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Crimes of love

Arcadia, California


a part of Crimes of love, by ShadowedxLove.


ShadowedxLove holds sovereignty over Arcadia, California, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Arcadia, California is a part of Crimes of love.

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Lorenzo "Leo" Denali [6] "Hey um. Shit. I'm just glad I can smoke legally now I guess. Heh."
Lovina Píache [5] "I was brought to this country by my parents for a better life...I wouldn't have gotten in trouble like this in Italy..."
Ambrose "AJ" Crane [4] "Just close the goddamn door on your way out."
Jayson Goldsworthy [3] "Beyond the perfect image lies the darkened truth."
Luka Stridecaster [3] "Let's just have some fun shall we?"
Shinta Faythe [1] "Bad boys Bad Boys whatchya gonna do? Whatchya gonna do when they come for you? HaHa Classic Song..."[WIP]
Vidia Tessabach [1] "I shouldn't be here ..."{WIP}
Kayne Alistair [0] "I deserve better than this. But, you have to learn how to adapt."

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Character Portrait: Jayson Goldsworthy
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A sigh left Jayson's lips. There she lay on top of her 'family's' roof. She was dressed and ready to go and yet there she was stalling. It wasn't until when she heard her 'mother' start yelling from the second story window, informing Jayson that she had to be at the Arcadia Community Center in twenty minutes or else she;d be in even more legal trouble. Jayson nonchalantly replied back saying she'd be leaving right then. She sat up and went down the ladder she used to get up there in the first place. She didn't bother bidding her foster family farewell before beginning her descend to the center.

Within a time span of fifthteen minutes she had made it there on foot. With the umpteenth sigh that day she walked into the center. It was abit run down as it had been around for decades and she had sit in the main area that was in front of her when she walked in. She had sat on the couch awaiting for the director to come and tell her what her job would be for that day.

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Character Portrait: Lorenzo "Leo" Denali Character Portrait: Ambrose "AJ" Crane
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Leo slouched forward hard, deflecting gazes as his fingers trembled and twitched on the arm of the sofa across from Jayson. He made no attempt to talk to her, fighting off the waves of nausea that came with the withdrawal symptoms. His head felt like it was full of sloshing saltwater and his stomach wasn't doing better. At least he was clean, he thought momentarily before lurching forward over the arm of the sofa and coughing into the trash can he'd made sure to sit himself by.
He coughed dry, though, nothing much in his stomach to come up and bile not interested in making an appearance, apparently. He felt his eyes glaze a little as he sat back against the sofa and let his head fall against the back, eyes finding the gray speckled ceiling without any interest. He shifted uncomfortably, and trembled a little more, and waited in stasis.


AJ slung his messenger bag over his shoulder a little more comfortably as he entered the main area of the community service center. He did it with his usual, comfortable look of general displeasure with the world and made sure to sit as far from the others in the worn down room as he could, shooting each of them a disgusted little glance, making sure they knew he wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of them.

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Jayson had stayed silent seeing the sick male arrive. She was about to ask if he was alright when another male came in. She had reciprocated his look now immediately reverting back to her silent and nonchalant composure from before. She was becoming impatient already she had to wait about twenty minutes so far and no one had come to tell her what she was to do that day. It was then that yet another male had walked in.

Luka had been running late and had to rush out the door and on to his ducati and to the community center. Once walking in he was surprised by the tension and the silence that filled the old ragged place. It wasn't his usual type of place but it wasn't like he had a choice in the matter so he'd deal with it.

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Character Portrait: Lorenzo "Leo" Denali Character Portrait: Lovina Píache Character Portrait: Ambrose "AJ" Crane Character Portrait: Luka Stridecaster
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Lovina stood in the doorway of the community center, looking in. The fire hadn't even been her fault, and still they sent her here. No one had been hurt, no one had died...and still, here she was. Lovina looked down at her outfit and smiled. At least she still had her fashion sense! The Italian girl sighed, opening the door and walking in.

"THE FUN HAS ARRIVED!" She yelled in a sing-song way, smiling brightly at her fellow community servers. "Please, don't get up or anything. I'll just find a seat myself," Lovina looked around. "Geeze, it's like you all committed a crime or something!" Lovina laughed at her own joke, finding a seat next to a boy who looked like he was vomiting. Vina's motherly instinct instantly set in and she placed herself next to him.

"Mio bambino, are you okay?" She asked the boy quietly, rubbing his arm gently. "I have some antiacids in my purse,". Lovina reached into her purse and began rummaging around, her eyes darting to the other people in the room.

