the time. You see, Florence was my father's young assistant and my father being the little prick he is. Decided to cheat on his wife, and I was the result of it. Who would have thought you could have a child without protection? *rolls eyes* Anyway, When my father found out about his little mistress being pregnant with me. He wanted her to get an abortion, before his wife found out about it. My birth mother refused to lose the baby and said if he didn't tell his wife about me, she would. And, she did. The real Mrs. St. John, Analiese St. John, was not happy.

When I was born, it was not a very happy homecoming. But, my father was there anyway. As a child, I was raised by two familes. The St. John's and the Jones family. It was confusing to me at first. Having to mothers and two fathers, and I guess my familes saw it that way to. So, my father got me. While Analiese didn't even blink an eye at it. And like that, i never saw her again. When I moved into my father rather large home, my mother welcomed me with open arms. But, I wish I could say the same about my half brother, Johnathan. He--He absolutly hated my guts, probably still does. He said I took the attention away from him. I think he just didn't like that I was a love child of his father and his twenty something affair. But, after a while we moved on from that. We were spoiled as children. And got what ever we wanted, when we wanted. Money not being an object to my parents.

Around the age of 14, I found out about my power. I was watching Batman with my brother andQAnd, saw the Joker blow something like a car up... So, we got aa firework and try to murder our poor cat, Tabby. When he used the lighter, I was waiting and all of a sudden. I heard him say "Xavier you're going to die!" I look and see that I lit the firework and it was about to blow my beautiful face off. I threw it and we yelled for our parents. My parents ran in and asked what happened. When we told them, my mother thought I was crazy. But, my father beileved me and asked me how it felt. When I told him it was amazing he just smiled and walked away. Not saying anything after that.

Before I knew it, It was my 15th birthday and my father told me how he enrolled me in to a school that could help me with my power. He said the name was Fae. Strange name actually. When I got there I was placed into the amazing and fun coven called Circe. Which was so called "evil" sort of.....The idea appealed to me. Just the thought of being evil, being that sexy British villian. Just made me smile. A twisted smile, but none the less a smile. After that I started being a bit..... of an asshole who didn't give a damn about anything. And ta-da. I was made.

Other: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me..... Don't judge me! I'm gay.... Of course, I love this song!
Smile by Avril Lavigne Again.... I love this song!

So begins...

Xavier Jonathan St. John's Story

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Most of the morning Xavier had been hopping group to group of people who either loved him or hated him with a burning passion. Either was, he didn't care. Attention was attention besides he hadn't seen his close friend Divinia all day. Most people never questioned why they were friends. They just suited each other. For some reason, but only as friends. Never anything more. Xav started walking around campus before seeing a group of people he knew. Mainly because two of the bitches were in Circe with him and he always did like being around girls more than guys unless he wanted to flirt.

He walked up to Clarity and Azalia before putting his arms around their shoulders. One around each one of his friends. "Brooklyn, right? Don't you agree that Joseph and Lina would make such a lovely couple." He bit his bottom lip a bit. He must of just made it for the show. He looked forward and saw Brook, Joesph, and Lina, none of which Xavier was overly close to. But, he did think Joe was adorable with his cute little red fox, panda, thing. He whispered in to Clarity's ear, "I got here just in time didn't I?" He had a sly smirk on his face. A smirk that either meant that he was entertained or that he had a plan. Either way, it wasn't good. He wanted to add his two cent so bad, but it was fun to watch why join in?

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#, as written by Vix
“Alright – I'm taking charge this year. We're going to do things just a little bit differently.” A shirtless man sporting rippling muscles was sitting at a table in the Arena office south of the main school building. The Battle Magick Professor had petitioned last year that he should be the one in charge of all the tournaments and trials instead of the Head Master; by vote of students and staff, he won. And this year, things were going to change. He glared at the wall with piercing green eyes and shook his head. “No more this is supposed to be good fun. Trials and tournaments aren't games – They are lessons to be learned and not taken lightly.” His lips turned some into a light smirk. “You all will be going against Puck next Friday. Medea and Merlin will be going head-to-head today. You all will be running interference. Why? Because life isn't fair and shit happens. And who really wants to see Merlin win again because Iain shows them favor?” He ran his fingers through his hair and pursed his lips. “I'm bored with the usual dodge-ball style fight in the plain arena setting that lasts twenty minutes if we're lucky. Fuck that shit – This year, we're going to do real world settings. Have you all battling in New York City, the Amazon, streets of Brazil, so on and so forth. And the trials will last five hours.” He grinned some, moving his hands to tap his fingertips against the table.

“We should create the illusion of there being civilians in the area as well.” He looked up at the words of his best pupil in all his years of teaching here: Divinia Doriano. She was standing at the other end of the table with a smirk. “Couldn't you just imagine the look of horror on the face of a Merlinite when they accidentally hit a civilian, thinking it to be a Medean?” She scrunched up her nose cutely and gave a shrug. Romeo chuckled and gave a nod. “Aye. That's a rather good idea. Got any others?”

“Yeah – I do.” Divinia began to walk around the table, tapping her fingers against her cheek. “Normally, MacLean will remove the students who feel that they can't go on and have them take a seat and be treated with cool drinks and warm food for the rest of the battle. But this is a lesson for life, right? And that shit doesn't happen in real life. If a student is incapacitated in any way, shape, or form, they remain in the arena. Their team mates could heal them if they have the time. Or carry around the dead weight.” She then stopped and slammed her hands on the table. “And no more invulnerability wards. Hex the arena so it removes them. Our only defense should be what we can manage on our own.” She looked at her mentor and grinned. “And should you or another Professor think that things are taking a turn for the worse, you could easily stop the match. Right?” As he nodded, so did she. “Well, then. Lets get down to business.” She clapped her hands together and laughed gleefully. Cheveyo was in Merlin and Amarina was in Medea – She had plans to ruin their little relationship today. She could see her mentor looking at her with a strange expression to which she simply smiled. There were rumors that had been going around lately that Divinia and the Battle Magick Professor had gotten...involved. Even if it were proven true, she was almost twenty. They couldn't do anything about it, really.

The Professor tore his gaze from Div and looked at the cell phone that was recording their conversation in the middle of the table. “We'll go ahead and begin hexing the arena to cancel out any wards doled out by Professors and start working on the setting illusions. We'll need to change it once an hour to test adaptability. Let's go.” He stood up from the table and brushed gently past Div, making his way into the stands of the arena. He would wait until the others took their places, forming a circle in the stands, before they would begin. Divinia was right behind him after grabbing the phone from the table, speaking into it. “Hey - Get your asses to the arena. We got shit to do. If anyone tries to stop you, tell 'em to fuck off. You've got five minutes.” She ended the recording and sent it as a text message to those that needed to be there: Azalia Dorin, Clarity-Castro Moore, Xavier St. John, Leo Kayle, and Aaron NeSmith.

This trial would be the best the school had seen in decades.

He had woken up very early to begin getting ready for the trials. If he knew the Battle Magick Professor, which he was sure he did, Professor Guarini would make this trial exceptionally difficult. He had to respect the man because of his realism. He wasn't the type to go easy on his students for any reason at all. He had overheard earlier from the man that it wasn't going to be just the 'Sophomores' that would be going at it. It was everyone but the Freshman. He was preparing himself to be able to take care of his team mates and still kick some ass. Amarina is seeking you. He paused from his shadow boxing to see the faint outline of a spirit floating near him. He smiled gently at the ghostly voice and gave a wave. “Thanks, Mary!” Mary was a young spirit that Cheveyo had met during his first year at Fae Academy. She died from an accident in Potions class forty-three years ago and had been haunting the school ever since. Atreyu was shirtless and barefoot, sporting only a pair of black underarmor shorts as he jogged towards the place where he knew Amarina and everyone else would be. It took him longer than it should have, being stopped by several girls along the way as well as a few guys, allowing them to touch his bulging muscles. Most guys would love the adoration that he received, but it got old after a while. When he entered the building, Amarina was the first person that he spotted among all the students. He moved through the crowd, brushing off everyone that tried to stop him.

