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Kaily Jaenys

" ooohhh This sucks..."

0 · 314 views · located in Unknown Island, 2061

a character in “Crash II: The Replacements”, as played by October


Kaily Janeys




Once Kaily makes up her mind it can’t be changed, as least not easily. She is naturally attentive to her friends and absurdly generous especially when she is happy. When she is angry, she tends not to listen to reason and has a habit of smashing things to try and calm down. When she is sad, she never shows it, she instead tends to disappear somewhere to cry alone as she feels it is a sign of weakness and will be pitied.She never gives up and She hates being pitied.

Kaily had a hard life,when he older brother James turned 18 he joined the army every year he would wright a note saying he was still alive and on Kaily's 16th brithday they got a note..only it was not from her brother. he died saving nineteen other men..Kaily did not know what to she shut down. he would not eat,sleep,talk or even do anything. he stopped doing her school work and hung out with all the wrong people,failed classes,did bad drugs did bad be honest she became a flat out Emo. then she swiched back on one day. she was looking through her stuff for a lighter when she found letter she had never got to open from her read- Dear Kaily, This is the last note i'll most likely get to send to you..they are sending us to the "Death Trap" and well..almost everyone who gose there dies. i love ya kail's..don't act weird after im gone..act like ya sis. -James After that Kaily went back to her self..less emo and more punk i guess.but she still acted like a bad kid but at least she started passing her classes again! so..Kaily woke up.even through she had changed her once long blonde pretty hair to black straight choppy pretty hair,and her once taned skin to pale ghosty skin ..she changed..but in a way..she liked her new self..because she has back bone that she would have never got a way..she wants to thank her brother..she wishes for nothing more then to be able to see him one more time..just once. just ti talk to him...

When the plane crashed Kaily had grabbed her bag and threw it on her back cause she had,had it on her lap. Also she was wearing a gray tanktop,black jean shorts,a black and gray hoodie and black shoes. also when they crashed she got a large cut on her left cheek and on her right leg.




So begins...

Kaily Jaenys's Story