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Starlet Cariana

A kitsune raised as a demon princess

0 · 225 views · located in school grounds

a character in “Creatures of Vlad Dracula Highschool”, as played by RosexXxStarlight


With long, white hair and piercing red eyes, Starlet is a sight for sore eyes. She is tall and often wears high heels and short shorts, giving her legs an even longer look. She dresses with only the finest clothing and loves to accesorize. She wears very little make up because her natural beauty would be flawed by it. Her skin is pale, but not as pale as her hair. It hangs like a curtain of silver down her back.


She isn't extremely valley girl and can be devious and smart. She often seduces people into following her by using her looks before she takes hold of them with her demonic powers. She is often acting seductive and doesn't think that anyone can resist her charm. She has a very dark sense of humor and is often narcisitic. She only ignores her looks when she is fighting, which is one of her favorite past times.


She often wears tight tank tops and mini skirts. She loves her boots because it makes her legs look even longer. Her demonic powers are strange in the way they only manifest themselves as animals. They're also white. In her clan that she comes from, she was thought to be some sort of a prodigy. She knows how to control the animals pretty well.


Raised by one of the most respected covens in the demonic world, Larian, she is normally treated with admiration. Her parents were the leaders of the coven, both of them extremely beautiful. The entire coven had black hair, so when Starlet was born, they thought of her as an abominaton. Her powers developed at a young age when her father found her playing with a small white rabbit. The rabbit wasn't real, but made of shadows. The shadows were a strange white color so her parents took her to the council. They found her amazing and as soon as she could, she was sent to one of the best schools. She was raised to beleive humans were inferior, so when she discovers a human going to the same school, her reaction will not be a positive one. She also beleived she was a demon.. untill now.

So begins...

Starlet Cariana's Story