Sneaking up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against his body. “Ha! Feel my sweat!” He was indeed perspiring quite a bit, now getting it as much onto her as he could in a playful manner. Amarina was his favorite person at Fae Academy and always had been. He could hang around her without needing to worry that she was going to start drooling all over him or trying to drag him into some dark room to make out. In fact – He could ashamedly admit that she was one of the very few that he hadn't kissed or groped yet. And he was glad about it. Amarina gave him stomach butterflies; and it was starting to show. He released her and instead stood on her left side and hung his arm over her shoulders, leaning down to kiss her cheek. “You ready for the trials this year?” He held her close and listened as the interim Head Master talked about the trials. A lot of people had been whispering lately that the two were a couple now - But he and she hadn't really talked about it. At all. Though, he was hoping to speak to her before the upcoming party. Or maybe before the trials...If only he could work up the courage. He smiled outwardly as he found it funny that he was brave enough to lay his life down for her in a heartbeat, but to proclaim love - He became weak in the knees.

Love was such a fickle thing.

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He watched as Brooklyn answered Azalia's "question" so to speak. And the way Brook answered made Xavier smirk. And, Xav was a nosy person whenever it came to romance. Everyone in Circe knew that since the day he came to the school. He knew everything from Cheveyo and Amarina having a thing for each other to the simple fact that his sexy professor Romeo was having sex with his close friend Divinia.Not that he judge the two. Honestly if a teacher who lookied like him wanted to have a whole friends with benefits thing with him. He would not question it what so ever. Then again, when was the last time he saw a another gay guy on campus.

Life was a cruel mistress, he always said. Not long after thinking to himself. Something he did a lot. He felt his phone vibrate in his front jean pocket. Being changed from his ring tone of Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me. Seeing that it always made people burst out laughing. But, none the less anyone who messed with him about the way he was. Was going to be burnt, literally. He looked at the text and rolled his eyes. Of course, the text was a demand more than a request. He slipped his phone back in his pocket and sighed before looking at the other two Circe coven students next to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and quietly walked away kind of irritated that he wasn't going to see the rest of the conversation. Oh, well, he would find out one way or another. Before long he made his way to the arena and saw his professor. Then it started to make sense. He wanted to have a little fun with the trial today, didn't he? Hey, Xavier wasn't complaining. He always wanted to cast a hex over the arena anyway. It would have made things interesting. He liked interesting. "You see? This is why you are my favorite teacher." He said as he took his spot waiting for the others. He had a plan. And a twisted smirk laying on his small baby doll face. A face that most underestimated. Big mistake.


Pippa walked towards where all the Medeans were told to meet along with the Merlinites. God, did she hate her coven. She along with many other people were shocked she wasn't in the Circe coven. Her best friend was in Circe and the two were one of the same. Bitchy, rather cruel, and would take or protect what they saw as their own. Then again, she was mysterious. No one could figure out exactly why she sold her soul, heart, and mortality to a witch just for revenge on a boy. When she could have saved herself the trouble and just do it alive. But, no. That was too easy. She wanted to make him go insane. And, she did. But, there was an upside. Unlike her dearest Divinia, she could keep an eye on Amarina and Cheveyo whenever they had to be around each other.

No matter how much they hated each other. Pip listened to the whispers of people having their own conversations right before he saw a tan and shirtless man put his arms tightly around a girl with raven black hair. She knew it was Amarina for a fact, looking at the tattoos she had on her arms. She smirked as she looked at them. Just wondering how he of all people would go after someone who,her first year never spoke. Who stayed to herself and stayed out of trouble.

To be utterly honest, Pippa hated Atreyu not for the same reason as her friend. No, Pippa hated him to the core because, in her eyes he put an innocent girl through Hell. From illnesses to death and he still found a way to bring her back into Divinia's ring of fire. And, she hated Amarina for being so blinded by her feelings for not ending the feelings she had for the Merlin when she had the chance. And, one day she could tell that would bite them both in the ass. All she had to do was wait and watch their little relationship go up into flames.


Amarina in a distant place. She didn't want to there because she could feel Pippa throwing poison filled glares at her. She always hated her. And, knowing she was so close to the one person who made her want to leave Fae, made it no better. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she jut gave up looking. She knew he was probably in the room but didn't want to be with her. Maybe he actually found someone to make him happy enough to forget about her. And, as irrational as it was, she made herself believe it. She was always the cynical person forming from when her mother left her.

She shook her head. She refused to remember her mother. She smirk a bit to herself. There was one person in the entire school other than the headmaster who knew about her background and that was Atreyu. Then he returned into her mind. Whenever she thought of her close friend, she grinned like an idiot. After moment she felt someone arms go around her waist and spoke to her. “Ha! Feel my sweat!” She squealed a bit, feeling the sweat go on to the back of her shirt. If he wasn't so sweaty but he still had his arms around her. She would have to have to resist the strong urge to bring his lips to hers. "Get off of me, Cheveyo. I swear, this is a white shirt and now you can probably see my bra strap now." She said trying to look at him. More at his forehead than his dazzling browns eyes that drew her to him.

Not long after speaking, he moved to her side and put his arm around her shoulders. She smiled an actual smile as he placed a kiss on her cheek. She crossed her arms lightly around her chest and put her head softly on his shoulder. “You ready for the trials this year?” She shook her head. "No because, Professor Guarini is running them this year I heard and I can't stand him ever since you had to put your life on the line to save mine.All because he let his little fuck buddy come after me." She sighed. She was nervous, what if Divinia tried to go after her again and Guarini did the same thing he did last time. Nothing. After a moment, she calmed down a bit and returned her head to his shoulder. "Sorry, i got a bit angry. I--I just couldn't live with myself knowing my idiot self got you hurt."

She truly cared for Cheveyo and people could tell. It bothered her that people were staring at the pair and whispering about them being together. And, she tried to keep away from the subject when she was with him. It wasn't easy to just say that you have been in love with the same person for a little over two years.

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Jason Castro-Moore

Hazel laughed lightly as Khol growled. "Seems somebody doesn't like me," she commented.
Jason gave a slight laugh at that, "Don't think that's the full reason.." he mumbled. It would seem he was correct, as just then Melody and Damon walked by. Jason closed his eyes and shook his head lightly. Oh god, hopefully they wouldn't go all-

Delilah threw her arms around Khol in an attempt to hold himback, just as the two familiars began to attack each other. Cal started to growl and whimper, unsure what to do, and so he ran behind Jason, who had just let out a rather loud yell and reached for Delilah. The small fight between them had only lasted about a second, though, so as soon as Jason managed to reach for Delilah to pull her back, the two familiars had finished their dispute.

The two animals walked away, looking quite angry and miserable, their white fur stained with blood. It was only then that Jason noticed who it belonged to. His best friend sat beside him, bleeding from her leg and shoulder from where she had attempted to intervene in the fight. The two looked at each other as it sunk in.

Jason then realized what had happened and jumped to action. He hopped up.
"Lila, are you alright, can you walk? We have to go get a teacher, or a nurse.." he trailed off and put his hand out for her to take, so he could half-carry her to get some help

Clarity Castro-Moore

Clarity managed to stop herself from jumping and potentially embarrassing herself as Xavier whispered in her ear.
"I got here just in time didn't I?"
Clarity smirked to herself. "Yupp, good timing," she praised him, grinning. The fact that Xavier had just arrived would probably mean that it would just get more interesting than it had before, since he certainly was one to make an impression. She hoped her friend knew what she was getting into, but at the same time, was perfectly content with Azalia and Brooklyn arguing. Did that make her a bad friend? Maybe, but it was true.

"Uhhh....umm, I guess?" Brooklyn said in response to Azalia, making Clarity mentally roll her eyes. Just then, her phone beeped, alerting her to a text message. She opened it and sighed dramatically as it told her to 'get her ass into the arena.' She looked over to Azalia, who's phone had also made an alert and presumed it was the same message.
"You coming?" she asked, just as Xavier made his way off, presumably also to the arena. She then slipped her phone in her pocket and started on her way.

