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Brazen beauty with a taste for blood

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a character in “Crazy Bored”, originally authored by Shavnia_Velmount, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Shailyn Le Blanche 'AKA Shai'
Species: Werewolf
Appearance: Shai stands at a mere five foot four, her skin is a pale alabaster. Eyes of silver and hair of a frosty white and falls below her waist only make her look ghostly to some. Usually wearing black deer skin breeches and matching deer skin top. She always carries a broad sword passed down to her from her father.
Personality: She is brazen with her words uncaring if she hurts someone's feelings. Being an unwilling cold blooded killer has left her somewhat of an empty shell of a human. Her attitude reflects that of her wolf, tense when she senses danger, snappish without meaning to be and highly territorial as well as predatory. She is constantly fighting the aggressive nature, and can have a soft side but it rarely comes out. If she becomes attached to someone she can be loyal although at times her loyalty can be almost smothering to the person.
Likes: the smell of rain, meat, solitude, cherries and naps
Dislikes: Thunder, honey, large bodies of water and silver.
Role in the place where they came from: warrior
What your character was doing the moment before being dumped on the island: Shai was chained and in the process of being brutally beaten, she'd just snatched the key and biting into her attacker's neck when she vanished.

So begins...

Shai's Story


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#, as written by Agent
Goose opened his eyes. Something had woken him from his nap and that made him grumpy, everything made him grumpy. He blinked against the sun and tried to remember why he was awake; then he looked towards the cross in the sand.
A pair of silver shackles and chains sat in the sand beside the tall pale women. Her dark clothes were splattered with blood. He raised his eyebrows, almost mimicking her own expression minus the caution, "I don't suppose that's actually your blood, is it?" he smirked.
She made some response but he wasn't really listening as he slid off the armchair.
"Yeah, yeah, now move it Missie," he grumbled giving her a push in the thigh, which was about his head height.
Once he'd removed the new arrival he gave the shackles a kick, grumbling all the while, and set about drawing a new cross in the sand, ignoring the scornfully looks he received. Once done he turned to face the woman.
"I'm Goose. This is The Island. Try not to die too soon. Don't eat the peaches."


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#, as written by Agent
Goose sighed as everyone started talking and waddled back over to his armchair. He climbed back up onto the seat where his feet hung off the ground and folded his hands over his stomach while he sat back to survey the new arrivals. "Let's see..."
He turned towards the first pale arrival, "What the hell is going on? I've already answered that, Missie. Your on The Island. And if your all following my advice, as you ought to if you've got anything of worth between your ears, your trying not to die." He switched his gaze to the newest arrival, who was just finishing mimicking him.
"What is this island called? Do you have water in your ears, Twinkles? Or are you just slow? Its The Island. That's it's name you ninny." He snapped, not feeling particularly courteous. As if he ever did. "And you want clothes? The ones on your back not good enough? You'll have to leave the beach, go into the jungle and beyond to find some."
He gave a smug and wicked smile and the appalled expression growing on her face and turned back to the pale warrior.
"How many more are there? More; that's how many." Even he knew that wasn't a straight answer and the though made his grin more smug. "Any more questions ladies? And dragon."


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#, as written by Agent
The dragon came back with its rider who began talking to the bleeding gun-carrier. They were talking and the other boy was talking and it was beginning to set Goose on edge.
"There's lot's of people," said Goose with a tone akin to panic but with a deeper edge of something to it. "All on my beach. Lot's of people and- YOU'RE WRECKING MY BEACH!!"
The red-brown hair boy was smiling at him, not in a nice way.
"I can play games too, Skippy," snarled Goose returning the wicked grin. He rolled his shoulders with a slight frown like he was removing a kink from his neck. His voice was deeper when he spoke again. "And I know just how flammable you are."
"Okay you lot, listen up! Skippy there are things in that jungle who love to play games with you. Trigger and Princess deal with your medical emergency elsewhere, thanks. Take Ugly with you. Doc, Missie and Twinkles... i don't know just... elsewhere... maybe the Party. This is the deal, you're all here for an indefinite amount of time. Follow my advice but leave me alone."
He stomped off back to his armchair, he was oddly taller now and when he sat down he was able to mush his feet aggressively into the sand in front of him.
"And keep clear of my arrival point."

OOC: Don't take Goose personally. It's just his character. I love that there's so many people.


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#, as written by zody
Remilia and Yukari were both tired, both kneeling, catching their breath, but Yukari was faster, giving Remilia a brutal uppercut and sending her flying. Remilia would've stood, but the sunlight stopped her from dong anything. Yukari turned to Mirrin, enveloping herself in a gap and reappearing behind Mirrin, holding her while Rumia prepared to strike. Remilia yelled to Lance, knowing what he was about to do could turn him evil as well. "LANCE, TAKE OFF YOUR NECKLACE!".


Lance stood, facing the Vampire before him. Still in his childlike form, L was growing deadlier by the second, but Lance would match this power easily. Lance moved his hand to his necklace, only now realising the direness of the situation. If Lady Remilia was willing to let him take off his necklace, things must be going horribly. Very, very horribly. He clasped his hands around the necklace, and tugged.....




That was when he exploded in a ball of light, sending everyone flying in different directions, and causing Him, L, Remilia and Mirrin to end up in the middle of the party. Well, Remilia and Mirrin did, at least, but he and L were transported to the top of a Volcano. Epic battle about to take place? I think so!


the explosion shook the Island slightly, and that would've alerted Quill to what was happening, and where. And the others would've known too, because everyone would be fighting everyone else. Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark.

The Great Battle.... had just begun.