Hunts Aniigo

a former soldier in Irap betrayed by his friends and left for dead risen from death to hunt, cannabalize, and kill what he deams “fun to hunt”

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a character in “Creepypasta Mansion”, as played by mileswest


name: Anigo “Huntsman” Montoia
age: 23
gender: male
history: Hunts was the nickname he was given in bootcamp, by the platoommhe called family in Iraq, until they betrayed him for money. While he died in a war ravaged city, a woman wanted to summon a demon, thus bringing him into his new revenance. His craving for flesh forming as he grew in bloodfilled anger and his love of hunting grew in his corrupted mind.
appearence: Huntsman, or “Hunts” is a tall, thin hispanic male, with very tan skin and black hair. His eyes are topaz, and despite being thin, his body has muscle tone, as well as former scars and bullet holes from his time as a soldier before his “new life”. Some parts of his back, torso, and shoulders have the handles of a variety of whips and flogs, and some firearms and other hand held weapons that were used against him, before the user met a slow, bloody, painful end. He usually wears a bloody white t-shirt, the blood in the shape of a crosshair, followed by his military jacket, black jeans, and black boots.
personality: Hunts is usually very cold and bored with most people. He tends to flip his personality completely, with a dark smile and firery anger, becoming very violent and enjoying being aggressive, inquisitive, and often hunting what ever he deems prey. He enjoys some whiskey and sometimes cigarettes, but doesn't smoke often.
skills: 1.he is an expert with firearms, whips, and axes. 2. Due to the fact he harbores a demon as a soul, he cannot be killed. 3. Is able to be absolutely silent when hunting, being able to hear from extremely far distances, and have rapid adreneline rushes.

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