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Islanders of The Party

These secretive, smiling characters welcome you to The Party

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a character in “Crazy Bored”, as played by Agent


They inhabit an area between the beach and a large waterfall, mostly gathering in the clearing which is the location of the Party. There is definitely a sort of hierarchy or power system in existence that is yet to be revealed. There is a subgroup referred to as the Guard, of which Andrei, Diesel and Cole are a part of.

Image Corben
"His mask was decorated with glistening black feathers that showed different colored highlights as he moved. As well as his feet, his torso was bare except for an unbuttoned black vest and several strings of wood and silver beads, he also wore rolled up black trousers."
...Dark hair just long enough to tie into a short ponytail. Tall-ish with tanned olive skin. 1
> Comes off as quite charming, if not somewhat secretive.

Image Marisa
"The creature was feminine with bare feet but wearing a full-skirted formal ballroom dress which was torn short to about the knees exposing the cage frame underneath; her mask glittered with azure scales and glimmering pearls. Dark eyes shimmered behind her mask"
...Wavy white hair in a bun with a couple of strands framing her face. Small and feminine build, pale olive skin. 1
> Soft.

Image Nuria
"[She] was quite tall and well muscled, she had a long black plait of hair trailing down here back and bare feet. She was dressed in black pants and leather wrist and ankle cuffs with metal studs. Her top was black as well and only covered the chest leaving her abdomen and arms bare. Her mask consisted of black and fiery red scales that seemed to ripple as she moved."
...Long straight black hair tied in a high plait. Very tall, female, built like an amazon. 1
> Proud, strong-willed, independent

Image Bunny
"[She] was shorter [than Nuria] but still lean with subtly wiry muscles. She wore a soft pale blue dress with a tattered hem, she looked a bit like an innocent child but the way her blond hair had been hacked short made her appearance slightly disturbing. The way she leered at him with a sharp-toothed grin added to the effect. Her mask was decorated with soft grey grey fur."
...Gold blonde hair hacked short, some longer curls and strands remaining. Small, child-sized, but subtly muscled; some light freckles. 1
> She's... kinda insane, or acts like it anyway. Volatile.

  • Paolo - "male Islander in a tiger-striped masked" 3
    > Looked down upon, defiant and rebellious, protective, resentful
  • Andrei - "The Islander was a musclebound character with a mane of gold-brown hair. Unlike the others he wore no mask instead his face was decorated with paints. A dark horizontal slash of black was painted across his face in line with his eyes, and several smaller gold-ish yellow ochre lines ran vertical across his brow emanating from the black and continuing into his hair line." 2
    > Proud and strong

    They also had a thick horizontal stripe of black across their face.
  • Diesel - One was smaller with pale skin and red hair; he had four brown spots of paint across his eyes and lines like a cheetah's tear-stain markings on his cheeks.
    ... Frizz of blood red hair, pale skin, small, muscled. 2
    > Erratic, energetic, speedy, volatile
  • Cole - The other man was tall and dark so that the black paint could only just be seen against his skin; his forehead above the stripe was dark grey with paint, and he had spots in the same dark grey on his cheeks.
    ... Long dark dreadlocks, dark skin, muscled. 2
> Patient and strong, silent and stealthy

So begins...

Islanders of The Party's Story


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#, as written by zody
((OOC: I'll just assume that the cross hasn't been redrawn, so yeah. Engage China Mode: Active. ))

Meiling paced the dimly lit hallways of the Mansion, a scowl on her face. "It isn't like Lance to take this long. Especially with the whole time control thing. I mean, I may get confused easily, but this is just bad. Who's gonna clean up, or take care of the Mistress?". It was then that Meiling kinda realised that she might have to take over. Engage freakout mode? I think so.

"Ohgoshohgoshohgosh I might get fired! I'm a Guard not a Butler or a... I don't even know! Psychotic little Brother? Uhn, I'm totally screwed, if Mistress finds out about this I'll be dead for su-".

"If I find out what, Miss Meiling?".

Meiling froze, her blood went cold. A bead of sweat dripped down her forehead as she realised who was behind her. Meiling slowly turned around, and her body automatically went stiff when she saw her Mistress glaring at her, the crimson eyes seeming to peer into her very soul. "So, Miss Meiling, will you answer my question?". Meiling hesitated. Hopefully something would happen to intervene before she became Vampire food. Meiling took a step back, then another and another. Her back was against the wall, her Mistress only a small step away from her. Remilia Scarlet smiled, and it chilled Meiling to the core. "Heh... L-Lady R-Remilia! I d-didn't expect to s-see you out h-here! Heh... I better, erm, get back to my post or somethAAAAAAAAAH!".

