Thomas Lockehart

"It's strictly business, Mona. You gotta' play your cards right, or tomorrow you could be out on yer pretty little ass without a dime to your name, understand?"

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Fame is fickle...When you've only got fifteen minutes..you sure as hell better make 'em count

Name:: Thomas James Lockehart

Role:: Money Hungry Manager
Age:: Thirty-Three
Personality:: Ambitious | Greedy| Charismatic | Sly | Charming | Flirtatious | Persuasive | Quick-witted | Manipulative | Impatient | Untrusting |Determined | Brash | Impulsive | Spontaneous | Energetic | Selfish | Bitter | Strong-Willed | Observant | Goal-Oriented | Inconsiderate | Prideful | Self-assured | Egotistical | Decisive | Business Savvy | Confident |

Talents or Skills::A brilliant businessman, Tommy could sell a plane to a man who's afraid to fly, a machine gun to a pacifist, or a butcher's shop to a vegetarian. He knows how to read people, read between the lines and analyze their mannerisms and body language. More importantly, he has no problem manipulating what he learns about someone and using it to his advantage. He's also quite the charmer, a personality trait that has earned him his fair share of connections with people in well off places. Keeping all the in mind, Tommy has become one hell of a manager.

Brief History:: New York, born n' raised, Tommy is a city boy at his core. He grew up a typical New York kid, street smart and people savvy. Also having a strong personality, he left his mark wherever he went and on whoever he met. Around eighteen, he had figured out that he had a knack for guitar and damn good singing voice. After charming his way into a few gigs at the local joints, someone eventually took the blossoming young man under his wing. Three years, and he was on cloud nine enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame to the fullest. He had a killer manager, a great girl on his arm, and a great career. But you can only be on top for so long before you're bound to fall. So after one crazy after party too many, he got in a car with his girl, silly drunk, and before long his sports car had come face to face with a tree. When he came to in the hospital the next morning, he grimly discovered that his car was totaled and Delilah had died on impact. From then on Tommy was never the same, his heart just wasn't in it. As it were, fame is a coy mistress that doesn't wait for anyone, so when he had finally recovered, it was too late. The record company had dumped him, his manager disappeared, and the public had moved on. Not one to give up, he spent the next few months hanging around and searching for new talent. If his fifteen minutes were up, that meant someone else's time was due. Sure enough he found someone that fit the bill of 'the next bit thing'. Nearly flat broke, Tommy used what money he had left to fund the kids studio time and before long he found himself back on top, only this time not as the talent but as management. With some skill, charisma and a whole lot a luck, he worked with some of the 60's and 70's best artists and worked his way up as one of the music business' most successful managers. His newest spitfire, Ramona Sully. A cute southern belle from Virgina and Tommy's convinced she's the real deal. As usual, he plans ride her wave of success and milk every penny he can from it.

Preferences:: A wild night with a paying crowd, Tommy finds himself drawn to the spontaneous type. A girl who can let lose, make him laugh but at the same time keep him on his toes. Feisty, but sweet.

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