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#, as written by Vix
As his wards began to arrive, so did Professor Kwan. As she called him out before all of his students, probably thinking so highly of herself and her students, he only lifted his brows. ”I hope you don't plan on removing the invulnerability spells. I will know. I'll be the one setting them.” He had to bite down on his bottom lip to hold back a round of laughter. Who did she think she was, coming up here and telling him how he was going to run his Arena? Who was she to decide what happened and what did not happen in his Trials? She was nobody but a faded legend. She thought so highly of herself simply because she was a Jade Child. Pfft! She was too proud of a woman for her own good. He waited until the last of his wards filed in before taking a step forward towards the oriental woman.

“Good guess. Or have you been snooping again, per usual? Why don't you keep that pretty little button nose of yours out of my business. Its my job and responsibility to prepare these children for the real world. You need to stop coddling them. You think you're helping them by not letting them get hurt? You're only making it worse. If you'd stay the fuck out of my business, maybe your little pet, Miss King would have stood a chance against Divinia. The reason why Circe is undefeated and the reason my students are the strongest is because they don't use my magick in battle. They use their own and build up their own strengths.” His face had grown dark as he now stood centimeters away from her, glaring down at her. “This Arena will be hexed – Any invulnerability spells or any sort of protection that comes from anyone but the ones competing will automatically be removed and the one who placed them will find themselves with various nasty rashes in places not spoken of in public.”

He smirked and began to walk away, pausing to look over his shoulder at her. “Oh – And if any Professors interfere with the Trials, their Coven will be disqualified immediately and banned from the Arena for the remaining school year. I was given reign over the Arena, the Trials, and the Tournaments. Get over it.” Romeo was sure that Kwan always had it out for him ever since he came around; Not like he gave a shit, but the woman was getting on his last fucking nerve. She always had to comment about how good her spells and potions were, making it seem as though she thought herself stronger than he was. But if she was, then she would be the Battle Magick teacher, wouldn't she? Students went to her to learn spells. They went to him to apply and make them stronger.

That being said – Since his arrival to Fae, Circe Coven had quickly made their way to the top. He liked that they were the only students who were excited to fight without aid of Professors rather than whining and complaining that someone could get hurt. Like those damn Merlinites. He was doing them all a favor and preparing them for the real fights that awaited them in life. He refused to coddle his students – They received his praises and rewards only when they did well or proved that they were trying as hard as they could; He loved a kid who always got back up. He left Kwan to steam on her own and opened his arms wide to the wards before him. “Ignoring the ignorance that lies behind us...Let's begin, shall we?” He paused by Xavier and offered a wink, leaning down by his ear. “I feel so loved – Care to show me a little more love at the party tonight?” His fangs brushed gently across Xavier's earlobe before he kissed the student's temple and smirked his way next to Divinia.

The blonde watched as one by one, her fellow Circeans began to show up. Xavier was the first one and he stood by her, receiving a brief hug and a kiss on his cheek. She was about to greet the others who showed up, but Professor Xong decided to show up and make a feeble and short-lived attempt to exert some sort of authority on the Arena and Professor Guarini. As her mentor calmly jumped on the woman's case and put her in place, knocking her down a few pegs, Divinia could only grin. She didn't try to hide it, nor did she try to hide her snickers. The woman deserved it; Romeo didn't barge into her teaching sessions or her stupid little class 'events' and tell her how she should be doing it. Especially not in front of all of her Medea wards. Who the fuck did she think she was? Divinia thought that it was especially cute that the woman had in her mind that the phrase ...”I'll be setting them.” would be something to deter their plans. Sure, she was a good spell caster. But spells were not the end all be all of magick. Being able to use magick without casting a silly spell was far more powerful as far as Divinia was concerned; there were thousands of humans that could cast various spells, but had no magickal abilities – Like those of the bayou in Louisiana, or the shaman of the African and Aborigine tribes. Many, many humans. With a flick of her wrist, she disregarded the woman and turned her attention to her own mentor who had paused to pay some attention to Xavier. Though there was a light smirk on her face, she did feel a slight pang of jealousy. Though she was quite happy for her lovely little Xavier; He was gay and there just weren't enough guys that were into guys around. She herself frowned upon determining your significant other based upon gender. It was a stupid practice based upon idiocy and religion. Div was also unsure about the rules of monogamy, really. To really think about it, humans were animals as well. All part of nature – And it wasn't natural for animals to have one mate all their life. Except penguins. And she didn't want to be a penguin. Did she? It was a known fact that while she enjoyed a good romp in the sack with Romeo, she was most possessive over her lovely Pippa. More possessive than she had been even with Atreyu; and that was saying something. But Pippa was so much like her, it was so hard for Div not to love her.

Returning her thoughts to the present, she had Romeo on her right and Xavier on her left. She looked over to Clarity, Aaron, and Azalia. She enjoyed hanging out with Aaron and Clarity, though she wasn't quite as fond of Azalia. Everyone in Circe wasn't just good with Dark Magick; They had the attitude that went along with it. Leo did as well. Azalia...Ugh. She could read ancient texts and charm inanimate objects. She belonged in Medea, really. It was an insult that she was sorted into Circe; Just because she was a crazy over-partying slut who could read the scrolls of ancient witches didn't make her cut out to hang with the best. Divinia was going to get Professor Guarini and her friends in Circe – Which was pretty much everyone but Azalia – to petition switching Azalia and Pippa. Yes, Pippa was her eyes in Medea, but Div could easily coax information from Ever or have her lovely Hecate do some spying. But she refused to let her beloved Coven be disrespected any longer by the presence of the girl. Either the girl had to shape up and show that she was a true Circean, or she could go. “Alright – Let's get this shit done.” Leo was missing, but they'd do fine enough without him. He was probably off sleeping in with some random girl that he had picked up; Divinia didn't bother with him too much.

Clasping her hands together, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“No time for the weak.
Protected by those with powers at their peak.
Those spells will unlash.
To be met with a rash.
No patience for the weak.
With their vision so oblique.
Their powers they need to hone.
Only to use an arsenal that is their own.
No place for the weak.
Can't defend themselves, then they're up a creek.”

A spoken spell of her own creation. As her eyes snapped open, they were pitch black. Wisps of shadow licked and rolled from her fingertips, creeping over the rails and soon flying throughout the arena as she worked her own end of the setup. Romeo had already instructed the others that they would be working simple setting changes. It would be no illusion; The Arena would actually shift and change. Why did he need their help when he could have easily done it on his own? Well, how could they interfere if they were as lost on the terrain as the opposing teams? The Arena itself was already charmed so that spectators could pick and choose to see who was where – Like in a FPS game.

"Sorry, I got a bit angry. I--I just couldn't live with myself knowing my idiot self got you hurt."

Cheveyo's smile dropped immediately as he moved his arm from around her and instead grabbed her hand. He began to tug her away from the crowd; Like the teachers would care much if they missed the first few hours of classes. They were both good kids in good standing with good grades. So, they'd be fine. He pulled her to a virtually empty courtyard. It was their favorite place to be, under the large oak tree that was in the center of it. Why? Because that's where they first met. She had been sitting under the tree reading when he was jogging past. He had noticed on his jogs before that she was always so alone – Not just there, but in class, eating lunch, and even wandering about. He stopped and sat next to her and introduced himself. Even when she didn't answer him, he still carried on conversation. After that, he'd always sit with or walk with her and rough up anyone who bothered her. After she finally spoke to him, they became best friends and had been ever since. He towed her over to the old oak tree, grabbing her around the waist with powerful hands and lifting her up to set her on the lowest branch that he had used his abilities to shape into a seat for two. He hoisted himself up next to her and turned his body, sitting so that he could face her. “Angel...Don't ever feel sorry about that.” He paused for a few moments, debating with himself mentally. What if he told her how he felt now and she didn't feel the same way and it pushed her away?

