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Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Create-A-Civ V. 1.0


With your fellow roleplayers, create a civlization that can last through the ages! War can be raged, trade routes can be forged, and alliances made that will last through the ages.

459 readers have visited Create-A-Civ V. 1.0 since Nem created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Welcome to the Brave New World! The map you gaze upon above is a land that lacks any written history, nations, or inhabitants. It's geography is empty and it hasn't a culture to speak of. However, it is a land of endless opportunity, creativity, and discovery. It is a world dictated by those who decide to brave its unknown regions. Not limited to the laws of our world, this land can be bent, twisted, and molded to any shape a player desires. The goal to this RPG is simple: create a Civilization and have it survive in the ever changing tides of the world.

*Notice, this is only a portion of the world, I may consider making a "New World" type place, with more continents.

Set in the era similar to that the 1900-1925's, it is like that time in human history. Technology is limited to of that area of history. Period. However, you are not limited to technology. Of course not, for this is a world where anything is possible! Forsake the technology, powered by the mind and it's capacity, dive into the deluge of magic! But to keep things fair, as this needs to be fair, you wouldn't want it unfair, would you? There are limits on magic as well. Smaller feats of magic can be achieved by an average magician at will, but any large act(s)- and I mean any large act(s) of magic- require(s) much preparation (in the form of rituals, sacrifices, fasts, etc.). This stops the "single OP wizard will tear down your entire army". Even with a ritual and an extreme pro-magic magician, it will still take a decent-sized force of these to take down a whole army, perfectly fair, right? Now, a civilization can either be pro-magic or pro-tech either side will work, it's up to you. If one tries to dabble extensively into both they will fail, only being average at the best in both areas. Choose wisely, new leaders.

Furthermore, nations range in sizes, both in population and in landmass. But try to keep them proportional. e.g., if you have a tiny population you should probably have a smaller landmass, large population to large landmass. Etc, etc. If the land mass is too large, I will tell you to downsize it. Population classifications are as follows:

Small: 0-5,000,000
Medium: 5,000,001-10,000,000
Large: 10,000,001-15,000,0001.

*Please try to avoid using the largest population. Be realistic, most countries have some form of a middleground between the extremes.*

Use good judgment when deciding how large your land is. Larger populations can (usually) hold more land effectively than smaller ones. (Though England had a pretty good run, so I will be lenient on this) Use Paint to show where you want your nation to be. If you can't do this then please just write a (very) detailed blurb describing the location on the map (I will probably screw up if it's not very detailed.). Remember, this is a first come first serve RP, the people who post first get a location first.

There are few rules to this RP, but nothing totalitarianistic that it will inhibit your creative powers.

This is your nation sheet. Fill it out however you want. But please, try and have some detail, and keep the grammar decent. And feel free to modify it as you see fit to better appeal to you, the leader of your nation, and the other nations.

Nations Sheet
Nation Location: (Picturehere)
Nations Name:
Race Name:
Race Description:
Nation Size:
Population Scale:
Capital: (Name and a description of it)
Settlements: (Describe what a normal settlement is like. And feel free to add any extra important locations in your civilization to this category)
National Geography: (Describe what the different climate and geography of different regions of your civilization is like)
National History:
Nation's Major Trade Exports: (Fur, Slaves, Metal, etc. Limit is 10)
Nation's Major Trade Imports: (No limit, as odds are it is whatever you don't have)
Military: (Is limited to between 0% and 15%). However, take into account that all your population is not adults, so this will limit your amount of available troops.)
Army/Regular Troops:
Magic: (Describe how magical your army is, as well as your nation is on the whole)

*Notice: As this is a new world, no history of interaction with other countries.

That's it! While it may look daunting at first trust me that it isn't. After a few posts even the newest RPGer will get the hang of it. So may the heavens shine down upon you, great builder of civilizations, and ask yourself: can you build a nation that will stand the test of time?

