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Ishmael Alderai

"Come on! Why plan when you can improvise? It is so much more fun that way."

0 · 222 views · located in Crankshaft

a character in “Crankshaft”, as played by Eisenhorn


Name: Ishmael Alderai
Classification: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Specialty: Pilot

Appearance: Ishmael stands at about 5' 9", although he often positions himself to hide this fact whenever possible. He keeps his bone white hair tied back in a pony tail, the majority of the often unkempt hair hidden under a short brim fedora. He is a pale man, almost never seen without his long duster and hat, although some color creeps in every now and then. A black undershirt and leather trousers underneath, topped off with a pair of cowboy boots give him a very western look. Which is thrown a bit by the amount of purple, but that was the idea in general. A pair of holsters hang on his waist, adding more to the drifter look.


My Personality: Ishmael is a wild card and a shameless gambler, all hidden behind an easy going and relaxed facade. Nigh unpredictable the majority of the time, and has trouble taking orders beyond the ones that make sense to him, and he probably planned to go through with anyway. Logic has a place in his mind, but gut instinct and rolling with the flow almost always sit better than a plan will. Plans can fail, adaptability will always serve well. This adaptability makes him a tinkerer and builder at heart, constantly tweaking his mech as well as other items that he can get his hands on. It takes a lot to shake the man out of his usual off hand commenting ways, but he can take things seriously if it comes down to it. Good luck getting down to it though.

My Likes:
+ Just making things up as they go
+ Easy going people
+ Card Games
+ Kicking back and relaxing
+ Building things out of scrap

My Dislikes:
+ Absolute, ineffable plans
+ Doctors
+ Having to take orders
+ Berated for no good reason
+ Smoke and smokers

He has a knack for scavenging useful parts and materials, and then making something useful out of them. Having spent a lot of free time practicing, Ishmael is a quick shot with both of his revolvers and can be handy with other weapons if caught outside his mech, though he only carries his revolvers at any one time. Thanks to the amount of gambling he tried to get into, he got real good at reading people by how they act and look, rather than what they say, though how they say it is taken into account. He is a competent sleight of hand trickster, and lying comes second nature to him.


His prized possessions are a pair of ivory handled revolvers, with a fair amount of engraving and reinforcement to fire heavier slugs. He also has a toolkit, filled with both modern and archaic tools as well as scrap to patch together into something useful while in the field. Another item that can't be parted from him is his deck of cards, pair of dice, and a single silver coin, all kept in a small pouch on his hip. He uses these for entertainment, on the most part. The last notable item is a set of dog tags, the name long worn away, but the evidence it had a name at one point is both obvious and apparent.

Mecha Name: Mk.3 Patrol Unit "Alpha"
Owner: Other than Ishmael, the DNA of the any other pilot must be encoded and recognized by Ishmael before use is allowed.
Size Class: Guardian
AI Name: Zekial
AI Personality: A near perfect counterpoint to Ishmael, she is a calm and collected thinking machine. When Ishmael says to just wing it and go guns blazing, Zekial is the one calmly pointing out the numerous fallacies to such a plan. She is overruled often, though, and they have a borderline antagonistic relations most of the time. However, she is able to tolerate the man due to the fact that he is competent when he bothers to seriously apply himself to a matter, which is rare. For the most part, Zekial is more a mother or older sister figure towards Ishmael than anything else.

Weapons: x2 Chainguns fitted for specialty ammo (Loaded depending on mission, default being explosive slugs), x4 Storm missile launchers (Missile loadout also dependent on task, default being x2 frag loadouts, x2 HEAT), x4 Chest mounted flechette cannons

Equipment: Mobile AI Core, Reinforced armor and joints, Extra heat sinks, Ejection pod (AI Core stored within pod)


Ishmael was, to Lee-Wall and her denizens, a raving madman with too much free time.

He was supposed to drive the vehicles that helped continue the functioning future of the settlement. This bored him far too easily, and instead patched together rag tag contraptions that let him flit about at insane speeds. More than a few times did he wreck and have to be dragged back to the surgeon again. He would get scolded every time they dragged him in to fix an arm or leg again. As soon as he was able, he was out getting into trouble again.

This was going to earn him a one way ticket to NOMAD, but before this happened, he discovered an old mech stashed away in some off limits warehouse. Off limits only quickened his jumping of the fence and investigating. Zekial was waiting for him, had been waiting for someone these past years. It was an old Mk.3 unit, he recognized it mainly from the various documents left laying about. As soon as the AI had realized that she had been abandoned, she finally started talking, much to Ishmael's surprise.

He spent as much time in this warehouse as possible, avoiding anyone when he found off time to visit the mech and AI, constantly tinkering and adding ad hoc and patchwork additions. Eventually he was given the boot, as it were, as the society of Lee-Wall had finally deliberated and decided that "His antics and wild manner will not be tamed or controlled here." Besides immediate family, most people didn't mind seeing the wild man go.

What was unexpected was how he left. Instead of the usual way, he left in the Mk.3, functioning enough to get himself to where he needed to go. Zekial was hesitant, but after convincing, agreed to stay with Ishmael and lend her talents in the mech's AI core in whatever trouble he got himself into. This is how Ishmael left Lee-Wall for the life as part of NOMAD, and he gladly did so. If they couldn't handle how he lived, then they could do without him, and he couldn't be bothered to try and acclimate with them.

So begins...

Ishmael Alderai's Story