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Aenon Brookson

"I finally seem to fit in this puzzle of life."

0 · 358 views · located in Human Boundaries

a character in “Creepypasta Life”, as played by Rabidness


Name: Aenon Brookson
Age(Real): 17 (Soon to be 18)
He has blue hair that covers up his left eye, and extremely blue eyes. Aenon also has a few piercings, and appears to be what most people would call a scene kid.
Height: 6 feet
Weight: He is underweight, judging from his looks. However, he refuses to look in a scale.
Defining Characteristic: His piercings and eyes
Backstory: Aenon was born to a mother and father. They were quite caring, and he had a very happy childhood with good grades, but he never made any friends. His parents died in a mass shooting, when he turned 17, at the doctors office while he was getting his weight taken. He took a scalpel that was on a nearby cart and killed the shooters. However, he also killed most the people there, unable to tell who was friend or foe. After realizing what happened, he ran into the nearby woods, and seemed to undergo a transformation when he arrived at a creek to drink water. He was able to go into a frenzy mode after he drank the water, and it became useful when he saw some police coming toward him. He became enraged, and soon they were all dead. Soon, after his slaughter of the policemen, he became a Pasta due to a forsaken deal and began to live at the apartment when he arrived.
Personality: He is a little shy around new people but will try to make friends. In frenzy mode, he will flip out and destroy almost anything in sight. Aenon doesn't seem romantically interested in anyone.
The color blue
The color red
His birthday
Checking his weight
Pet Peeves: When his frenzy mode becomes active while talking to someone, and they say something that is a little rude.
View on Humans: He tried to help them, but now he hates what the humans have done to his image.
Friends: Despite living here for almost a year, no one. Although he does like and wants to consider Jeff a friend, Aenon doesn't talk to either \ often.
Enemies: No one yet.
Crush(es): No one, but he is not looking for anyone.
Special Talents: Frenzy mode occurs when he is even a little ticked off at something. Although he has tried to control it, nothing seems to work.
Anything Else not Mentioned: He used to have a dog, and he thinks they are the best things ever.

So begins...

Aenon Brookson's Story