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Luka Haven-Rheayne McAllistair

"Destiny divided pitiful twins...."

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a character in “Crazy Passion”, as played by MagicalNeko



:L U K A . h a v e n - r h e a y n e . m c a l l i s t a i r:

[Five feet six inches]
[Slender; boyish]
[Luka has two different personalities: one sweet, innocent, and even shy; while the other is loud, rambunctious, and out-going. His quiet side is submissive, blushing when he even thinks about someone he finds good-looking, or when they look at him. This side loves easily, but would never come out β€” he would rather try to make the person happy, even if it meant giving them up and accepting them with someone else. This side of him seems to put himself down carelessy, sometimes even to the point of tears, and is seen as a slight masochist because of it. Generally, this side is described as sweet, soft-hearted, kind, approachable, and unselfish. His other side, however.... His other side is loud, spunky, energetic, and annoying; he's a true performer. He is upbeat and in-your-face, out there. He doesn't love for anything but physical ability, and when he wants someone, he gets them. He will ruthlessly pursue them until he can spend the one desired night with them and leave them when it's over. Both sides have their faults and charms, but they are believed to be traits of Luka's original personality that are unrefined and unbalanced by the other side.]

[At a very young age, Luka Haven-Rheayne and Lilly Nevaeh-Eaveian McAllistair were obvious talents with anything musical, especially singing. At the age of fourteen, they began as a team, doing duets and recorded their first CD together, MirrorSong, named for the obvious fact that they'd be identical if it weren't for their mismatched genders. The CD sold several hundred thousand copies and made it to the top forty charts, ranking in at twenty-one. Their second album was another duet series, Gemini. Their next album, Left and Right, was made up of three CDs with three different versions of each song, the lyrics changed depending on the version β€” Left was Luka's versions, Right was Lilly's. The third was duet versions. While the duet versions were popular, people tended to gravitate toward one or the other of the twins, and Left and Right's sales made only half as many as it's predecessor. It was shortly after they recieved this news that Luka and Lilly split up their careers, both hiring themselves new managers and signing with different recording companies. Lilly was the first to make a move, releasing her CD, I Like You, I Love You, which hit number three in the top ten in less than a week after its debut. Following this action, Luka released his CD, SPICE! which hit number four, just below Lilly's. They both competed like this for three years, until Luka released his first number one hit song β€” a single, World is Mine β€” which knocked Lilly's Daughter of Evil into the number two slot. Despite this, the two were very close, and held no hard feelings against eachother.

It was only a month after their seventeenth birthday that Lilly was kidnapped by an over-obsessed fan. When they finally found her, she was dead. Autopsy reports stated that Lilly had been raped several times over the five months that she had been missing, and had apparently been impregnated twice, though she had aborted the first one β€” whether it had been intentional on her half, or whether he had done it for her, it was still messy β€” the second had still been living when she was killed. Upon hearing about this, and seeing her body for confirmation, Luka fell into a depression where he began to write lyrics for his next CD. Only one of his own songs was accepted after recording, and that was Falling, Falling Snow. It hit number one on the singles' chart, while the album, :l UU ..k.. a:ppend hit number two. It was his most popular album, but while his fans cheered him on, those behind the scenes knew that something was very wrong with him. When mention of Lilly came up, he denied not only what had happened to her, but her existence altogether. It wasn't just a publicity stunt. Luka continued this infront of everyone until he had thoroughly convinced himself that it was true, despite overwhelming evidence that he was wrong. They suggested that he see a psychiatrist, and he committed himself without another question. By then, his personalities had already split and most of the damage had been done. His manager, Magnus Liam-Scarlette Villiers promised to call him and visit every once in awhile, as long as Cute Luka promised to keep writing his songs, and to never change who he is, even if it means getting rid of the plaguing other half.]

Falling, Falling Snow - Kagamine Len

[Luka has been committed for several reasons, beginning with chronic Depression, and possibly developing Kleptomania and Hypersexuality. Another thing is for therapy after his sister was murdered and he forced himself to forget he ever had a sister. Psychiatrists believe that he may suffer Dissociative Identity Disorder as well β€” one side of him the sweet, innocent, shy one; the other side a sex-driven performer with a need for attention no matter the cost. He is still under-going personal therapy just to see if they missed anything....]

[No; he went on his own, though his parents and manager suggested it.]
[Human, as far as he's concerned; though he has some Siren lineage.]

[Even though he's already seventeen, nearly eighteen, Luka has the appearance of a much younger boy β€” about fourteen or fifteen, though sixteen is the highest guess he's ever gotten. His sweet face, large eye, and full lips give him the appearance of youth and innocence, though its technically only true of one side of him. His hair is golden blonde, just brushing his shoulders when left down, though it's almost always pulled up into a small ponytail at the back of his head. Luka's eyes are a startling emerald green, which is a trait that links him back to the race of Sirens, though he is very clearly mostly Human. He stands at the slightly less than average height of five feet six inches, with a slender body; his style of dress changes depending on his personality. The Quiet Luka tends to gravitate towards more covering and conservative clothes β€” a simple t-shirt and shorts β€” while the SPICE!Luka, as he's come to call himself, wears more revealling clothes, such as short shorts and belly tops, even in inappropriate weather and situations. The one thing he never takes off, no matter which personality is dominate, is his sister's silver chain with a heart pendant β€” he gave it to her for their fourteenth birthday, and she never took it off, so he feels he should repay the favour.]

[Luka has a slight voice and scent fetish, in both personalities.]

[He has released seven CDs, including the three that he and Lilly released together. These are the names of all seven in order from first to last and the names of the most recognized songs from each, if any.


From a Place, You're Not There
Left and Right

Fire Flower
Hot Cocoa
:l UU ..k.. a:
:kUUmo: MIX
:l UU ..k.. a:ppend

Falling, Falling Snow (link above)
Last Night, Good Night
Servant of Evil
Kokoro (Heart)

[Love Interest? It's a secret.]
[Water, death, snow, blood, talk about these things, people who insist he had a sister when he thinks he didn't.]
[Entertaining and performing, making other people happy, chocolate, mangos, cheesecake, scented candles.]
[Singing, playing the piano, playing the violin, writing songs and poems.]
[His favourite food is chocolate mango cheesecake. His favourite drink is chocolate mango milkshakes.]
[His mother and father, and his twin sister, Lilly (deceased).]

Disclaimer and Notes: All songs mentioned are Kagamine Len and Rin's songs; all can be found on YouTube. None of them are in the exact order of release I mentioned, so don't get all mad. The reason I did this is because, since Luka is quite famous, other characters of this RPG may know his work, and I don't want any confusion about the order of CDs or what songs of his were popular.

So begins...

Luka Haven-Rheayne McAllistair's Story