But what if she did feel the same? He thought about it and began to weigh the odds. If she didn't feel the same way, he was positive that they would still be able to be friends, though it could be a bit awkward for a while. But their friendship would survive. And if she did feel the same way...? That would be so beyond amazing. But he decided to do what he needed to do now – He couldn't bear to keep it inside any longer and if he had to watch guys hit on her at Ethan's party tonight...He might snap.

He finally looked into her eyes and placed a hand on the side of her face, stroking her cheek with his thumb. “I would take a thousand years of beatings and pure torture from that insane bitch if it meant that you could be safe and happy.” He didn't say anything about Professor Guarini because he knew the true intentions behind the man's actions, saw the logic, and respected it. He wasn't as evil as many thought him to be, though they weren't easily swayed. “Amarina Yani King. You have absolutely no fucking idea how much I love and care for you. If I would have died that day protecting you, I would have died happy knowing that at least I tried. And my spirit would stay with you always.” He felt like he was rambling now, but every sentence that came out was all truth. “You're my heart and my world, Rina. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. You mean more to me than anything and anyone else in this world. Maybe with the exception of Heath, but that's a total given. And I know that I don't have exactly the cleanest slate when it comes to my reputation around here, but I want to change that. I want to settle down. This past entire year, I haven't even gone to a single party. I haven't kissed anyone. I haven't had sex. I barely do anything outside of studying, working out, practicing, and hanging out with you. I'm sure that you already know, but I'm the one that's been leaving you breakfast and a lily every morning.” He grinned sheepishly. “A white lily means 'I am worthy of you'. Amarina – I hold you when you're hurt and brush your tears away. I'm always the one to nurse you back to health when you feel like shit. You know that I would literally do anything for you just to make you crack a smile. I...just. I don't know.”

His mind went blank at that moment and he wasn't sure how to sum up his thoughts. He was breathing heavily and his sweat was now coming from nervousness rather than from his workout. Hid heart was racing as he gazed deeply into her eyes. “I love you, Angel.” Without really thinking about it, he slipped his free hand around her waist and pulled her a bit closer before closing his eyes and leaning in. He captured her lips with his own soft ones and kissed her with more love and passion than he had kissed anyone in his life.

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Xavier lost his smirk as he saw Professor Kwan come over to the coven and say how she was going to make sure they didn't put a hex oin the arena. Like was going to stop them. They all had something about them that made them feared by others weather it was how they were heartless or how they could blackmail the shit out of anyone that got in their way, like himself. “Good guess. Or have you been snooping again, per usual? Why don't you keep that pretty little button nose of yours out of my business. Its my job and responsibility to prepare these children for the real world. You need to stop coddling them. You think you're helping them by not letting them get hurt? You're only making it worse. If you'd stay the fuck out of my business, maybe your little pet, Miss King would have stood a chance against Divinia. The reason why Circe is undefeated and the reason my students are the strongest is because they don't use my magick in battle. They use their own and build up their own strengths.”

He couldn't but, start chuckling. Everything that his mentor had said was true. There was a reason they were the best and why Merlin never would be again. Because, Circe hated being babied by people. They can hold their own no matter what the problem was. “Oh – And if any Professors interfere with the Trials, their Coven will be disqualified immediately and banned from the Arena for the remaining school year. I was given reign over the Arena, the Trials, and the Tournaments. Get over it.” Wow, that is harsh. Not being able to train and get better all year? For some this was their last year at Fae. “Ignoring the ignorance that lies behind us...Let's begin, shall we?” Xavier nodded and quickly smile as his Romeo made his way over to Xavier and whispered in his ear, “I feel so loved – Care to show me a little more love at the party tonight?” He felt a tingle go through his 5'7 body as his Professor put a kiss on his head. He looked up at him and shrugged. "Just what makes you think I'm going to a party tonight or that I would show you love tonight?" He said softly with a raised eyebrow even if he knew it was an easy question.

He always would look for someone to hook up with and always went to parties with his closest friends, Divvy and Pippy by his side. He smiled as Divinia gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. If it would have been any other girl other than his close friend, he would have cursed them either out loud or in his head. He had no problems with hugs, but kisses were a whole different story. But, he took what he could get whenever he was with his Professor, seeing that he was the only hooking up with Xavier. And, he was happy that it didn't ruin his friendship with Div seeing that they both hooked up with their mentor. But, it sure did help that Divinia had more true feelings for their other part of the Unholy Trio, Pippa. Who surprisingly was in Medea other than Circe. If they could get her into Circe, they honestly would be even more feared or respected by others.

“Alright – Let's get this shit done.” He heard Divinia say as she closed her eyes and said a spell he had never heard before. And, once she was done and opened her eyes. Darkness came over the arena. And, he just started to think how much he would have and how much he was going to mess with every Merlinite he could get his little hands on.


Pippa watched as Atreyu pulled Amarina outside to the garden and raised an eyebrow. She was so close to spying on them, before Alexander just had to come and say something smart to her. She rolled her eyes as his smart ass voice spoke to her. Daughter of Janus, where is your other face?" She was about to say something, probably to curse at him but he didn't give her a chance. He just kept speaking as if she cared what he had said to her. "Such a sad thing eh? Seemingly an easy trail for us, That is for people actually here." Alex said as he turned around and got a cigerette and started to smoke it.

"But you're not really here are you?" She just shurgged, to be honest. She wasn't totally focused. She was thinking about the party later in the day and how she was going to dance close and intimatly to her best friend, almost her sister, Divinia. How she was going to see just how far she could get with her friend, maybe to even get her into Pippa's bed tonight. Just thinking about her protective friend made her smirk. Div was possessive over Pip but, it didn't honestly bother her. She loved that feeling that Divinia may have been jealous whenever someone else love to have sex with her or even to touch her.

She just loved knowing that Divinia would be there for her no matter the case. Along with their short friend, Xavier. She came back to reality as Alexander brought up her little Gypsy. "My little Black Tower is really there with The ivory Gypsy. Two? one? Circe? Medea? Such things are the board that we play." She crossed her arms around her chest as she looked at him and saw him smile. "But in the end you could careless, eh?" She raised an eyebrow as he just walked away, not even letting her speak.

She knew that he just loved oh so much to piss her off. And, if he wanted her pissed off. That's exactly what he was going to get. She stormed after him and grabbed his shoulder to turn her around. [i]"Now, just one minute you little fuck. How dare you try and get into my head. If I was here, I would be in Circe. Not your, creppy and idiotic coven of Medea. And, if you are going to try and mess with me, be intelligent. It is not I could care less, it is I couldn't care less." She said as she looked at him and took his cigerette from his lips.

"Maybe if you did not smoke, you would be smarter. Not as smart as me but, smart than half the population here at Fae. She threw the hot cigerette to the ground before stepping on it. she hated everything about smoking, the smell, the taste, and just how people thought it made them any better in people's eyes if they did smoke. She turned around and muttered to herself. "Dumbass." She returned to where she was standing and could see Alex from where she was and rolled her eyes in his direction.

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#, as written by Vix

Cheveyo had kissed a lot of girls. And guys. But this kiss was far different than any other one he had ever had. There was love behind it that made it all the more sweeter. He could feel his body tremble under her fingertips; it was the first time she had ever touched him that way. The whole three years of being friends, he hadn't once even heard her tell him that he was attractive. Not that he minded. He enjoyed being around a girl that wasn't always talking about him. And now? He'd be with that one girl forever. He had officially exited the friend-zone. When he felt her pulling away from the kiss for air, he pouted with big brown eyes. He wanted to keep holding her, to keep kissing her. She would be safe there.

”You are my guardian angel. And, that is never going to change. I-- I want to be with you... You do want to be with me.. Right?”

