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Lavinia Daciana Vali Dalca

:Flow Along, Little Glass Bottle, With a Message Containing a Wish:

0 · 220 views · located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

a character in “Cremation Melody”, as played by MagicalNeko



:l a v i n i a . d a c i a n a . v a l i . d a l c a:

[He doesn't really go either way, he's never actually had time to notice physical attraction to someone]
[Maid With the Flaxen Hair - Richard Stoltzman]

~ Valeriu Sorin Radu Dalca (Father, Deceased)
~ Alexandru Petre Banica (Step-Father)
~ Elisabeta Mirela Daciana Ionescu-Banica (Mother)
~ Ion Sorin Gavril Dalca (Younger Brother,18)
~ Ileana Camelia Tatiana Banica (Younger Sister, 6)

Lavinia Daciana Vali Dalca.

He's always been consistantly hard-working and driven. He's always liked to contribute in whatever way possible, and even if he's exhausted at the end of the day then he's still happy that he was able to help out. In fact, if he's not exhausted at the end of the day, he worries that he hasn't worked enough and often gets up in the middle of the night to do the dishes and laundry. Like his father, he's never satisfied with himself until he's done absolutely everything he can to go above and beyond the call of duty. If this means lugging his little sister all over town when he hangs out with his friends because his mother and step-father have to work but he's promised to help them with something, then he will; and he'll keep her estatic the whole time while getting whatever else he had to do done, and maybe he'll even pick up some groceries on the way home. Elisabeta always called him her 'Perfect Son', but he always waves it off — he only does it because he loves her and he wants to make her happy.

Of course, if he doesn't know you, you can just as easily be brushed off as if you don't exist. As far as dating and love interests and such, Lavinia has never had a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, and has always been to busy to notice any sort of attraction. He has a few friends, but they've all come out and practically forced him to notice them — he's the quietest of his group of friends, and often thought to be the smartest, though he'd deny it. He is quite bright, and has already been accepted into the university that he had chosen when he was very young to become a veterinarian; but that's just because he's always been so dedicated to everything that he's supposed to be dedicated to that there's just no way he couldn't have done well. Of course, Lavi's excuses are either that he was lucky, or that his father was watching over him and helping him do well.

Often, Lavi can be found nearly exhausted and still dragging himself around, a cup of espresso in one hand and a list of things to do in the other. Determination knows no bounds with him. He just doesn't know when to stop.

~ Hard work
~ Contributing
~ Animals
~ Making people happy

~ Thunder
~ Disorganization
~ Leaving tasks unfinished

~ Cooking marshmallows over the stove elements

When I was young... my father used to pick me up and put me on his shoulders, and he'd point up at the sky, showing me all the constellations, and telling me all their stories. My father was an astronomer; the stars were his life, both alive and dead. "In some cultures," he'd tell me, finally resting his hand on my feet where they crossed around his neck. "They believe that when you die, you become a star. Your soul goes up into the sky and when it arrives it burns very brightly to let everyone at home know that they made it to Heaven okay." I didn't know whether he was joking or not, so I asked him if it was true. His response... I remember it clearly. "Do you believe it is? If you truly believe it, then it must be true."

To this day, I've always kept that close to my heart, even after he died nine years ago of a brain tumor that the doctors had originally told us was benign.

Why not? I was very close to him; I was his first son and naturally I wanted to be just like him. When Ion was old enough to pick favourites, he always gravitated more toward our mother, and its not like he was so much younger than me that we couldn't have both shared Tata. I would've shared. I would've been happy to. I loved my younger brother, just as I loved the rest of my family, even if it didn't always seem like it. He knows now; I make sure of it; I tell him every single say that I love him, and my younger sister, and my mother... not so much my step-father though.... I don't have enough time for him, but I make room for everyone else. Why? Because my father grew ill with leukemia, and before I knew what was going on, he'd left us. I didn't understand back then, but it's clear now. I didn't tell him I loved him quite enough for my liking, though I know he knows it, and he watches over both his sons and the daughter that should have been his....

My mother remarried five years after his death, which resulted in my little sister, Ileana the year after, obviously, as if it could result in anything else. I'd always kind of resented Alexandru, to the point of calling him by his first name, instead of Tată, like he wanted me to — likewise for Ion. It was because I was frustrated that I began to take on more than my fair share of chores, until I was doing almost everything. The work... it felt amazing. I just wanted to do things. It made Mama happy, and eased her tension working evenings and having to take care of an energetic six-year-old during the day. I wanted to help however I could, and it felt good to be able to do just that. By the time I was seventeen, I was skipping out on every party and every hangout after school to do my chores. I handled quite a workload, plus my own job, and I was working toward becoming a veterinarian, which was a lifelong dream I refused to let go of.

Just as I'd always dreamed, and despite all that I was going through, I graduated with honours and was accepted to the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca. I dropped the jop I had working part time stocking shelves in a grocery store and found one as a waitress in a bar. Not a waitor. Waitress. Luckily they let me slide on the dress, but the position had originally been intended for a female. This was the least of my worries, however. I was at work one night when I was beckoned over by a young pale man, and I went to take his order. He spoke slowly, softly, and before I knew it, I had left with him, gone around the back to fetch my things. Before I knew what was going on, he was kissing me, right there behind the bar. It felt sleazy, somehow, and I was a little indifferent to it. It wasn't comfortable, by any means, however, especially when he began to kiss down my neck and.... That's where the memories stop. All I know is that I wandered home in a daze the next morning, and that the police were waiting for me when I returned. I had disappeared, they told me, and that was that.

It would be another four months before anything of the sort happened again. By then I was already in my first year of university and doing extremely well for someone with no time on his hands. I couldn't stop thinking about it, though.... It struck me as odd... and I couldn't stop thinking about it....

So begins...

Lavinia Daciana Vali Dalca's Story