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Diamond Willow Grant

"Do you honestly think people care when you're hurting? No."

0 · 351 views · located in Waverly Falls High School

a character in “Crashing Waves”, as played by SmilingNutella



Special Facial or Body Attributes
Diamond has a small silver infinity sign tattoo on her lower abdomen. She has a tiny nose piercing along with 5 earring holes including her cartilage.
Diamond is a very self-conscious woman. She's very shy around strangers. Although her personality can sometimes change around some of her closest friends. Around her friends, Diamond's a whole different person. She's sarcastic, understanding, and extremely outgoing. She's very protective around almost anyone she's close to. Diamond used to be considered one of the "mean girls," but then was later downgraded to a "loner."
  • Art (Especially interested in making abstract art.)
  • Dance (She's always thought of it as a way to "express" herself)
  • Gymnastics (It reminds her of power, strength, and beauty)
  • Acting (Diamond would like to make it as an professional actress someday)

Future Plans
Diamond had always wanted to pursue and acting career. Although if that wasn't successful for her, she would like to become a professional dancer or gymnast today. Maybe even compete in the Olympics.
Diamond helps out as an assistant choreographer at the Dance & Gymnastics facility. Although she's also looking into working in some type of theater.
  • Demetria Grant: (Mother: 34)
  • Paul Grant: (DECEASED)
  • Suzanne Grant: (Younger sister: 12)

  • Cheddar: (Guinea Pig) Image
  • Esmeralda (Family Cat) Image

Diamond grew up in a very small part of a super-sized town. She lived with her mother, father, and younger sister until her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He died when Diamond was merely only 13. She became unbearably depressed. After being put in and out of rehab for suicidal attempts, Diamond moved to a different town where she attended Waverly Falls High School. She had a hard time dealing with the loss of her father even then. Father's Day was probably one of the most horrific day for Diamond. Once again, she was put in rehab by her mother for another suicidal attempt. Unfortunately, the rehab had no effect on Diamond. Getting up in the morning was hardest for Diamond. She always though her father's death was her fault and that's why she had such a hard time growing up with out him. Luckily, Diamond could make it through the high school year, trudging herself there back and forth every day.


So begins...

Diamond Willow Grant's Story

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Diamond woke up to the sound of her younger sister Suzanne and her mother singing in the kitchen. She hated when they did this. They knew it was her first day at a new school Diamond knew nothing about and yet they sang?! Dragging herself out of bed, Diamond combed through her long, red, messy hair. Styling it into a side braid and putting her clothing on, she headed out of her bedroom.

Diamond woke up fairly early then when school was actually supposed to start. She gave her sister and mother a death glare while walking down the stairs. They noticed Diamond and almost immediately stopped their melody. Diamond live in a somewhat big house in a rich neighborhood. Usually moving from place to place would cost her family a lot of money but this time, they had enough.

Scrolling on her iPhone while eating cereal, Diamond looked up to her mother. "Why do I have to even go to school? I don't remember ever agreeing to this!" Diamond exclaimed while practically banging her head on the marble counter. At first her mother looked confused. Diamond had a very heavy Australian accent which she'd only shared with her father so it took a couple of seconds for her mother and sister to understand what Diamond had said.

"Because honey, not going to school is illegal. I wouldn't want you to end up in jail. Her mother gave Diamond a small smirk before leaving the room to get ready for work. Diamond finished her cereal and checked through her bag. Putting her phone in her back pocket Diamond said goodbye to her sister and mother and headed for the door.

This was it. Diamond's senior year of high school. After she made it through this, she was free! It had only taken about 10 minutes for Diamond to arrive at her school. Entering through the doors, Diamond passed by two boys accidentally bumping into one. She turned to him "Oh I'm sorry! My bad." She headed back on her adventure to find the locker that was apparently hers.