The Hopi smiled softly and slid down from the tree, reaching up and bringing her with him when he touched the ground. Standing next to her, he was much taller than she was and had a bigger build. But that was because he was muscular. He could never get over how petite she looked compared against him. It was really adorable. Reaching down, he brushed some hair from her face and cupped the left side of her face, bringing his down to hers. “I've waited two years to hear you say that.” He couldn't say three – It took him a while to get to know her enough to decide that he was in love with her. Smiling, he brushed his lips against hers before kissing her again. This time, they were closer. One hand slipped down to her waist while the other went to the back of her neck and his fingers tangled within her lovely locks as she had done his. He pulled her as close to his bare chest as possible, deepening the kiss and almost lifting her up off of the ground. She was finally his.

He released her, feeling so light-headed, high on love and adrenaline. “Yes. I want to be with you. Only you. For as long as you'll have me.” He licked his lips, tasting her vanilla lip gloss and chuckling some. He then pulled her close again, looking down at her with big brown eyes. She was beautiful – The most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. Though he thought it was a shame that it took this long for them to both get this far. Before they would say anything to each other. But, better late than never was a pretty good motto for this moment. “Let's skip Ethan's party. I heard the Circe Coven was invited and I don't want any of them to ruin today. Let me take you on a date. A picnic under the moonlight under the oak tree. With candlelight, too! I'll get all your favorite foods and drinks.” He grasped her hands, bringing them to his lips as he now pleaded with his eyes. “C'mon, Angel. Please?”


Romeo simply smirked at Xavier's reply. He needn't say anything, really. He knew that tonight he was going to get what he wanted. And so would Xavier, so it was mutual benefit. As Kwan steamed away from the now dark Arena, he beckoned for Clarity, Aaron, and Azalia to come stand next to he and Xavier. “Now – Remember that shifting magick I taught you last year? That's going to be used on the Arena. Each of you pick a place that you'd like to see the Medeans and Merlinites battle. Try to make it a place that you know personally. A place that you know like the back of your hand. Because you're going to lead the Coven in running interference for the place that you pick. And remember that in these Trials, the only people that matter are the people in your Coven. Friendships outside of this Coven do not exist out there on that field. Now – Go. Xavier You first.” He motioned for him to cast his magick on the Arena as it returned to normal. “Remember – It should only last one hour. Clarity, you after him. Then Aaron. Then Azalia. We have a surprise guest that will choose the last place.” He smirked and crossed his arms over his chest as Divinia excused herself.


The spell was done; It was like Professor Guarini had said: The magick of the Professors excluding himself would be null and void the moment the students stepped into the Arena. If they stepped in with a spell, charm, or potion that was from a Professor, it would break and the corresponding Professor would receive Shingles. What a lovely spell she had created! She excused herself as her dear Professor went over everything with the remaining students, making sure to blow her friends a kiss before heading out the door. Pushing her hair over her shoulder, she bee-lined for her dorm room. Her dorm room was very extravagant and reminded her of her room back home. She loved her room - The cloth was all scarlet velvet, silk, and Egyptian cotton. All of her furniture was hand-carved to her specifications and accented with gold if not made of it. There were a few pieces of rather expensive jewelry scattered on a vanity, cash bound by bands lying on her dresser, large gems spread on her bed from last night's sorting, and a couple of guns resting within their guns safe...safely. She gave a light yawn, stripping down as soon as the door closed behind her. She left her clothes in the hamper and her shoes near the door. She didn't want to spend too much time getting ready – She had better things to do. With a sigh, she cast the simplest of ready spells. Her naked body was soon clothed by her favorite outfit: A tight-fitting spaghetti strap top that pushed up her breasts up a bit but was nothing but fishnet from where her breasts stopped to where her waist started, her skirt had shorts under them because they were so short, decorated with ruffles and exposing her long and tanned legs. She wore decorated fishnet stockings, loving the contrast of the ebony against her ivory flesh. Upon her feet were open-toed heels that had lace draping them gently. She absolutely loved her wardrobe. This particular outfit? A design of Professor Romanov herself!

Flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder again, she added on a choker with chains and open-fingered gloves to perfect the look. Now, she was ready. Not wondering where Hecate was, assuming her to be off basking in the sun somewhere, she exited her room and sought out the most familiar and her favorite Aura: Pippa's. She traced her to where everyone else was, looking as though she were being harassed by Alex. “Excuse me – I'd say I'm sorry for stealing her away. But I'm not.” Petty. Immature. High-School reply, but it worked. She grabbed the other female's hand and brought her away from the crowd, taking her to the far back and then beyond to an empty corridor, shoving her up against a pillar. “Pippa, darling. I missed you.” She smirked, pressing her body against the much more petit female's, stealing as lustful of a kiss as she could muster, letting her tongue explore the other's mouth before pulling away. “Just came to warn you that Circe won't be playing fair in the Trials, though I'm sure that's obvious. I'd like you to complete the challenge with us. If we're going to get you into Circe, we need to force them into having no choice but to transfer you. Sabotage everything having to do with Medea until you're back with us.” She giggled wickedly at the thought of her beloved best friend finally joining Circe. “Also – My brothers will be arriving today. Deangelo is in Medea and I want you to watch out for him until you're in Circe. He's a tad off.” Deangelo was one of her younger brothers, twin to Drago. Deangelo was a brilliant young man. But he wasn't all there in the head.

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Alistair William Talsworth

After several moments of irritable searching Ali had finally extracted from his backpack what he should have had from the start: A small pamphlet containing a map of the grounds. There. Now he should be able to find any place he pleased. And he could avoid another unicorn fiasco. How was he supposed to know that flower place was a sacred grove? He just got here. Weren't those things only supposed to appear for maidens, anyway? He was just unfolding the map when a familiar screeching, cawing sound reached him. He didn't even need to look up: Only one bird could screech with that much dignity, and sure enough the massive eagle Dactylos landed on top of a nearby building, staring down at him judgementally. "Lost, little one?" He asked in the language of the air spirits.

"I am not lost," Ali grumbled back in English. Dactylos couldn't form the words, but he understood English perfectly. That and ancient Greek, modern Greek, Arabic, Latin and, for some reason, Russian. He'd never said when he picked that up. "I don't get lost. I'm taking the scenic route. Not everyone gets to see a unicorn, y'know." Not that he'd had much of a chance to take in the glory, as it kept pointing that horn at him.

"The scenic route," Dactylos repeated, cocking his head. "Is that why you visited the kitchens twice during your 'tour'?" He was no longer even attempting to not sound condescending.

"I was hungry," the teenager growled through gritted teeth. "And they had a pizza. It was delicious and filling and you can't have any." He actually hadn't gotten anything at the kitchens, they'd just shooed him out. And very rudely the second time, too. It was an honest mistake, he just hadn't really been looking where he was going. "Besides," he added, waving the folded map, "I have a map now. I'll be there in no time."

"So, you were lost."

"You get lost!"

If it was possible for an eagle to shrug, the world may never know, but Dactylos certainly gave it his best shot. "Fine," he said calmly. "I'm sure your map will lead you to the Puck coven dormitories. I was going to help, but since you clearly don't need me I'll just go hunt." And without another word he took off majestically into the air like the big, feathery showoff he was.

"Pff, good riddance," Ali muttered to himself, unfolding the map at last. "Alright... That's the big tree in the middle, there's the kitchen..." He pondered this for a while, wondering if maybe he should've learned to read maps at some point in his life, but it seemed straightforward enough. "Dorms should be right over... there." Feeling rather pleased with himself, he folded the map, hitched up his bags and walked off toward a nearby, collosseum-like building, either missing or ignoring the sign that said 'ARENA' in big, fancy letters. He pushed open the doors and strode into the central area, which finally stopped him because it didn't look at all like a dorm house. In fact it looked like a sports field.

Seeing that there were people on the field, he raised his free hand tentatively asked "Uh, 'scuse me, new guy. Where exactly is this?"

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Xavier looked over at Sunday as he could feel her probably throwing daggers at him and how Romeo treated him. If he said he felt bad for the girl... that would be a huge lie. She hated him and was friends with his best friends. As if she could ever snake her way into his spot as Div's and Pippa's friend and their mentor's little "lover". He smirked as he saw her try to slip her way out of the arena without anyone noticing.

