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Viorea Fane Vasilica Dalca

"Blooming Rose Petals Scattered In The Piles Of Broken Silver."

0 · 298 views · located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

a character in “Cremation Melody”, as played by LozerFanAnah


Viorea Fane Vasilica Dalca


Vio, Rea, Sil, Lica, Lightning

Appears Eighteen/Nineteen – Real Age Is Unknown To Even Him




[Theme Song]
Born to Darkness pt 1|Born to Darkness pt 2 *Both Composed by Elliot Goldenthal*

[Vampire or Human?]

Andreea Dalca [Mother – Deceased]
Dorin Fane Dalca [Father – Deceased]
Sergiu Vasilica [Creator – Estranged]

One look at his childishly young face with the evenly set baby blue eyes surrounded by all that soft bubble gum pink hair and one thinks he’s the sweetest thing in the world. A face models would kill for with the kind smile that warms people. His appearance dictates what could be a bright young man, incredibly kind, full of young innocence – and he is. He always has a bright smile on the sculpted almost feminine lips that are always touched with a light shade of sugar pink and his eyes always sing of the best days. He has a hand for anyone who wishes to take it and he’ll always pull them into a wistful dance full of folklore. Viorea lives up to the calming image his name gives of a field full of bluebells swaying in the breeze – a soft chime heard if one listens hard enough. Serene in his approach but playful in the company of those who need it; the soft touch of fresh spring grass. He’s as refreshing as the first rain in summer; just a light misting that touches the skin in soft drops. The things he does seem to be done with a kindness unable to be touched unless treated gently. Coax it and it will come to you. There isn’t a single thing about him that seems to want to hurt you.

There’s something wrong with that image though – Viorea doesn’t care about anyone. Baby blue eyes look at anyone less powerful than him as absolutely useless or as food; depending on if that person is a vampire or human. Nothing matters to him but what can benefit him and if it doesn’t it’s looked upon with distaste and quickly (not to mention efficiently) removed. His motto seems to be that if it isn’t useful it’s useless and the world has no need for things that do nothing but waste space because if there is anything Viorea hates, it’s waste. Anything or anyone that does nothing but take up useful space is waste and there is no need to pollute the earth. If anything people or objects that aren’t beneficial to him are practically gum on the bottom of his shoe. Disgusting. Looked upon with malice and hatred.

He’s also that fevered touch along skin and the whispered sweet nothings and the blurred vision of liquid gold on the tongue. Ultimate. Viorea is an ultimate hunter because most of the time he doesn’t have to dazzle his victims into giving him what he wants. The blend of methods he uses get him what he wants and he goes in for the kill – no need to keep them alive once they’ve been captured. It isn’t because he’s lost his humanity because he would never willingly let them suffer in which case he believes killing them is the most humane way to go. Besides, to him if humans can kill animals to survive he can kill humans to survive. It’s always been like that for him. He promises the world and a life filled with whatever they want and when he has them right where he wants them he saves them from the disappointment and pain of life.

Sometimes though he can actually be a completely happy person – legitimately happy. Hyper, explosive. One of those people who does things because they can’t find another outlet for the energy. It happens, just not often. There are those who say he could possibly be a little bi-polar.

Viorea is who he is. No doubt about it.

~ Long Voluminous Hair – Soft Is An Added Bonus
~ Ominous Weather
~ Sunlight, at least, What He Remembers Sunlight Is
~ Learning Languages/Instruments

~ Humans In General
~ The Thought Of Dying Again
~ Children Who Don’t Stop Talking
~ Loud Animals

~ Playing an Array Of Instruments
~ Knitting Scarves and Hats

Human memories fade as time passes; blurs into a sort of image as if you’re looking at it through muddy water. They fade without attention and grow weak without maintenance just like anything else would and mine I can say are basically non-existent. There is one day though, a specific day that you never forget as long you live. The day you’re changed, brought back into this world as something that isn’t alive but isn’t entirely dead.

I met him, Sergiu, one night when the moon was full and I was walking back to the place I had always called home though it never felt safe. He had been standing at the docks and the first thing I noticed about him was the silver glow the moon gave to the light blonde hair that made him look young. I’d planned on passing him by but his ice blue eyes had caught me off guard – frozen me to the damp wooden ground. I wonder if maybe he saw something in me because he told me what he was, that he was hungry and that he was going to feed from me. I don’t know if my life had really been so bad being only nineteen… twenty… but not a thing in me was scared and I willingly conformed to what he wanted. The pain only lasts a few seconds before something makes you numb and then you succumb to anaemia which is basically a couple steps above anaphylactic shock and death. That’s when everything becomes a little blurry.

The next thing I remember is being woken up by a rough hand on my shoulder and a smooth voice in my ear. The only thought in my mind was the burn in my throat and the need to quell it however I could; but I wasn’t allowed. Sergiu had me sit there while he explained. I was dead but not exactly I was what they called vampyres and in order to survive I needed human blood which would soothe the burn in my oesophagus. He said that he was my creator so to speak and that I had to follow whatever he said until he let me go free and that I couldn’t go out in the sun but I wouldn’t have to as my body would know that day light means sleep. Sleeping was an extremely vulnerable time and so my hiding place had to be perfectly protected; I was vulnerable to holy water, crosses and silver but what would kill me would be a stake through the heart, an artery cut open or my head removed. I was more powerful than humans but still capable of dying again. The number one rule he said, the thing that would keep me alive for as long as possible.

Keeping feelings and survival separate. Don’t fall in love, don’t learn to care but don’t become inhumane because humanity is all we have left.

The first few years was hard and I killed more often than not but with Sergiu by my side I slowly managed to learn how to take just enough until their pulse slowed but didn’t stop. Instinct is hard to overcome but with training it can be tamed and used merely as a tool. That was what everyone and everything around me was meant to be – a tool. I’m a tool, you’re a tool and that tree in the parking lot is a tool. Not a single thing was to mean anything to me and I would follow whatever Sergiu said not only because I had to but because I trusted him and I wanted to. I wanted to break the rule he’d told me on day one but I couldn’t because he’d told me not to so you can get my surprise when he came onto me that one night so many years ago. After that nothing was ever the same; we no longer survived because we wanted to but because he had someone to survive for.

I don’t know how old I am thus I can’t tell you how long it lasted but one day I could tell that something was wrong. He told me that he was going to let me go and if I stayed it was because I was choosing to and he knew I would always choose to stay with him. When I woke up the next night – morning? – he was gone. Crushed isn’t even the word I would use to describe how I felt that day and I don’t think there is a word that can describe it. But I know what it did to me. I became a jaded, uncaring individual who cared only about myself like I should have from the start. I should have never fallen in love with Sergiu, should have never had sex with Sergiu and should have never lived for Sergiu. It was all about me.

It’s been a long time since than, centuries maybe. The only thing I remember is my birthday, May 19th, that is my rebirth birthday I guess. But for now I’ll just continue to live on like this because there is nothing and no one to tell me otherwise. Ever.

So begins...

Viorea Fane Vasilica Dalca's Story