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Laurence Netherby Melthius

"Oh Silly Child - The Monsters Are In Your Head Not Under Your Bed."

0 · 155 views · located in Maine Rehabilitation Center

a character in “Crazy Passion”, as played by LozerFanAnah


Laurence Netherby Melthius



Laurence unlike his father and brother is very feminine looking. He's lean, thin and has a slight curve that gives him more of a 'female' hourglass shape than the 'manly' carrot shape as he compares. The teen is also not as tall as his family member's opting to be the shortest of all the males he is related to. Also unlike his family he inherited more of the fae part of his mother's side than any of his siblings gaining bubblegum pink hair that he leaves to grow shaggy but he combs it down as best he can -s o it often falls into his eyes. Though when he's working on a new track or tune he clips it back messily with bobby pins that people say often makes him look more attractive. Laurence has bright silver eyes inherited from his great grandmother (who was full fae) that seem to shimmer when the fae side of him acts up. He likes to wear reading glasses though he can see perfectly.

Clothing wise he ops to dress more masculine than he looks just to prove that h is a boy. Usually wearing long sleeve button-down shirts, skinny jeans and converse. To maintain his job he wears a vest version of a doctor's coat. Everyday he's wearing a different hat because as he grew up hats were the one thing he was allowed to collect because they were useful. When he isn't dressed for the job he dresses in more a rock and roll style.

3/4 Human 1/4 Fae

Uniform Example
Casual Example

Laurence loves to call everyone in the facility by a nickname he gives them; usually cute and pet name sounding.

Theme Song
Feeling Good by Muse|Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park|Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack


Laurence is a very eccentric person who looks at everything in a way that most would never dare to try and see it. His thoughts are quirky and odd sometimes ranging on the bizzare side of the spectrum. Most people can't keep up with him and his best friends often compared him to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Not that he minds because he does believe in many impossible things; like igniting a match underwater or slamming a revolving door. His main goal in life is to get everyone to think on their own rather than think what people want them to think.

Of course as a doctor he doesn't let it get in the way of his work. He knows when to calm down and become someone the patients can actually trust. Although he doesn't believe he can cure them he believes that he can help them live with whatever they are dealing with. It's his approach. Laurence tells them how it is and then tries to help them by coaching them through ways that they can become one with their issues and continue on working their lives.

The part of him that is fae however he has very little control over. More often than not he finds himself shifting things around him to either draw people towards him or push them away. Usually it acts up more when his satyriasis (hypersexuality) acts up and attracts people to him so that he doesn't have to physically and emotionally go after them himself. It also leaves him with a scent that varies person to person as to whatever scent they most enjoy; to himself he smells like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory which makes him nearly squeal with excitement.

However behind all of the whimsical fun stuff there's something much darker crawling in him. Something that keeps trying to push his past to the forefront of his mind and dredge up everything he tries so hard to ignore but not forget. Most often he'll have pills rattling in their containers in his pockets in case his urges spike and he needs to deal with them fast. This lead him to an addiction he believes he has control over. Not that he would let anyone ever know of course.

Love Interest


Being In Bondage and Non-Brown Eyes

*His Family
*Public Washrooms
*Lip Stick
*Butterscotch Pudding

*The Patients
*Duct Tape

*Mixing Reality
*Helping People
*Making Music

Favorite Food/Drink
*Chocolate Cheesecake
*French Vanilla Coffee


You promised to love me.

Laurence Netherby Melthius was born two years after his older brother Harold Davis. However he didn't have brown hair and blue eyes like either his father or his brother like they had expected. No; he was born with bubblegum pink hair and startling silver eyes that seemed to gleam. His mother's hair was a light blonde with a pink tint and he had his father's skin tone so no one ever questioned if he was truly Matthew's son. It was automatically assumed and left alone right after. No one ever looked into if his mother had, had a fling with another man just seven months before. (She had; Laurence still doesn't know it yet.)

A year after his birth his younger twin siblings Elaine and Gregory Netherby were born. They looked more like their parents than Laurence did as well; Elaine with her light blonde hair and Gregory with his light brown. He looked upon himself as different and took to isolating himself away from his family. A young boy of just one had decided that he wasn't worthy of the family that was raising him for he was different - odd. Laurence wasn't part of their life and so he stayed away from his younger siblings and older brother. Even when they sought him out he would remain locked away in his room where they couldn't see him trying to cut his hair.

Ten years later Laurence - eleven years old watched as his older brother did well with everything that he did. He watched his high school entered brother bring home tests with one hundred percent on them and watched his parents praise him. It as different from when he brought him the same marks.

You don't bring them home all the time Laurence. Harold does.

Even with his harder work nothing happened; for a year he brought home nothing but A's and never got any recognition for it from his father. His mother however he noticed was spending more and more time with him. She would whisper kind things in his ears and do things to him that he had learned in school weren't good. But Laurence couldn't complain because any kind of attention for his acts was better than none and he stayed quiet through the nights of hushed words and hurried movements. His mother loved him; that was enough for him. When his younger siblings got a record deal when they were thirteen or when his brother started his own business when he was sixteen he had his mother's love. Laurence was her favourite and that was all he had been asking for - someone to love him.

In High School however he knew things were going bad because with his brother gone off to a college early for a business degree and his siblings touring around France (his home) he was left alone with his father; Matthew and his mother; Josephine. Laurence didn't know how long it would take but the day his father found out what his mother was doing he knew it was over. She began to hate him just as much as his father did; maybe a little too late when he turned sixteen and met hi science teacher of the year Mr. Jonathon Levey. His teacher constantly told him what his parents said wasn't true. Laurence slowly began to realized that he no longer wanted to be just Mr. Levey's student.

Everything I hate is evil.

Twelfth grade was probably when most of Laurence's problems began to emerge - meaning the Nymph that had long laid dormant in his brain until his body started lusting after people like every other young adult. It made going to class difficult especially when it came to Mr. Levey's science class. He made up excuse after excuse until one day Mr. Levey wouldn't take it anymore and cornered him after a class he had managed to get to. One thing led to another and Laurence left the room with his teacher's favourite hat.

Indiana Jones would be proud of that hat.

After he graduated high school it took the seventeen year old Laurence two years to graduate from University with a PHd in Psychiatry and a degree in Medical Science. Not the road was easy because he'd fallen into a hole deeper and blacker than he could even comprehend - which was why he left France for the Maine Rehabilitation Center.

Reason For Being At The Center
Laurence really only has an urge to help the people who go through what he had; or help them deal with their pasts.

Were They Forced To Go There?
No. He'd gone willingly to prove to his parents that he'd doing something useful with his life.

Matthew Davis Netherby [Father]
Josephine Kristian Melthius [Mother]
Harold Davis Melthius [Older Brother]
Elaine Kristian Netherby [Younger Sister *Twin*]
Gregory Melthius Netherby [Younger Brother *Twin*]

So begins...

Laurence Netherby Melthius's Story