After a second, his attention returned to the teacher as he explained what they were going to do, it was mutual benefit. As Kwan steamed away from the now dark Arena, he beckoned for Clarity, Aaron, and Azalia to come stand next to he and Xavier. “Now – Remember that shifting magick I taught you last year? That's going to be used on the Arena. Each of you pick a place that you'd like to see the Medeans and Merlinites battle. Try to make it a place that you know personally. A place that you know like the back of your hand. Because you're going to lead the Coven in running interference for the place that you pick. And remember that in these Trials, the only people that matter are the people in your Coven. Friendships outside of this Coven do not exist out there on that field. Xav started to think of a place he would like them to be. Maybe the small town he was born or maybe even the large mass of woods he used to go into as a child when his father took him to visit his grandmother and father. A place he got lost for hours on end. It took him years to master exactly every path.

That was a good idea. He smirked as Romeo talked to him, Now – Go. Xavier You first. Remember – It should only last one hour. Clarity, you after him. Then Aaron. Then Azalia. We have a surprise guest that will choose the last place.” He nodded as he looked at Divinia. "Wow, I wonder who that is." He said. He looked as he saw his close friend walk out probably to go find her best friend, Pippa or to maybe to raise Hell on whoever caught her eye. He looked back at the arena and casted a spell that shifted the arena into The New Forest of Hampshire, England. He watched as tall trees sprouted up. "Aw, I feel so at home." Xavier said with a smile.

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#, as written by Vix

“You are not giving me much or a choice.... But, as much as I would love that. I can't. I'm so sorry, but, I told Ethan I would help him set up for his party.”

Atreyu pouted, hoping to sway her decision. Ethan was an alright guy, but all of a sudden, the Native American was feeling pretty selfish. And why not? Amarina was his girlfriend now. And forever. He wanted to spend their first day of being together with her and only her. When she started speaking again, he gave her his full attention.

”I get that you don't want anything or anyone, especially Divinia to ruin our first night together or to hurt me but, how about I make you a deal. We spend an hour or two at the party then we can leave and have the really sweet and romantic date. Ok? I promise. By the way, we should get back.”

He smiled down at her and stole yet another passionate kiss, holding onto the one that she had leaned up to give him. He couldn't help but to kiss and hold her so much! He wanted to be with her so long. For two years he had been longing to kiss her, hold her close, stroke her cheek, be with her. He grabbed her by the waist and picked her up, using his hands to guide her legs to wrap around his waist before moving them to her back. Her shirt was already see-through from being pressed against his sweaty body. He kissed her again and again, each kiss more hungry than the last as two years of bottled up love for her began to pour out of him. He muttered in between kisses that would fall to her lips, cheek, and neck. “Whatever you want, my love. As long as we're together.” He couldn't wait for tonight! Sex wasn't on the menu, but lots of kissing and cuddling was. By now, he had her in his lap. He had become overwhelmed and weak-kneed, holding her close. He had stopped kissing her when he sat down, instead holding her against him and listening to their hearts beating. Almost as one. A light smile graced his face as he closed his eyes. “I love you so much.” He felt like this was all just a dream – As though he'd wake up in the middle of Professor MacLean's class and see Amarina sitting next to him as usual, looking at him funny. But...It wasn't a dream. His dreams were reality now. He simply held her now, stroking her gently from her ankles up to her ass. He grinned and gave her butt a squeeze before resting them on her thighs. “Though – I thought that we didn't have any classes today?” He had heard that Professor Guarini's had canceled his classes for the day so that he could prepare the Arena. Professor Romanov had also canceled her classes so that the Merlinites and Medeans that had her class could prepare for the Trials. He shrugged and let Amarina make the call, kissing her neck.


It was his first day at a new school – But this school was so much different that any other school in the world. A young man with striking blue eyes and golden blonde hair was wandering around the halls and rooms of the large Academy. He was wearing a suit that was obviously expensive and obviously Gucci. DeAngelo was a bit excited, though it didn't show in his eyes as he lugged his violin case and duffel bag. He had people take things ahead to his designated room – He wanted to explore some, but he wouldn't let anyone touch certain things of his. Running his fingers through his hair, he turned a few corners before spotting a girl that was...crying? She had a violin as well, which piqued his interest. He moved closer to the girl with jet black hair. She had two ravens sitting on her shoulder that also piqued his interest. He himself had a black rattlesnake that was exceptionally long curled around his neck, canting its own head to its side. The snake slithered down and made its way to the girl. Coiling near her feet, he poked out his tongue and hissed. What's wrong with the brat? DeAngelo wasn't like the kids in Puck who could understand animals, but like all the other kids here, he could understand his personal Familiars. “I dunno – Why don't I ask?” Kneeling down, he also set down his violin case and duffel bag before taking a better look at the girl – Or what he could see of her – She was cute. Adorable even. But she had a strange weirdness about her that attracted him...This must be Sunday that his sister kept telling him about. “Hey – Are you alright, Sunday? I'm DeAngelo Pagliarelli....Divinia's little brother.”


As Pippa's petite hands reached under her shirt and her lips littered Div with kisses, Div pressed closer to her and returned the soft, affectionate nibbles. One hand snaked underneath the pale woman's shirt, grasping her breasts shamelessly. “Babysitting? No. Just making sure that he doesn't kill anyone.” She chuckled as her hand moved from under Pippa's shirt to one upon her ass and the other grabbing her by the hair. She tugged and squeezed as though ready to throw her on the ground and have her way with her best friend, biting on her neck. “I've told you that he has a short fuse, my love.” She moved her lips up and purred into her lovely one's ear before nipping her earlobe. She enjoyed being so roughly affectionate with Pippa – Especially with others watching. She briefly recalled a rather exciting night that involved herself, Pippa, Professor Guarini, and Professor Romanov. All just so she would pass her Elemental Magick test. She groaned and moaned into Pippa's ear, letting her hands now roam freely, caressing and squeezing her luscious curves. “Do this for me and tonight will be a night that you won't soon forget.” She promised Pippa, stealing another kiss. “Deal?” She could hear Sunday crying and her brother DeAngelo approaching her. But she didn't bother – Her attention was on her Porcelain Queen right now.


The other half of the Pagliarelli twins was headed towards the Arena with a woman on his arm. A woman with brown hair that went all the way to the ground, done in a nice braid. Drago was chatting amiably with Professor Romanov as she escorted him to the Arena. He looked older than his brother and actually looked like he was about twenty-four years old. He was tall and muscular, very well built. He looked like he could bench press a truck...Which he could, really. Sasha was admiring the fine threads of his Gucci suit while he commented on her 'Tinkerbell' dress. She had her hair decorated with flowers and feathers of all sorts. Following behind them was a creature that looked like a Sawsbuck in Fall, a white King Cobra coiled around his antlers, and what appeared to be an eagle perched upon his head. What a strange troupe they were, indeed! Both of the blue-eyed beauties finally made their way into the Arena just as Alistair spoke. ”Uh, 'scuse me, new guy. Where exactly is this?” Sasha spoke up before Drago did, a smile on her face as 'Big Daddy' as she called her Roc, flapped his wings to land atop her head. “This is the Arena, Mister Alistair William Talsworth. Hey! I'm Professor Romanov – Your Mentor and Professor for Familiar Work and Elemental Magick. Now then – Unless you're here to put in a personal request to join Circe Coven, you really needn't be here. In fact, you're not supposed to be here right now. At all. Though – I'm going to be here for a quick minute to speak with Professor Guarini. Though he's not going to want you here – Hrutao can show you anywhere you need to go.” She smiled politely as Drago tipped the boy a two-fingered salute before sauntering up alongside Clarity, having grabbed the white cobra that was now curled around his massive bicep like arm jewelry. Sasha moved behind him and remained silent, rocking back and forth on her heels. The Sawsbuck-looking creature stood before Alistair with his head raised proudly. “Come with me.” He then turned to leave, making sure to walk slowly so that Alistair could keep up.

