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Chiquita King

"Life deals the cards; I deal everything else."

0 · 824 views · located in New York City, New York

a character in “Crime & Company”, as played by Averagebear



{"Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time.” }
-H.L. Mencken
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|{Full Name}|
Chiquita Sancha-Alma Chadelaria PΓ©rez King

|{Nickname : Codename}|
Miss Pink, Chiqui (pronounced like "Cheeky" not "Chih-qwoo-ee" -- There are few things she loathes more than people who cannot say her name). No one in the city knows her full name; her family has been so long removed it's not likely to come to the surface easily, either.


January 14th


Pansexual, Mostly Aromantic

"Life deals the cards; I deal everything else."


{"It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown.” }
-Friedrich Schiller


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
β–ͺ on her phone: It seems like Chiqui is constantly texting. Usually, she is documenting information to be used later, securing deals, or giving out commands to her runners. If asked about it, she will either say she's sexting or that it's none of your business, depending on how close you are.
β–ͺ drugs: It's not a Friday night if she's not high. Or a Saturday. Or Tuesday. Look, she's got the best shit in the city. She dabbles.
β–ͺ accent: While her Spanish accent is usually not noticeable, it shows up when she's particularly emotional. It's thickest and fastest when she's angry.
|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘ haggling + hustling: She could talk the trousers and fancy oxford shoes off just about anyone.
⚘ manipulation: Her poker face is unreadable and her ability to project what others want to see and hear is uncanny.
⚘ network & facilities: She knows people all over the city. They're loyal to her because she compensates well & demands respect. She also runs a drug ring called the Pink Road.
⚘ resources: Well, being a queenpin doesn't not get you money... and guns... and drugs... and people...
⚘ determination + tenacity: She will work with a fiery passion for what she desires.
⚘ bilingual: She speaks Spanish and English fluently!
⚘ fighting dirty: Chiqui will usually have her goons take care of her dirty work, but if someone has really pissed her off or she's in a tight spot, she can hold her own and is typically carrying at least two pistols, a pocket knife, mace, and a couple grenades. She's a good shot.
|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘ hot temper: no matter how skillfully she hides it, it's pretty easy to piss her off & her emotions often get in the way of her otherwise high intellect.
⚘ pride: similarly, Chiqui's pride will make situations bloodier than they have to be. People patronizing or condescending her go to the s(hit)list.
⚘ unmanageable ambition: Chiqui's ambition is all consuming and often puts her at risk, jeopardizing her well-being.
⚘ trust issues: She always has her guard up; this makes connecting to others on her part a fairly bleak experience.
⚘ pessimism: It's hard to see the world as a beautiful place when everything is a transaction.
⚘ stir crazy: Chiqui has to be doing something at all times. She doesn't know how to relax. She never sleeps -- seriously, it's creepy.
sex, smoking, swimming, getting money, video games, canasta (a cuban card game), reckless drives through the city, attending parties, smoking again
Chiqui wants everything and is willing to do anything to get it. She's sure she'll run her own empire some day.
ΓΈ falling in love, intimacy, dying alone, the list goes on... but mostly spiders.
not having saved her brother, not having killed her father
✀ Her full name ✀
✀ Her childhood. She's buried it deep in Cuban soil. ✀


{"Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” }
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

At first, Chiqui is sparklingly pleasant and charismatic. Articulate and amiable, she exudes such potent allure that it's almost suffocating, all compliments and bedroom eyes. She is composed yet provocative, witty yet silly. A highly adaptable player, she can swing from slinging dirty jokes to drawling politics over La Mothe de Margaux to reminiscing on childhood nostalgia. Never a sloppy socialite, she comes across as a delightful mixture of cultured and exciting, and when those sharp eyes are focused in on you, she can make you feel like 10 million bucks. She can then weasel those 10 million bucks into her hands. Many find it hard not to either fall madly in love or trip over camaraderie with Chiqui if that's her goal, but that's just the thing: "if." Everything Chiqui does is to further her career. If one was attentive, avid, and patient enough, one could probably see all the machinery operating behind her facade, her perfect image and geniality no more than a tool for gain. Fact of the matter is, Chiqui is a master of what she does, and what she does is hustle. With unending ambition and a ruthless tenacity to back it, she always either gets what she wants or retribution for what she's lost.

