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Hong 'China' Meiling


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a character in “Crazy Bored”, as played by zody


Name: Hong Meiling, or, as almost everybody at the Mansion calls her, China.
Species: Meiling is a Human.


Personality: Meiling's fairly laid back, in stark contrast to Lance's normal personality. They get on well enough when Lance has nothing to do though, but there is one downside. Meiling almost always falls asleep on the Job, and Lance has to 'wake' her up. By that I mean he throws Knives at her. Meiling is a fairly determined person, and she won't give up easily, even if the odds are stacked against her, and she especially won't admit that Lance can beat her in both hand-to-hand combat or projectile throwing.
Likes: -Sleep
- Sparring with Lance, but not L, because she wants to live.
- Pizza, she had an unhealthy obsession with it.
Dislikes: - Knives, obviously.
- Getting into confrontations with stronger people, except Lance and especially L. She nearly died last time, so it's obvious why.
- People not paying attention to the Chinese Calendar. Since she's Chinese, it annoys her when people forget.
Role in the place where they came from: Gateguard of the Mansion, and occasionally Lance's Assistant.
What your character was doing the moment before being dumped on the island: She was going to the Library, when she fell through a Portal.

Other: Meiling is extremely skilled in almost any form of hand-to-hand combat, only being beaten by Lance due to his time manipulation powers. It's also hinted that the two have feelings for eachother, but I doubt they'd admit it. Ever. Meiling is the only occupant of the Mansion that cannot fly, instead Lance usually carries her around.

So begins...

Hong 'China' Meiling's Story


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#, as written by zody
Remilia and Yukari were both tired, both kneeling, catching their breath, but Yukari was faster, giving Remilia a brutal uppercut and sending her flying. Remilia would've stood, but the sunlight stopped her from dong anything. Yukari turned to Mirrin, enveloping herself in a gap and reappearing behind Mirrin, holding her while Rumia prepared to strike. Remilia yelled to Lance, knowing what he was about to do could turn him evil as well. "LANCE, TAKE OFF YOUR NECKLACE!".


Lance stood, facing the Vampire before him. Still in his childlike form, L was growing deadlier by the second, but Lance would match this power easily. Lance moved his hand to his necklace, only now realising the direness of the situation. If Lady Remilia was willing to let him take off his necklace, things must be going horribly. Very, very horribly. He clasped his hands around the necklace, and tugged.....




That was when he exploded in a ball of light, sending everyone flying in different directions, and causing Him, L, Remilia and Mirrin to end up in the middle of the party. Well, Remilia and Mirrin did, at least, but he and L were transported to the top of a Volcano. Epic battle about to take place? I think so!


the explosion shook the Island slightly, and that would've alerted Quill to what was happening, and where. And the others would've known too, because everyone would be fighting everyone else. Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark.

The Great Battle.... had just begun.


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#, as written by zody
(OOC: Since I've been making so many characters, I'm just adding them into Meiling's Profile, a picture of all of the Scarlet Mansion Girls will be in there. Actually should I make another character for them all? Call it, Gensokyo Residents or something?

Picture of the Mansion Girls: ... aCg&zoom=1

Made smaller for size purposes, reposting in the Gensokyo Residents Character Page soon ))

Lance stood, rubbing his forehead with the hand that didn't have a Void Cannon strapped to it. He looked down at the Void Cannon, noticing it had already begun drawing energy from the surrounding area to charge up again. Lance would've left, but he knew that L was still alive. L had taken a lot of hits like that, but Lance doubted that he could take a full power blast from the Void Cannon. As if on queue, L landed a few meters away, his features twisted hatefully and his eyes having turned fully red. This meant one thing, L was going to use his full power this time. Then they both took to the air, L using his smaller, artificial-looking wings, and Lance using his Hell Raven wings.


Remilia didn't even bother answering Mirrin, she simply pointed to the top of the Youkai infested mountain, which was, for some odd reason, missing a good half of it. "Meiling should be here with the others soon, so they'll take out a bit of them". Remilia then turned in the air, brandishing her red energy spears and lobbing them through the crowds of Youkai, incapacitating and slaying numerous amounts of her opponents.


Patchouli Knowledge was still in her Library when the Gateguard burst in through the door, with a fair amount of people behind her. Meiling was out of breath, and had to spend a few minutes to catch her breath, whilst the others went and did their own thing, Yukari went over to Patchouli and started discussing tactics to take advantage of their current disadvantage, and suddenly the Scarlet's Mansion was a hive of activity, buzzing with people and conversation. A far cry from the Mansion that it was a few seconds ago.


