Creature form Below

Creature form Below


The Human being has always manteined a Hostile position through the course Of history, Now , 600 years after the battle of endor, A new rebellion tries to overcome the New Jedi Republic, Taking the name of the Fallen Sith Empire, Will Peace come at last?

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A group of Sith Aprenttices an Sith lords Go in a scout mission to find possible energy for a mass destruction weapon, the planet is vast and has different tipe of ruins, they eventually find a temple, where a big " Computer " Made of The force traps them in, along with different traps and test's, They have to end up findin the computer and so the machine ends up convincing them of peace, afterwards the group has to travel out of the planet, to stop a massive battle in New Coruscant, So war can Be stopped...


Sith lord:

Primary weapon = Short Lightsaber ( One hand )

Power in the force = High

Secondary weapon = None

Backpack/Inventory space = 10 slots

Extra items = Mask/Helmets, Only for the looks


Bounty hunter/ Armed sith

Primary and secondary weapon = Blasters

Power in the force = Low

Backpacks/Inventory slots = 30

Exta items = Tactical helmet/ Mask's: Nightvision
Heat Vision
Intelligent vision ( Kinda like having a google glass, that actually works as promised... )
Force indicator


Sith aprentice

Primary and secondary ( Optional ) Weapons = Lightsabers and Blasters

Power in the force = Medium

Backpack/Inventory slots = 15-20

Extra items = Optional Helmet/Mask for Intellgient vision



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