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Steven Shadow"Aka Shadow Strike

A human boy who's live was saved by a demon and fused with it

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a character in “Creepypasta Mansion”, as played by Fenix


Name:Steven Shadow Aka'Shadow Strike
How they came to live here: He was sleeping in the forest when he was approached by slender when he woke up he was in the mansion(after this is where the rp starts so yeah)
Description:Black Haired,Blue eyes(when calm when he is sacred or angry they turn red with a black fog effect,Bit long ;dresses formal
Personality:Kind and polite until someone aggravates him, he is a bit shy his only friend was the demon within him, he thought it was an imaginary friend
History:He had a fairly normal childhood till he was murdered at the age of 13 but it didn't end there he was approached by a shadow demon which had pity on the weak boy .The Demon felt the hatred from the boy his body and possessed the boy or so he though. He actually fused with the boy. It reformed both the boy and the demon's personality. The Demon felt the boy's hatred as his own. As side effect the Demon had the urge to kill the ones who harmed the boy. When the Demon found the killers he brutally Tore them to pieces with shadow Blades, When the Killers where dead the boys personality took the upper hand. Steven laughed while
looking at the corpses of the killers. He went on with his live till he turned 14. He Started to have dreams where he talked to the demon inside him. 3 weeks after his birthday he started to hear a voice in his head. He was first afraid cause he didn't know what was going on. Then the voice started to talk about that he felt different after what happened with the killers. Steven was shocked by the precision of the voice his responce.Some time passed and Steven started to get along with the voice, He got bullied on school once and the voice said let me handle them. Steven responded go ahead ,Then Steven knew that the voice wasn't imaginary,
Steven could see how his body beated up the bullies.Afterwards he could move his limbs himself he looked at his knuckles witch were bleeding because he freaked out with what happened he asked ran of home but he passed the alleyway where he was previously murdered the memories came back to him and he also looked at his hands when he stepped in the shadow he started to heal he freaked out about it but the voice comforted him and trained him. during some training of his abilities he was sawn by a man the man started to call Steven names and attacked him steven was in fear so the demon inside steven killed the man, Steven went home after that incident with the man he went inside and found out that his parents weren't home. Steven Waited but they didn't show later on Steven found out that the man who saw u train earlier was part of a cult which hunts all unnatural things and that he has been keeping his eye on him for a long. With his parents dead nowhere else to go the demon told Steven that it would be best to go away from his home town. And ended up travelling
Skills (choose 1-3 skills):Shadow forming(manipulating shadows turning it into a cloak and weapons),Dark Healing(Heals within the Shadows),Shadow warp(Can turn into a shadow and travel to a location of his desire if there are shadows nearby)

So begins...

Steven Shadow"Aka Shadow Strike's Story

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#, as written by Fenix
*is ko in a dark room in the creepypasta mansion*

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#, as written by Fenix