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Hymer Tackstan

"There are two whole worlds out there: one waiting to be discovered and another to be rediscovered."

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a character in “Crankshaft”, as played by Varanus



Gender: Male

Age: 32

Classification: Human

Specialty: Archaeologist and Scientist (specialty on natural sciences and not so much on mechanics, computers, and engineering)

Usual Attire: Hiking boots, tattered blue jeans, a wife beater with a buttoned shirt with tropical silhouettes, a red visor.

Physical Description: 6’1” tall. A pretty big guys with a solid physique thanks to his occupation (he goes out of his way to keep in shape for storm-trekking). He has short dark hair; usually messy. His skin of an olive complexion. His eyes are weird mix of hazel with an almost green. He has a thin beard that outlines the rim of his chisel chin.


Personality: Hymer (close friends call him Tax) is a regular adventurer and outdoorsman. He is very intelligent in his field and passionate of his job. He's has the knack for making seemingly boring topics (like rocks and ruins) into very intriguing motivations. He's very informal and likes to get to the point. He hardly has any phobias and always insists on doing the most dangerous parts of the job. When he encounters an substantial danger he can keep his cool long enough until someone of a better position to handle the situation in time. For example, when face to face with a dangerous animal, he knows he can rely on the "bodyguard" In the professional sense he has confidence in his crew and expects a mutual trust, which is usually why he gets resoect so early from most people. He also feels that he's responsible for giving his crew an experience of a lifetime always willing to show his fellow comrades why it's worth being a NOMAD. He has also been know to "get the job done" but will cut any assignment short if there is an absolute risk of injury or death of his comrades. He has a tradition to hooking up his crews to biggest parties or festivals after completing an expedition. He's the type of guy that would give the shirt off his back when someone's ever in trouble. When whenever confronted in conflict, Hymer normally responds with dry sarcasm, and can be passive aggressive when not trying to make a scene. He's a complete nerd for science which is usually not the first impression people get from his appearance.

Likes: Exploring, research, his job, chocolate (the only thing he misses from his village), reading, learning, teaching, partying (when appropriate), looking out for others.

Dislikes: carbonated beverages, laziness

Skills:NOMAD-hired explorer; Archaeologist and Scientist. He's very knowledgeable in (the known)world geography and generally serves as the navigator when traveling. He has a lot of experience in mountain climbing which he attained in one of the very few areas in the world where pockets of natural landscape are protected by the harshness of the storm by tall moutains and valleys. What makes him such a highly valued member of NOMAD is that he along with a handful of teams are trained and experienced in storm-trekking. Storm-trekking is the activity of venturing out in the bare storm. It's almost like literal "horizontal" rock climbing with is a practice that utilizes equipment similar for rock climbing. Harnesses, rope, bolts, and carabiners are used to walk distances through the storm without getting blown away. Individuals usually wear goggles and protective gear to buffer against pricking airborne debris. Storm-trekking is usually performed in missions where exploring is just a bit too delicate for use of mechas. A bookworm, along with the help of his AI, he has a vast knowledge and understanding of natural science.


Enthusiasm of a Traveling Scientist

Trekking through the wind

Trekking through the wind (via Mecha)

A mission in the Earth

Mecha battle?! Seriously?!


He normally carries with him a medium size hiking backpack filled with basic survival gear: first aid, small amount of rations and water. He always carries with him a survival knife which he uses frequently for multiple uses. He'll also have storm-trekking and excavation gear when necessary. When joining NOMAD he was advised to obtain and train with a mecha. Eventually he obtained a power suit, when he was convinced that it would be useful to have when it came to defending his team. Many of the missions that he's accomplished did not require the use of his mecha, so he managed to have his AI "Iz" customized to have it fitted as a marble; this makes Hymer's AI portable. The Marble can "see" and scan it's surroundings (like having a small camera/video recorder). It stores all the information it sees and takes in and has instant access to an archive of information that Hymer can tap into when needed.

Mecha Name: Wonderer
Owner: Hymer
Size Class: Power Armor
AI Name: I.S.S. (Information Storage System), pronounced "Iz"
AI Personality: It is extremely loyal to Hymer. It only answers to Hymer unless there is another person who is especially close to Hymer. Unlike Hymer who is easy to trust, the AI actually obtained a sense of skepticism of other people after gradually obtaining information on the history of humans and how greed can easily cause other humans to manipulate and abuse on another. It always asks Hymer if he should trust any strangers or new acquaintance . It however has adapted Hymer's passion; it particularly is excited when it obtains new information.
Weapons: Most of the weapons include blades, hooks, knifes, and other sharp accessories that allow Hymer to climb and trekking through the Storm's wind. Long range weapons include two retractable guns that rest on the shoulder when exposed. Each gun shoots different bullets. One gun has bullets that emit an electric shock on impact while the other gun shoots a bullet that releases a chemical that, when exposed to air and moisture, cause a rapid dispersion of heat from the immediate area, causing the target area to freeze over (in short - ice bullets).
Equipment: His mecha only has armor sufficient enough to weather the erosion and wind of the storm. Hymer prefers to have his mecha as light as possible in order to scale steep terrain. It has visual sensors that can detect wavelengths of infrared as well as visible light. It has mechanical sensors at the end of it's appendages and reads the surface forces of the ground/wall that it travels across to estimate the hardness and identify the types of rock in the vicinity. The feet have advanced sensors that pick up seismic readings to detect nearby hollows or caves.


Hymer Tackston was born and raised amongst the lee-walls. His family held the positions as wall mechanics and were responsible for the maintenance of the walls that protected their city. As a pre-teen, Hymer discovered a large underground storage room. It contained hundreds of textbooks, novels, and scientific journals printed far back in history. These book contained so much information of the natural world, even of the settings prior to the appearance of the Eternal Storm. On his spare time he would venture into this abandoned storage room and read to his heart's content.

Eventually all the knowledge he was learning made him question things, challenge the way of life in the lee-walls. Why wasn't anyone curious to explore the outside world? Was there not a more efficient way to live within the storm? What if another village found a better way? How did the storm start to begin with? This caused a stir amongst his fellow citizens and by the age of 17 when he was to expected to work te same job as his family, he resisted his "fate" by the eventually. In the end, the leaders of the village decided to cast him out as an exile.

From then on he has travelled in small groups and ventured many lands near and far. Eventually by the age of 22 he came across NOMAD and became an extremely productive member from the start. He was mostly put into archeological sites, which the goal of discovering sites of ancient libraries and universities to collect as much knowledge as possible. He is now a member of "Breaker."

So begins...

Hymer Tackstan's Story