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Character Portrait: Lorenzo "Leo" Denali Character Portrait: Lovina Píache
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Leo flinched at the touch, eyes flicking to the girl who had a hand on his arm, mind racing, tripping, trying to catch up with the situation. Time felt a bit like a very solid liquid right now, like pudding, almost. Leo's brain caught up enough to speak as he raised a hand in denial.
"I'm. I'm. I'm just. It's just withdrawal, I'm not. I'm not sick." he mumbled, thanking god he wasn't in his right mind, lest the anxiety pick up. He was a little too focused on the blood pounding in his ears and making the world spin around him. His fingers trembled in the air where he'd raised them to shake off the intention of giving him pills so he slowly lowered it to his lap.

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Lovina removed her hand from his arm, whining sympathetically and smiling softly, her eyes inviting and calm. "I'm Lovina Píache."

Lovina looked around at the others, smiling invitingly. "Why has no one else offered to help this poor kid? He's obviously in pain, mio bambinos!" "My babies" or "my baby" was Lovina's favorite thing to call people, and she uses it often. Her eyes fell on (what she automatically assumed) was a bad boy. He was really, really good looking.

Lovina winked at him quickly before going back to the boy she was helping.

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You know you've truly reached the lowest of the low when you've been put into an orphanage instead of a foster home, especially at the age of sixteen.

These thoughts haunted Vidia as she walked, the words that the woman who oversaw the children at the orphanage had said to her, as soon as she had walked through the door. She was given her own room, at least, although it was a small one, and was provided the basic necessities. The bracelet around her ankle was bothersome, however, and the only time she was allowed to leave the orphanage, was for school and for her community service. There was a timer on the little black box that would shut it off at certain times each day, and would activate it, also at certain times, which was 7:30am-9:00pm on weekdays, and 12:00pm-7:00pm on weekends. Other then that, she was restricted to only the orphanage and it's properties.

Her hands met the cool metal that was the hand of the door to the Arcadia Community Center. Today was her first day of service, so the place was completely new to her. She drew in a deep breath, summoned her 'gumption' as her mother used to call it, and pushed the door open.

The place was sobering, to say the least, and depressing, to say the most.

People milled about, but they barely seemed ... Alive. They seemed to just be living out their lives as was required of them, and unhappiness was so thick in the air that she could cut it with a knife.

She made her way to the front desk in the very immediate area after the entrance, and after a quiet conversation with the woman there, was told to wait with four teenagers that were already there; two girls, and three boys. Her quiet nature caused her to hesitate, but after a moment, she moved over to the seats, immediately regretting her choice in shorts and tennis shoes, for the black monitor on her ankle was grotesquely obvious.

She took a seat as far from the group as possible - which wasn't far at all. In fact, from the way that they had positioned themselves, she ended sitting beside a young man which soft brown hair and eyes, and paler skin. Instead of speaking to any of them, she lifted the leg that was naked of a monitor, placed her foot directly in front of her butt, and wrapped her arms around her knee. She turned her head away from the group, allowing it to rest on the wall behind her, her black hair shifting with the movement.

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Shinta sighed as he entered the room. "I did nothing wrong!" He'd shout at the door before crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. All he had done was... test the gears of a brand new truck. Shaking his head he'd look at everyone in the room, people seemed... ok. He sighed, it was so quiet in the room. Why was punishment so boring. Chuckling he looked around the room, curious as to if there was anything fun to do... All he saw was a whiteboard, that was it.

Walking over to it he couldn't help but pick up the marker and start drawing. Of course he had to erase all the writing there before, but hey. He was already in trouble, he might as well have a bit of fun with it. Sticking his tongue out of his mouth in concentration he started drawing line after line. Shading things in, erasing things. A couple words under his breath. Closing the cap on the marker, he'd lean back and look at his artwork happily. "Very nice." He'd say in approval. He probably caught some of the other's eyes but he really honestly didn't care, maybe they'd get the joke with his little cat drawing.
Turning around he sighed and decided it was probably best to take a seat It wasn't like his outfit brought much attention. Laughing softly to himself, he thought he should've just gone with the basic outfit. Taking off his velvet top hat he'd walk and sit near the woman digging around in her purse and the man who looked like he was going to be sick. What a fun day..... this'll be... He'd shake his head and close his eyes as he placed the hat in his lap. "Can't these people hurry up already.... I gotta hot date...with some steak" He'd mumble under his breath, as he thought of the dinner his family had been preparing for the past three nights.