Mid sentence, the floor had vanished and Meiling fell straight through, before even Remilia could catch her. Suddenly, she was gone and the portal closed. Remilia breathed a sigh of exasperation. "I really need some Tea, a shame that Lance isn't here. Maybe Patchouli could make me some?". With that, she turned and hovered off toward the Library.



That was the sound China made when she was falling through the air, and when she eventually hit the ground with a thud. She'd taken worse hits, but still, impacting against the solid ground, crashing through the table and sending it's contents flying around in all directions. Meiling sat up, rubbing her head, which had a considerable amount of blood on it, and looking around. First thing she noticed was the group of Islanders around her, almost all wearing Masks. She blinked a few times, making sure she wasn't having a delusion. Then she did what almost any sane person would do.



Lance took the Book back from Quill, a smirk on his face. "What's the matter, Quill, can't read English? I'll translate it for you then". Lance flicked to the back of the Book, and was just about to translate when he heard the scream. His instincts took over when he realised who it was. "Holy crap, is that actually who I think it is?". Lance wasted no more words as he raced off back towards the screaming.

He eventually reached the clearing where the Party was, and quickly spotted his target inside a group of Islanders. She was bleeding for the impact she'd gone through, and probably hysterical from... god knows. Lance quickly rushed over to her, skidding under a table and pulling her into his arms. "Hey, China. It's me. Listen, just calm down. It's alright, they're not gonna hurt you. See, they haven't tried to blow you up or set you on fire or throw knives at you or throw exploding books at you or freeze you or scare you or... why am I rambling on so much?". Lance looked down at Meiling and ruffled her hair playfully. "So... lemme guess, you were about to get fired and then you fell down here?".

Meiling growled at Lance, looking extremely sleepy and exhausted. "Ah, screw you. Always showing up at the worst or best times. Sweet sense of timing but you won't lemme sleep when I want to..... you ass......". With that, the redhead was fast asleep, and Lance was actually able to lift her over his shoulder. He proceeded back to Quill. "Is there anywhere I can take her? Looks like she hasn't slept in days. Must've been worried or something. I might let her sleep in peace this time". Lance looked at the figure he was holding, wondering if her dreams were about knives, or whatever they were about. "Anyways, she's our first priority for now. She can help. I also think we should get some sleep. Day is breaking, and I don't know about you, but I'm tired as well". Lance didn't actually feel tired, he'd just grown bored and needed a distraction.

((OOC: I was wondering if Anastasia and China would get along. I dunno but they'll probably be suprised the find her asleep in the Castle. Also, g'nite, it's only Thursday and I have School tomorrow D= ))


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#, as written by zody
Remilia and Yukari were both tired, both kneeling, catching their breath, but Yukari was faster, giving Remilia a brutal uppercut and sending her flying. Remilia would've stood, but the sunlight stopped her from dong anything. Yukari turned to Mirrin, enveloping herself in a gap and reappearing behind Mirrin, holding her while Rumia prepared to strike. Remilia yelled to Lance, knowing what he was about to do could turn him evil as well. "LANCE, TAKE OFF YOUR NECKLACE!".


Lance stood, facing the Vampire before him. Still in his childlike form, L was growing deadlier by the second, but Lance would match this power easily. Lance moved his hand to his necklace, only now realising the direness of the situation. If Lady Remilia was willing to let him take off his necklace, things must be going horribly. Very, very horribly. He clasped his hands around the necklace, and tugged.....




That was when he exploded in a ball of light, sending everyone flying in different directions, and causing Him, L, Remilia and Mirrin to end up in the middle of the party. Well, Remilia and Mirrin did, at least, but he and L were transported to the top of a Volcano. Epic battle about to take place? I think so!


the explosion shook the Island slightly, and that would've alerted Quill to what was happening, and where. And the others would've known too, because everyone would be fighting everyone else. Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark.

The Great Battle.... had just begun.


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#, as written by Agent
Corben blinked against the afternoon sun as he stepped outside for the first time since this morning. The dull lighting and stale air of meeting chambers and hidden halls had done little good for his eyes. His engagements had dragged on but considering it was still light he had actually finished earlier than usual. The thought cheered him a bit after the negative outcomes of the day's discussions. Things were in motion that he'd have rather not have. Events triggered events and soon he would be forced into action, already he was receiving instructions to prepare. It made him bristle to contemplate how the council, having remained silent for so long, thought they could now force their will. But they could.
He shook the thought away and allowed his mind to travel to more pleasant concepts. Shai. He grinned.
As he walked across the clearing Cole came up to him quickly, and Corben smile faltered.
"What is it?"
The guard held out an object silently and Corben took it. It was a piece of green cloth with a dark stain. Raising it slightly Corben inhaled and his frown deepened.
"Blood," he said. "And this cloth... I had garments in something similar my reserve housing..."
He studied the rag a moment longer before looking suddenly back at Cole with dark angry eyes, his voice was low and dangerous when he spoke, "Where is she?"