Toggle Rules

1) Play fair. No nation should be an obvious god amongst ants here. All should have pro's and cons. I trust you all that this shouldnt be an issue
2) Play often. If you join this try to post at least once every 1 to 2 days. I don't want this to die before it gets off the ground. Of course if an issue arises
3) Be respectful. This is going to be a gentlman's (and gentlady's) game. We can have heated discussions, we can even have arguments. But I don't want to see any personal attacks on anyone.
4) Listen. I, as GM, have final say in any disputes that cannot be solved between players. I may also appoint a co-GM or two. They will have the same authority. You may not like a judgment, but respect it.
5) Stay in time. This is an RPG where a lot of stuff will be happening throughout the world. While I wont limit the time frame, let's not have a year pass between posts.
6) Be legible. This RP will have a lot of writing in it. Use decent grammer please. No one wants to struggle to read something that you put a lot of work into.
7) No warmongering. The world may seem to be driven by who carries the biggest stick, believe me there is far more to it. Do not forget about the joy of diplomacy, trade, and all those other lovely things that drive a nation. While war is most likely inevitable, we can't have this game soley revolve around that.
8) Please join only if you can post and participate actively!
9) Have fun. This RP is supposed to be fun, let's have some!

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Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

No idea how I figured it out. Sometime about 2 years ago or less. I guess its useful if you want to get a better idea of what the GM expects by checking out there character if it wasn't finished or something. Or getting a sneak peak at other peoples so you can tailor your own to suit better.

Just tricks you learn... for example Nem hasn't even made a WIP of his character.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Oh... Wait... It works...

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Ahaha, I have superpowers. Its called reading your profile page and your characters. Since even if they're not accepted they are still listed there. A way of checking other people's characters if they're unfinished or not accepted.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I wonder when Nem will start accepting.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I wonder when we'll actually start..

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Where did you get your information? You're not Nem... O_o

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I see much similarity between the Gnolls and Syathe Drana, differences too. Should certainly make interaction quite interesting. Depends on how much you're going to get out of your little island once the RP starts though.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I think by that he meant not to put any previous interaction into the history of the nation since that was by the CS for the nation.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Well the GM did say that that we wouldn't have previous interactions
"*Notice: As this is a new world, no history of interaction with other countries."
Don't know how that works since they would have encountered each other by this point if he is saying its equivalent to 1900s then Earth was mostly explored by then

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

As soon as the GM starts approving nations, can we start getting trade routes off? I think that, since everyone has been around as long as they have, we should start with trade routes immediately, perhaps even war. (I don't think war would be a good thing to start immediately with, but I think it would be best to be realistic.)

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I took the the many islands in the bottom right. is it fine?

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Finalhazard3 wrote:How does that work if two people reserve/submit the same island? First come first serve or is it a decision type thing with whoever has the better app gets it?

in the introduction, it says that it works as a first come first serve, right at the bottom of the paragraph that's under the population caps.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

CussingChild wrote:Can anybody tell me how to get the picture from microsoft paint to a presentable link to show Nem?

Save the image to a select location; I chose mine to desktop.

Then go to an image hosting website such as Tumblr, Imgur, TinyPic etc etc and then upload it there.

Grab the link and then just post it here and put it in img tags:
Code: Select all

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Well, I posted mine on my tumblr then just took the link from there.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Can anybody tell me how to get the picture from microsoft paint to a presentable link to show Nem?

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I didn't think of that... If I have the same island as anyone, just le'me know and I'll switch my location.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Meh, really? Damn it.

Edit: How does that work if two people reserve/submit the same island? First come first serve or is it a decision type thing with whoever has the better app gets it?

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Finalhazard3 wrote:Err...this sounds weird but may I reserve the upper right island?

[For anyone that really wants to know the multiple islands in the bottom right combined are about the size of the upper right hand island]

I already submitted one that had me owning the island...

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

I also submitted a character sheet, I hope it's alright.

Re: Create-A-Civ V. 1.0

Err...this sounds weird but may I reserve the upper right island?

[For anyone that really wants to know the multiple islands in the bottom right combined are about the size of the upper right hand island]