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#, as written by Vix

Cheveyo smiled and stood up, cradling her in his arms. As far as he was concerned, she was his world. Not that she never was before. To be honest, it didn't matter who he was with or what he was doing, since they had become friends, Cheveyo was always there at her beck and call. “Of course I'll help out. Not that I'll know exactly what to do – But I could try.” He grinned some at her as he began to walk towards the Merlinite dorms. He wasn't sure how to set up for a party – He always only just showed up. When she mentioned that she would like for him to put on some clothes because of girls staring, he gave a light smile and kissed her nose. “Anything for you, love.” He understood and was alright with her request, more than happy to comply. Just as he opened up the door that lead inside, a girl with red hair almost ran into him. “Woah there, Katelyn.” He smiled as he recognized the girl, though he took a step back as she reached out for him. “You go ahead.” He smiled politely and stood aside so that she could pass by. “Oh, I was actually looking for you. Heath said you were out here...” She regarded Amarina with the same narrow-eyed look that she always did before smiling to Cheveyo. “I wanted to ask if you'd take me to the party. Maybe go out for dinner tomorrow night?” He didn't so much as hesitate to answer with a smile. “Sorry, Katie. But I'm taking Amarina to the party tonight and I kinda want to spend my weekend with her.” Katelyn seemed oblivious to the meaning and shrugged. “What about next weekend? I heard you give decent massages and I'll be in the Trials next weekend. I could use so-” Cheveyo interrupted her with a shake of his head. “Katie, I can't go on any dates with you. Or anyone else. Ever again. I don't want to.” He smiled down at Amarina, looking at her with a shine in his eyes like he was holding the most valuable thing in the world. As far as he was concerned, he was. Katelyn, however, wasn't as amused or enthused. “So, you're like. With her now? I thought she was like, just your best friend? I mean, like. Why her?” Katelyn didn't seem like she was going to let it go. Cheveyo was just glad that it was Divinia that he was standing in front of. “Yes. I'm with her. For now. Hopefully forever.” He smiled down at Amarina again before looking to Katelyn. “What do you mean 'Why?'? I'd be a retard not to. She's smart, got personality, always there for me, beautiful, and a great cuddler. We'll work on the kissing.” He teased her on the last part, wiggling his fingers in her ribs to tickle her. “She's always been my world – Now, I don't mean to be rude, but I need to get dressed. I'll see you at the party, Katelyn.” He offered a friendly smile as she stomped away. Shrugging, he went into the castle and closed the door behind him. “Haters gonna hate.” He shrugged some, unconcerned with the heartbreak. He was pretty sure that the girls would now either hate him for getting into a relationship or become hellbent on getting with him. The guys that swung that way were a lot more understanding. But as long as he had Amarina at his side holding his hand, he didn't care about anyone else. As he arrived at his dorm room that he thankfully shared with no-one, he set her down on his bed. Heath was sitting on his perch, tilting his head. About fucking time you two hooked up. He flapped his wings and screeched at the two, flying over to land on Amarina's shoulder. Cheveyo shook his head. “Yeah, yeah. Shut up. I'll be right back. Babe, if you want to wear a different shirt, you can get one of mine.” He kissed the top of her head before heading into his bathroom to shower. His room wasn't exactly elegant. He had a nice large canopy bed that was littered with large pillows and plush blankets. He had a bearskin rug on the floor and his walls had bulletin boards that were covered with pictures and Native American artifacts. Most of the pictures on the walls were of Amarina or himself and Amarina. Over the past year, he had slowly been taking down the photos of him kissing other girls, going so far as to throwing them away.


DeAngelo watched her curiously, trying his best not to probe her mind for information as to why she was crying. It was his first day and he didn't feel up to making any enemies. He was sure that his sister had already set a bad enough image on the family name that he would be surprised if anyone in his own Coven tried to get to know him. The rattlesnake rose its body up so that it was eye level with the girl and flicked his tongue out before hissing at the two birds. His tail began to rattle in that trademark way as he reared his head back. “Brutus!” The young man frowned and grabbed the snake around the 'neck' and pulled him back. “What have I told you...about playing nice?” He released the snake and watched as it coiled around his arm and canted its head towards him. I will do what I please... DeAngelo shook his head before looking back at Sunday. He smiled at her violin and nodded. “I would be delighted.” He flipped open his case to reveal a black violin with shimmering purple trim that seemed to pulse with energy, the strings as well looking like nothing more than thin, pulsing, purple lights. He grabbed the violin and bow, bringing the instrument to his chin as he stood up. He placed the bow against the strings and began to play. The song was one that seemed rather sorrowful with low, drawn out notes. He closed his eyes as he played, feeling Brutus slide up his arm and to his shoulder before coiling around his neck. It didn't bother him though. Play my song. The snake hissed into his ear. DeAngelo switched up the music immediately and began to play the melody for 'Dance, Dance' by Fall Out Boy. The snake swayed his head and rattled his tail happily as DeAngelo smirked. Don't judge! The snake thwapped the 'man' with his tail as the song came to a slow end. “Your turn.” DeAngelo began to pack away his violin, looking up to Sunday.


“Don't worry – My brother would never hurt you. He cares for me too much. And I'm not quite sure if I could go on in life without you.” Divinia smirked as the crying stopped and her brother's familiar composition reached her ears. “Hmph. Thirteen years of violin lessons has paid off well.” She mumbled, stepping away from Pippa some to listen. She glanced behind her as a young man that she didn't recognized and therefore assumed to be a freshman came sauntering up. He looked like a younger version of Pauly D. Ergo, he looked like a douche bag from Jersey. She lifted a brow as he leaned on the pillar next to Pippa and winked. “Hey. So. I heard about this party and I told myself that I would honor the first hot girl I saw by taking her there. You're welcome.” Wow. The kid had an ego. She was pretty sure that he was in Medea. Smirking, she sauntered over to Pippa and placed her hand on the back of her neck, crushing her soft lips against her best friend's, watching the boy the whole time as her tongue explored Pippa's mouth once more. Everything about Divinia exuded an air of money, power, sex, power, sex, and then some more power. And then a little more sex. The boy seemed undeterred by this action and slapped Divinia's ass. “Don't worry, babydoll. I am not opposed to taking you both. If you're both really good girls...Or naughty, I'll make sure to give you the night of your life.” Divinia broke from the kiss and moved her body behind Pippa's, resting her chin on her shoulder, kissing her neck as she watched the boy. “Such a confident boy, Pippy. But obviously ignorant to our identities.” She purred. The boy had a visible boner. Divinia rolled her eyes. “You really think that you could do anything work with that? Darling – I only fuck around with men. Not little boys who are barely hitting puberty.” Before the boy could say anything else, she continued to speak. “You heard about Divinia Doriano, kid?” The boy snorted. “Who the fuck is that broad?” Divinia giggled and watched as his face began to break out in red marks that mirrored the ones on his arms and neck. She tilted her head some to the side, watching him itch with happy eyes. He seemed to almost dance as the isolated case of scabies began to spread over his body. “Wha- What did you...What did you do?! Bitch! You fucking cunt!” He screeched at her, using anything and everything around him to try and make the itch go away. “Divinia Doriano is me. I'm the baddest bitch here – I'm also very possessive.” She kissed Pippa's neck again. “If you're a smart kid, you'd keep your grimy little paws off of my lovely Pippa. Because I will kill you.” The boy was crying now as the itch worsened. “Understand? Say yes ma'am if you understand.” Whining, the boy nodded furiously, his overly-gelled hair now a mess. “Yeah! Yes ma'am! Make it stop!” Divinia gave a soft 'tut tut' as she watched him for a few minutes longer. “They just don't make men like they used to, do they?” The rash began to recede, though he was still bleeding from where his nails raked into his flesh trying to alleviate the itch. With a runny nose, he began to scamper away. If he was a dog, his tail would be tucked between his legs.