Chiqui could also be described as cold, ruthless, and unendingly calculative if you ask the right person. The moment she's bored, betrayed, or no longer values the person at hand, Chiqui drops the Barbie persona with a chilling suddenness, eyes deadening and warmth disappearing. She is blunt, aggressive, icy, merciless, and sometimes deadly, depending on her mood. She tends to act this way around her closer companions (it'd be a waste of energy to put up fronts among her trusted inner circle) and some still find this Chiqui charming in her own way, much akin to an irritable cat. Despite all her over-thinking and scheming, her temper is surprisingly shorter than she is. This is actually a trait she is embarrassed about (likely because it's a sign that she is not always in control), so people who tease tend to get under her skin and on her nerves. Even though it's rare that she acts transparently, minor grievances are bottled and stored in her vault for rainy days full of revenge. It's really difficult to tell when Chiqui is being genuine or not, or if she's ever genuine at all. She likes to have fun and she likes interesting people, but how much is fake sometimes even she doesn't know.

A bit gun-ho (pun intended) when she finally snaps, bad situations escalate into bloody messes when Chiqui's dissatisfied. Perhaps this is why practically the whole city bends over backwards to satisfy her. While she is not above violence (obviously), Chiqui's most favored tactic is wielding secrets and blackmailing. She is constantly underestimated by the ignorant, and she is an expert at using this to her advantage, extracting information otherwise inaccessible and catching her competition by surprise. The wise in New York already know she's a force to be reckoned with, and the reasonably sensible have at least heard her name in dark alleys often enough to know to make nice with her. She has a sizeable network (sometimes colloquially referred to as the Pink Road) that racks in huge amounts of cash and goods. When it comes down to it, Chiqui is a cunning business woman who would fuck and fuck over anybody to get ahead. However, she understands the incredible importance of loyalty within business, especially in her line of work. She treats her people well and keeps most of her promises. She knows you cannot reap what you never stick around to sow.

Perhaps somewhere deep down in Chiqui's psyche is a scared girl, terrified of love and friendship because it jeopardizes her sense of autonomy and agency. She seeks power because being out of control is scary. She keeps a distance because being close means being vulnerable. It's rather sad if you stop to think about it, but Chiqui is too busy smoking smuggled blunts and counting her stacks of money to be bothered with such sentimental things-- most of the time.

{"Never expect people to treat you any better than you treat yourself.” }
-Bo Bennett



β–² booze, guns, weed, money, pink things, long nails, poolside sex, eccentric people, coconut, Cubans, control, nice pens, mohito, star gazing, jet planes, sun roofs, power, laughing, car sex, confidence, cuban coffee,

{"It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you.” }
-Marilyn Monroe



β–Ό pigs, her name being mispronounced, rats, being alone, losing, busts, boring people, feelings, stooges, romance, junkies, jealousy, clinginess, being underestimated, bad sex, beach sex, boring sex, being teased, being disrespected, shrooms,

{"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” }
-Maya Angelou



|{Place of Origin}|
Habana, Cuba
There was a time when Chiqui was a smuggled good herself; 16 years ago she was transported into the states from Habana, Cuba, in an operation run by her notorious gambler and crime boss of a father. The experience couldn't have been more harrowing for the 12 year old Chiquita.

Her father, Emanuel Perez, was a corrupt capitalist with ties in the USA, a huge component of human trafficking, an addict, a drunk, and a gambler. Her mother, Anita King, was a shining beacon, a steadying rock, everything good about this world. She was kind, warm, and beautiful, and she took care of Chiqui and her brothers, Lito and Carlos, as her father disappeared for weeks at a time. A normal childhood wasn't permitted for Chiqui. She wasn't allowed to go to public school because it wasn't safe. Having a father who terrorized their town with debt, blackmail, and violence meant she'd be in harm's way in public without protection. Instead, Chiqui had a private education and few friends. Even these were scared of her. She remembers dreaming of sneaking out into the streets to pet the wild dogs, of celebrating her birthdays not with hired guests but with real companions. Her father's violence often spilled over into their home. Many nights she'd wake to the sound of tortured men crying. Chiqui despised her father. Her brother Lito had a connection to him -- some semblance of misplaced respect, at the very least -- but Chiqui just wanted to dance and play with the other girls down by the beach. She despised him wholly and fully.

