Paige is a tough looking woman. She appears to be around 18- 21 but her real age is unknown. She has long hair that covers one of her eyes and always has a scowl on her face. She doesn't trust anyone she first meets but does have a soft spot for children.

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a character in “Creepypasta”, as played by Paige Amberlynne




Date: 2/22/17

Location: Unknown

Doctor: William J. CONFIDENTIAL

Physical Description: Subject 000-27, whom full name is Paige Amberlynne CONFIDENTIAL, was the most recent experiment we had. She has brown, resembling a carmel brown, natural wavy hair that she prefers to keep long and at her sides. Last known record of her height was in CONFIDENTIAL with a height of 4'' 3'. Due to there being such a time gap her height is unknown. As of now her real age is unknown but it is to be guessed around 18-21. She has tan skin and deep purple eyes. From the last known interaction with subject 000-27 she is missing, or has injured, her left eye. A rather obvious physical feature subject 000-27 is a set of wings that emerged from her back just under her shoulder blade soon before our last known interaction with her. The wings appear to resemble ones of a Golden Eagle. From this point in time it is inferred that there would be apparent scars on her back around the wings.

Personality: From what is known about 000-27 she is very timid and prefers not to talk to people she hasn't gained their trust. This timidness may have converted to anger and violent actions towards animals and people alike. She was last observed portraying symptoms of clinical depression and possible schizophrenia. She has been observed biting her hands and arms when introduced to stress. She does not seem to be bothered by the taste of her own flesh and blood. It is in my opinion that subject 000-27 has aged into a clinical psychopath, completely unable to feel empathy for other humans.

Background: Subject 000-27 was brought into CONFIDENTIAL on CONFIDENTIAL. She has been raised in CONFIDENTIAL since infancy. Subject 000-27 took part in Experiment #102 where CONFIDENTIAL and CONFIDENTIAL. Soon enough the experiment seized and she was to have a new chemical, CONFIDENTIAL, be tested on her. CONFIDENTIAL had reacted poorly to her as a set of wings soon emerged from her back, it was apparent that it was excruciating for subject 000-27 to undergo. Dr. CONFIDENTIAL went into her cell to take a blood sample. Subject 000-27 was able to get hold of the syringe and turn it against Dr. CONFIDENTIAL. She escaped soon after. There has been no further sightings of her since. It is hypothesized that she now in the CONFIDENTIAL forest that was nearby.


(On another note, here is the ref for Paige: http://imgur.com/a/EeNMs If there are any questions about Paige do not be afraid to ask.)

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