L and Lance were doing the exact same thing as before, but the sun was changing, reddening, and it almost seemed like some of its energy was flowing towards Lance, being absorbed into him and allowing his Void Cannon to charge faster. The two opponents hovered just next to the side of the Mountain, creating a whirlwind of debris and fire. A storm was brewing around the two, and soon enough it would block them off from the rest of the world. Mirrin would have to hurry up if she wanted to make it in time.


Remilia looked at Mirrin, seeming to realise something. "Fine whatever, you need to get up to the top of the mountain asap! Go!". Remilia didn't wait for Mirrin's reply and grabbed her by the hand, flinging her up the Mountain with inhuman strength that nobody would know came from Remilia, considering how skinny and small she was. Remilia then turned, and flew straight into the army of Youkai headed her way, slashing and hacking and biting.


A quarter of the way up the mountain, a hand caught Mirrin's. Meiling was holding onto Yukari's hand, utilising a portal to help Mirrin upways. "She's on our side now Mirrin, you focus on helping Lance, we'll take on the army, alright?". Meiling's eyes were blazing with determination, and she gave little warning before she flung Mirrin even further up the Mountain, being pulled into Yukari's 'Gap' just after to join the battle on the ground.


Further up the Mountain was another person, this being Youmu Konpaku, who was expertly balancing on her sword, which was stuck into the Mountainside. As Mirrin approached and began to fall back towards the ground, a sword appeared under her, giving her a stable foothold. "In three seconds, jump straight out. Don't ask why, I'm on your side now. L is a threat to everything so I must... throw aside my... grudges and help.... and take this as well". Youmu handed Mirrin a small vial, her grim features lightening for a second. "It's the cure you originally went after, I.... believe that I owe you it". Youmu nodded once, and pushed Mirrin off of the sword, allowing her to fall to the ground slightly...........


A hand grasped Mirrin's. The blond hair, the golden, sparkling eyes, and the cocky grin all revealed the person flying on her broomstick towards the top of the Mountain. "Marisa Kirisame, at ya service, Mirrin! You probably remember me from the Library, but we've got more important things to do right now! Hang on tight, girl!". Marisa grinned wildly, accelerating straight up and pulling Mirrin onto the broomstick, whilst she herself stood, apparently unaffected by gravity. Ahead of them were a large amount of Youkai, all yelling with blood lust and happiness, some realising who she was and fleeing instantaneously. Those who didn't had little time to react as Marisa pulled out a small black octagonal box with a pure black pearl in the middle of it. Maris grinned and aimed it at her targets, the pearl turning golden and sending out small sparks of electricity.


A massive beam of light shot forward from the box, annihilating the Youkai in front of the Magician. She turned to Mirrin, grabbing her wrist again, a smirk on her face. "Give L a good smack to the face for me, and don't let Lance kill himself, alright? I still..... don't worry, just don't let him die, alright?". A few seconds passed, allowing Mirrin to reply, as with the others, before Marisa flung her passenger up to the top of the mountain, but apparently it wasn't enough, as Mirrin just missed the top ledge. She begun falling.........


Then it happened. A pale hand appeared and extended itself out to Mirrin. After pulling Mirrin up it was revealed who stood there. A pale Maid, his silver hair framing her ghostly white face, her piercing blue eyes and her grim smile. Her hair was parted slightly over her forehead, with two long ponytails like Meiling's next to them. She locked eyes with Mirrin, and gave her a short bow. "Miss Patchouli should be using her powers to help you right about..... now". As those words left her mouth a path of fallen debris floated upwards, creating a 'path' that would help Mirrin reach Lance and L. The Maid put a hand on Mirrin's shoulder and bowed her head. "I left the Mansion a long time ago.... I... regret that, I doubt that they'd ever take me back, but I'll be here waiting for your return, Lady Mirrin. Oh, and tell Lance that Sakuya said hello...". With that, the Maid took Mirrins hand into her own, dropping a small charm into it. "This will help you, definitely". Then, the Maid gave Mirrin a shove towards the path, and watched her go. "I hope it isn't too late..... ".


Lance noticed the ground appear underneath him, and landed on it, making sure it was solid. Patchouli was doing a darn good job keeping it in place. He moved just in time to dodge a whip of energy fired from L, and retaliated by creating a ball of Nuclear power and threw it at his opponent, who had to fly up into the air just to barely escape. The storm around them raged, more powerful than ever, the flames and wind would probably annihilate anything or anyone that fell into it instantly. With this in mind, Lance returned to his battle with L, and made sure to keep away from the edges of the arena.


At the bottom of the Mountain, a stranger approached the Castle, observing the happenings but not interfering. Her red hair and eyes sparkled almost as brightly as her scythe's blade did. She simply observed, and sighed lightly. "I'm going to have a LOT of souls to reap.... ugh...".