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Caelestis Laelia Vespasiano Valius

:Paralyzed Senses and Fading Conciousness:

0 · 126 views · located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

a character in “Cremation Melody”, as played by MagicalNeko



:c a e l e s t i s . l a e l i a . v e s p a s i a n o . v a l i u s:

[Pansexual β€” Men or Women... who cares? It all tastes the same.]
[Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethovan]

~ Levente KΓ‘lmΓ‘n Szarvas (New Father, Whereabouts Unknown, Presumed Dead)
~ Vespasiano Rosario Valius (Father - Deceased)
~ Lucrezia Gemma Antonia Valius (Mother, Deceased)
~ Tristessa Fiora Valius (Younger Sister, Deceased)
~ Leonarda Paula Dulce Valius (Younger Sister, Deceased)
~ Salvaza Francesca Letta Valius (Younger Sister, Deceased)

He claims himself to lack both feelings and emotions, for being what he is they'd only serve to hinder him in his work. Celeste is the kind of guy that, if you met him on the street and asked him for directions to where ever you were going, he'd turn to you completely straight-faced and say, in perfect Romanian, "I don't speak Romanian." and walk away. He just doesn't care. He travels alone for the simple fact that he feels safer by himself, not that he's ever felt unsafe around someone before. He's never met someone strong enough to overtake him, not a human anyway. He's met several other Vampires, he's seen them live in groups and hunt in packs, and he doesn't understand why they would bother. If he lives and hunts alone, there's more for him, he doesn't have to share, and therefore he doesn't need to hunt as often as the others. It's just convenient. He enjoys convenience unlike anything else in his world.

If it makes his lack of life any easier, he'll take it.

If that means being alone....

But he's not lonely. He's lived this way for so long that he doesn't know the difference anymore, and he doesn't care. Celeste is careless; the world could burn around him and it wouldn't make a difference. He'd just keep on moving β€” running from something, one could say β€” and turn a blind eye. So what if the world is burning? That's the world's problem, not his. If it doesn't affect him directly, he wants no part of it. That's all there is to it. If it's not biting him in the ass or gnawing off his leg, then he doesn't want to hear about it; if it is however affecting him or will in the long-run, he probably knew about it before you and has already taken steps against whatever has or will happen. It's all for self-preservation. There's no one in his world beside himself, and there's no one important enough to change that. The only people who he allows to come into his life are his victims, some of which he allows to live and others he feels compelled to drain completely. Why? How does he decide who lives and who dies? He feels nothing for them, he feels nothing for himself, so why...?

He'd ask himself the same question if he gave half a rat's ass.

~ Being alone
~ Solitude
~ Piano music

~ Annoying noises
~ Children

~ Sewing
~ Cooking over campires

I'll start by telling you that I'm not alone, despite the fact that my entire family is dead. There are others out there just like me, and if I don't seek their companionship it's my own choice. So I'm not lonely, whatsoever.

My mother died the same night I was turned from human to Vampire, which is subsequently also the same night that my youngest sister, Salvaza, was born. How long ago was that? You tell me. If I cared, I'd know, wouldn't I? My mother, Lucrezia Valius, was very ill in the weeks leading up to Salvaza's birth, and I had feared for her life back then β€” I'd do anything to keep her alive, no matter the cost. At one point in my life, feelings and emotions were precious to me, and now...? Not so much. There's no particular reason, I just don't feel the need to hinder myself with such useless things. If I allowed those things to control me, then I'd merely be human, and that I most certainly am not. I can say that the night of Salvaza's birth, I was the one who killed my mother, whether it was accidental or not. I don't care much now. The one who turned me... I thought of him as a father for a long while after the massacre of my family β€” after all, for a newborn Vampire, one is often not enough. When you crave blood more than anything else at all, you don't know when or how to stop, the lust simply consumes you and you know nothing else but to satisfy it anyway you can. I suppose after I came down off that high that killing often instigates, yes I was upset; but my new Father was there to teach me exactly what this life was about.

He stayed with me for a century and a half, at least. It's a long time to spend with someone, especially if you don't like them. Not that we didn't find eachother's company somewhat calming; but please remember that I was obligated to follow him until he released me from him. From him I learned the ideals of his ways, why they worked and how. From him I discovered that there was no safety in numbers, and that packs were often discovered quicker than a single man touring the countryside all by his lonesome. Packs were destroyed quicker. Identities were shattered, and new names and faces needed to be found if you managed to survive β€” only recently was I able to become Caelestis Valius once again. My New Father, as I'd come to know him, protected me throughout the years. He joined packs to teach me a lesson, one that I learned quickly though he planned on enforcing it by any means necessary. How many times had I almost died when some idiot brought home a human inadvertantly who knew enough about our kind to be able to kill us? Too many to count on both hands. If that doesn't reenforce a lesson, then what does? He was always giving me these lessons, whether I recognized them at the time or not. But he was a funny man that way. To him, nonchalantly pushing me off a cliff and into a river was a lesson, and I know that even when he claimed apathy, seeing me pull myself back to shore soaking wet and gasping for air was amusing to him. That's just the kind of person he was. Like how he'd claim over and over again that he hated me and he was only letting me tag along because he needed something to torture every now and again whenever the mood took him; but as soon as I fell asleep in the hours leading up to morning, he'd carry me to bed and tuck me in. I don't think he ever knew that the disturbance of being lifted woke me up, but I never said anything, either. Now I'm perfectly aware of the lesson that he had inadvertantly taught me. Never allow yourself to get attached. Why? Whether even he knew it or not β€” and I assume he did β€” he had weakened himself in finding something to care about, something to show affection to; when he died (or perhaps left, I may never know) I was devastated and it nearly got me killed.

In his absence was another lesson.

In his absence were a million lessons, things I needed to learn for myself. Things that he could never teach me. Things that I have learned. Things that I haven't. Some things that I don't really need but they might be useful eventually....

And when I've gained this wealth of knowledge, will it be my turn to find a willing young man, strong and healthy, who wants nothing more than to save the life of the one he loves, even if it means losing his own?


Because I've learned too much to falter now.

So begins...

Caelestis Laelia Vespasiano Valius's Story