“Well. That was fun.” Divinia had been possessive over Pippa since day one. That wasn't exactly going to change any time soon. Sometimes she had a hunch that Pippa had been jealous those days that Div obsessed over 'needing' to have Atreyu. But at that time, she wasn't paying much attention to anyone besides him. She felt rather foolish thinking about it now for having obsessed over him that much. Now? She hated him and Amarina only because Amarina was alive. She hated that the Hopi had the ability to bring her back. It made Divinia feel...weak in a way. She had been training a lot harder since then. Sighing, she moved to Pippa's side and grabbed her hand, towing her off towards where her brother and Sunday were lurking. She felt a sad Aura and saw a sad Ethan passing by...Hmm. What the hell had him bummed? Divinia inspected the Aura...It was heartbreak. She would find out later who did what. When they came upon Sunday and her brother, she offered them a honey-coated smile. “Aww, baby brother. You made it.” She let go of Pippa to give him a hug, making sure to pat Brutus' head. It was then that a massive orange boa constrictor that had a rainbow shimmer to her scales slithered down and around a nearby pillar. Divvy, love. I've got huge news. She hissed at her partner and friend, though coiled herself near Pippa's feet. “It can wait, Hecate. I believe lovely Sunday here is about to play us some music. Go ahead, dear.” She purred to the young girl and offered her a quick wink. Sunday was a cute girl and so very dark and twisted that it made Divinia giggle. She wasn't sure if she wanted to pinch the girl's cheeks or drag her into bed with herself and Pippa. You're such a whore, Divinia. Hecate hissed with a shake of her head. Divinia shrugged some. “I'll settle the fuck down when someone gives me a reason to and wants me to. For now, I'm a fucking polygamist. I'll take whoever I want whenever I want.” She retorted, flicking her hair over her shoulder. Divinia had been called every name in the book and she wasn't ashamed to own up to most of them. Sighing, she waited patiently for Sunday to begin one of her beautiful songs.


Romeo glanced at Xavier and chuckled as he walked into the forest to inspect it for flaws. He could hear someone asking where they were at and a frown grew on his face. Damn new students. Of all the times to – His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Sasha Romanov directing the boy elsewhere. He turned back to exit the forest and winked at Xavier. “Great job, babe. You're up, Clarity.” He moved to Sasha and wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug. “What brings you here?” He grinned some as she spoke, motioning to Drago. “I was just bringing you some fresh meat. This here's Drago Pagliarelli.” The muscular, blonde-haired, blue-eyed 'man' smiled and offered a hand out to Professor Guarini. “Its a pleasure to finally meet you.” Romeo grinned at him and inspected him in great detail as he shook the outstretched hand. “Wow! You're seriously sixteen? That's pretty fucking crazy.” Drago could easily pass as twenty-five with great skin. Drago laughed and pulled his hand back to rub the back of his head. “Yeah. I'm seriously sixteen.” His accent was deeply Italian as he spoke in a smooth bass. “And what a perfect specimen of a Familiar.” Romeo reached out and stroked the head of the white cobra adorning Drago's bicep. Giuseppe hissed and reared his head back, not hesitating to lash out and latch onto the Professor's forcep. Drago pulled his arm back, thumping the snake on his head, causing him to quickly slither up his arm and around his neck, hissing at Romeo from there. Drago watched as Sasha placed her lips over Romeo's arm and proceeded to suck out the venom, swallowing it. “Uh...Won't that kill you?” He lifted a brow as she thumped Romeo's forehead. “You know better than to touch strange animals. And no, Drago. It won't. Shit like that don't bother me. Anyways, now that I've delivered you, I should go.” She blew them both a kiss and skipped away. “What a woman.” Drago let out a low wolf-whistle before turning to see everyone around him. “So this is Circe Coven. Or at least the elites.” He grinned some and set down his bag before crossing his arms over his chest. “Just let me know what I need to do and when I need to do it.”

Meanwhile, Hrutao was scowling at the cat, the dog, Ever, and Alistair. How dare he ask a question, not let him answer, and then proceed to ignore him?! The magnificent stag shook his head indignantly. Sasha came up just in time to sense her dear friend's irritation. “Aww! Ruru! What's wrong?” She made her way to him and grasped his muzzled by the underside, stroking the top. Klaude flew from her shoulder and into the air where he began to grow and grow and grow until he was literally ten feet tall; ten foot seven, to be exact. “Yeah, Ruru. What's wrong with you?” The Roc prodded the stag's backside with a massive talon. Hru huffed and tore his head from Sasha's hold. “I was attempting to be kind by showing this ward around but he has ignored me since we left the Arena. Asked me a question. Didn't even let me answer it. Plus, I'm not even being acknowledged by the dark-one.” Hrutao was very short-tempered when it came to the students of Fae. He would often explain to Sasha how he had no time for them and how she should be off traveling the world. Mother Nature should not be in one place for such a long time. he would often say. Hrutao was royalty in a sense and was partnered alongside the greatest force on earth – He thought that he deserved the best. Sasha thought so to, but in a semi-different light. She shook her head as the stag stamped his hooves before taking off. “Aww. Poor Ruru is upset.” Klaude stirred up great gusts of wind as he flapped his wings and screeched out a laugh. Sasha shook her head and smiled to Alistair and Ever. “Hey, Evie. Hey Ali. Sorry about that – You know how Ruru gets. Well. You do, Ever. Not you, Alistair. But you'll learn.” She grinned, tucking a few stray strands behind her ear. “He can be a bit of a Diva, but don't let it worry you. By the way, welcome to Fae Academy, officially. I'd show you around, but I have some weather to clear up. Drought in eastern Asia and floods in northern Michigan.” She gave them an energetic farewell wave before vaulting into the air. It was like straight out of a movie as her body became nothing more than swirling leaves that blew away with an unseen wind. Klaude flapped his wings mightily and lifted into the air, taking off as well.

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Xavier just watched as his mentor looked around the forest he had made. He knew that he wouldn't be able to find a single flaw, whenever Romeo talked. Xavier listened, whether it was to him personal or the whole coven. Either way, Xav was all ears. “Great job, babe. You're up, Clarity.” He smiled in success while hearing the compliment, even if it wasn't a shock to him. "Did you expect anything but perfection from me?" He said before offering a wink towards Romeo. As he walked towards Professor Romanov and gave her a hug. He looked away in sheer boredom. Not jealousy, there was one person he got jealous about when they were around his friends and his little "boy toy" and that was Sunday. He couldn't stand when she tried to take attention away from him.

He looked back at the three when the Puck mentor was introducing a new guy to his coven. He looked at the blonde man with a smirk on his small face. He always did love blondes, even when was younger he had an attraction to the poor little blonde boys in his town. And, his name made him smirk even more, “I was just bringing you some fresh meat. This here's Drago Pagliarelli.” Drago? Where had he heard that name before? After a moment it hit him. One of Divinia's last names were Pagliarelli, this must have been one of the twin brother he had heard about before. The more he looked at how the "man" stood and what he wore made it even more obvious. He tilted his head as the woman excused herself along. “So this is Circe Coven. Or at least the elites.” Ha! If that was true, it would only be Divinia, Xavier, and he'd hate to admit it but, also Sunday. Whether he hated the girl or not, she was powerful. He could actually be her friend if she wasn't after their professor.

Xavier decided to walk over to the two men as they towered over him. Xav could easliy be the short boy that went to the school even being one of the oldest. As he walked to Romeo's side he let his hand go on his back and slowly make it's way do to the beginning of his pants, so close to his butt as he spoke and offered Drago a smile. What? Impressions were important to the small Brit. "Hello, my name is Xavier. And, I am one of Divvy's friends and I assume you are the Drago I have heard about." Xavier removed his hand from Romeo's back just when it was about to touch his butt to offer a handshake. Most people thought Xavier was rather straight forward with his flirting and... he was. But, he was a tease. He loved to tease the men and boys he slept with just to make them want him more.