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Jacob Mendez



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For a guy coming from the south side of Crescent City, Jacab Mendez is an extraordinarily intelligent young man. Equipped with both book-smarts and street-smarts Jacob is one is brightest and most crafty minds coming out of the south side. Despite his high intellect Jacob doesn't see education being his ticket out of Crescent. In fact he doesn't see himself ever leaving the south side. As the other two-thirds of the Mendez triplets like to put it, while Jacob is smart enough to make it out he's to stupid to do anything about it. Out of the triplet trio Jacob is the only one who doesn't desire to leave the south side. He was born and raised on the south side and plans on living and dying in the south side. It not that he doesn't want his family to have a good life he just doesn't view life on the south side as bad as others do. He's life may not be as perfect as those on the north side of the city and he may not have everything under the sun but he's content and happy with where he is.

He's got street-smarts, good common sense, knows how to think on his feet and has the skills necessary to survive in the world which he chooses to live. The Mendez family code of morality is not as twisted as some you would find on the south side but when it comes to providing to for his family Jacob won't think twice about doing something he knows is wrong if the outcome will be good. As he would put it, "When you're poor, the only way to make money is to steal it or scam it.", so if he has to do either of those things to make it he'll do it. He's got the mindset of a hustler. He can outsmart the smart, manipulate the weak and knows how to make money.

Jacob has a highly cynical personality and is unrestrained in his criticism of almost any and everything. That paired with his own self destructive tendencies get's him into tons of trouble with the cops. Which considering the fact that police don't often show their faces on the south side says a lot about how much trouble Jacob get's into. Unlike his other siblings, Jacob does have a juvenile prison record; Christian has been his accomplice several times, but Jacob has always covered for his brother as getting any kind of record could mess up Christian dreams of getting into West Point.

Despite his wrongdoings Jacob isn't a bad person, at least not completely anyways. While Jacob is bad you could find a hell of a lot worth in their neighborhood. He doesn't always do the right thing or make the wisest decisions but when it comes down to his family his heart is always in the right place. He's ballsy which on the south side is something that is needed if you want to stay alive but can just as well be what get's you killed. Charismatic and charming. If Jacob isn't busy running his game in the streets you'll probably find him in some girl's bed. With a sharp mind and even sharper tongue he can't seem to stay out of trouble. Jacob's motivation in life stems from his family, well his womb mates anyways. His love is unconditional and his loyalty is fierce when it comes to the two people he came into this world with. He'd do anything for them and if your messing with his family than you definitely have a death wish on your hands.

Illegal Activities: He uses his intelligence in various odd jobs to make money, such as running an ice cream truck in the summer that sells liquor and marijuana, or taking the SATs for fellow students (often scoring a perfect 2400). When he was younger he did partake in the gang life and did thing like selling drugs and stuff but he got out of it after Christian took a bullet for him. He goes to the north side of the city often with his brother and they steal cars and sell them to chop shops on the south side for cash.

Problem/Addictions: While he does partake in drinking and doing some various drugs here and there he wouldn't say that he's addicted to anything. He's only real problem is probably his attitude because of the predicaments it tends to get him in.

Secrets: All of his illegal doings outside of the SAT thing he does is secret he keeps from Raquel. He knows she'd be pissed if she ever found out so he and his brother keep it from her.

Home Life

The triplets pretty much raised themselves and each other. Their father is a hopeless, troublemaking alcoholic who does nothing to make his children's lives easier. When he isn't at the bar spending what little money the family has, you can usually find him passed out somewhere. The man is careless, selfish and completely narcissistic, and he hasn't done anything but collect disability checks and get hammered for the kids entire lives. He is also abusive, conniving, and as his children would put it, "A total asshole". He provides next to nothing in the way of parenting or financial support, and usually serves as one of the main headaches in the Mendez household.

Their mother is only better in comparison because she's never around. Their mother has bipolar disorder and mixed with the drugs she takes she is better off as far away as possible from the triplets. Every few years she'll reappear claiming to be clean and on her meds. Than a couple of days or at most a few weeks go by and before you know it she off the rails and splitting again.

she does to their lives but what can you do right. You are only giving one mom and dad in this world and unfortunately for the Mendez clan these are the parents they were gifted with.

Despite their lack of parenting the Mendez kids aren't so bad when you consider all the factors. Do they lie, cheat, steal and do whatever else they have to do to survive? Yes. However, when you take in the fact that they come for Ravenwood that isn't all that much surprising.
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