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The thirteenth son [24] The devil's son a wandering half demon half human
Monster Under The Bed [24] "Well,this is a PERFECT night for...Fear."
Bloody Marie [20] "Mirrors go both ways. It's who you expect to see that counts."
Selene De'Ath [18] "Be careful what you wish for."
Kate Silence [12] "Silence is sometimes the most deadly weapon."
Jeff the Killer [11] "Go to Sleep"
Blue Stellam [10] "Such pretty skin, it would look nicer with my knives in it." WIP (Needs history and personality.
Silent Mariee [9] "If you don't know silence, you're about to met her."
Smile Dog [6] Spread the word....

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" No one is a saint and what you feel is not security is acceptance you don't feel the evil of socitey judgin you " He said as he played with a small flame on his hand " The people here are evil yes but not by choice it is their nature give to the experiences and deals made" He said as he blew off the flame " They were made this way created you can't judge them the way you judge humans because they are not they just exist" He smiled and looked over to Marie " Some better looking than others " he though of Jeff " But existing never the less they are similar to you so your nature doesn't register the evil deeds they done, or the ones you done killing is killing even in the name of something good" He smiled as he saw his own nature he wasn't like his father but surely he wasn't like his father enemy the one above " So that's why you feel safe when you are in fact surrounded by pyschos like me".


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Quick Out of Character

I just wanted to let you guys know that I won't be posted a lot, unless it's during the weekend. I have a couple of school projects, and the homework I'm getting is insane! Sorry for being inactive...


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Lil' Red

Scarlett sauntered on the sidewalk, watching citizens rush by. The moon was awake, so most of them wanted to sleep. 'Too bad, they're missing out on the universe.' She thought. She knew she stood out among the rest of them, but she liked that. Sitting down on a bench, Scarlett took out her old fairytale book. 'Ariel could be arranged. Maybe I could give them a tail?' Even the thought of killing made her smile.

She stood up, and walked into a bar nearby. Scarlett had a rule about the killing... They had to do something bad. Never killing an innocent person, Scarlett is quite faultless. Redd walked into an alleyway, turning her head to find her next victim. Her eyes went wide, and her smile was perkier. A man was shoving a random woman against the wall, holding a knife to her head. The woman had no chance to scream because her mouth was covered. He had a duffel bag next to him, so Scarlett could guess what was going to happen next.

Lil' Red slowly crept behind him, and grabbed his arm. It snapped back, and the man wailed in pain. Scarlett threw the man to the wall which knocked him unconscious, and she hurled him into the duffel bag. "If you know what's good for you," She said to the woman,"You'd leave and stay silent." The woman nodded, her eyes filled with tears, and she ran off.

(Hello! :D I'm so glad it's the weekend. I've been wanting to post for a while now.)