On Chiqui's 12th birthday, her father stumbled in the front door, wasted and bloody, sobbing about how he'd gambled away all of the money. If Chiqui were reminded, she could still hear her mother's voice ringing like schoolyard bells, "Ay, Mani, what do you mean all of it?" She remembers that her was voice steady and strong, but her heart was breaking -- you could see it in those warm brown eyes. Her father didn't answer, just broke down crying. "Mani, what did you do?" her mother whispered with grim realization dawning on her. Remembering that the children were watching, her mother quickly composed herself and ushered Chiqui, Carlos, and Lito into bed, tucking them in and kissing their foreheads before attending to her bleeding husband. Within a month, Emanuel Perez's luck had dwindled. No longer able to pay off the pigs, he was finally persecuted by the Cuban police. They had to leave or face fates worse than death. Any resemblance of a happy life seemed to be crumbling around the family. That month was tense, everyone afraid to even breathe, it seemed. Word got around that Emanuel Perez was out of the game, and the vultures came swooping in. One Sunday morning after mass, a man had attempted to assassinate Perez. He swore to them at the kitchen table that night -- swore to her, her brothers, and her mother -- for a way out, a better future. He'd send a private jet to the USA to get them out of the city alive. He explained that had ties in Miami and this is where he was funneling his money. They left that night.

Obviously, things didn't go according to plan -- they never do. Emanuel could never act without some motive, some gain. He couldn't just let it go. If he was leaving the country, he couldn't leave his profit. Ever greedy, her father coerced Lito to smuggle his huge stash with him. No one else knew about this arrangement and never would have agreed to it, but Lito... Lito, still young, desperately sought love and affection from his father, this everyone knew. Just 10, he kept the secret, held onto that luggage full of heavy drugs, and shook like a leaf the entire plane trip. Emanuel had explained to Lito that when they arrived, someone would be waiting, they'd trade suitcases, and then Lito would hand it over to Emanuel once he caught up to them in a week. When they stepped off the plane onto Miami cement, two men showed up. Chiqui, Carlos, and her mother flew into panic, naturally, but Lito stepped forward with the case, face brave. Of course, his father hadn't thought it all the way through. Turns out, his connections had turned sour -- Emanuel hadn't been keeping up his payments and word got around that he was weakened. The men took the case and, swift and unrelenting, shot their mother in the head. A part of Chiqui died there with her.

Chiqui went into shock, dropping to her knees at her mother's body, sobbing and rocking back and forth. Everything was a blur to Chiqui after that. Carlos pulled out a gun, shaking and crying, and aimed it at the men. Gun shots. Wailing. More gun shots. It felt like an eternity passed before she was finally yanked to her feet by Carlos, his face harsh and deadened under the setting sun. When she looked around, tears blurring her vision, all she saw was blood. Lito laid lifeless on the cement. The two men's bodies scattered about. The briefcase was in Carlos' clutch. They did the only thing they knew to do in that moment: they ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, slipping away into the bustle of Miami. News came out a month later that notorious fugitive Emanuel Perez had been caught and killed in a shoot out. She wished she had been the one to do it.

She found herself 12 years old in a foreign country with a briefcase full of drugs and only her 17 year old brother to guide her. It was just the two of them for a while, Carlos orchestrating deals the best he could, and Chiqui serving as his number one runner and partner in crime. For 6 years they were in the grind of Miami, surviving in a tiny apartment. On that sixth year, Carlos got nabbed by the feds in a sloppy deal, set up by some girl he was fucking. Chiqui took the rest of their belongings and got the hell out of Miami and all the way to New York City. With those resources, new found independence, and a survival instinct unlike any other, she has for the past decade built up a network of her own with her own stamp of pink. Truthfully, Chiqui is deeply traumatized by the events that transpired, and this trauma has colored every experience since. She doesn't talk about it, but she has a tattoo of her mother's name on her wrist that she rubs absent-mindedly when she's dazed.
|{Family Tree}|
The only real family she has left is her brother Carlos, but he's serving in prison for the next 40 years. She has distant relatives in Cuba as well.

{"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” }
-Audre Lorde

Bitch better have my money!
Y'all should know me well enough
Bitch better have my money!
Please don't call me on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me
Ballin' bigger than LeBron
Bitch, give me your money
Who y'all think y'all frontin' on?

{"I feel like there is always something trying to pull us back into sleep,
that there is this sort of seductive quality in all the hedonistic pleasures that pull on us.”
-bell hooks

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❣Roleplayed by : Averagebear ❣
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