Russet Mays

Stubborn, beautiful, terrified.

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a character in “Crimson Blades”, as played by Stellabellum



Standing at 5'5'' with a slender frame, Russet has a great build. With her thin body she gains almost inhuman flexibility, enabling her to move swiftly and accurately. Her skin is tanned and is almost always reddened at her shoulders from extreme overexposure to the sun. Though she is 18 years old people mistake her to be younger when they see her face.

When wearing her clothing she usually has black as her overall color. She wears a black corset, strapless, that exposes her shoulders. Her shorts are also black and are short. One of her hands is covered by a fingerless glove; it helps her when weilding her weapons. Russet will almost always have slim fit boots, flat bottomed, that slink up almost to her knee. Her hair is usually pulled down with only a couple strands behind her ear or in a clip. On her shorts is a white belt that holds her weapons.

Body art:
=along her back, every inch or so, is a Gaelic symbol. they start right under her neck and end above her tailbone where there is a rose tattoo=
=the rose tattoo has spikey leaves and vines coming from it that wrap around and stop on her hip-bones=
=on the side of her neck, in Gaelic, there is a tattoo that says "bite me"=


Overall one wouldn't describe Russet as your average girl. Though she can be extremely playful, flirty, and seductive she is also very strong-hearted and adventurous. She doesn't let things, from as simple as a bad hair day to as difficult as killing a vampire, get to her very easily. Most of her emotions remain bottle up, only her eyes sometimes exposing her feelings towards something. When something goes wrong on a mission she tends to take command, lead the others to safety if they already aren't. Though she has leader qualities she enjoys working alone, just as herself and nobody else to look after.

While not on a mission one could say she is a party girl. Russet has a very prominant sense of humor and constantly smiles at this point. While she remains true to herself, not getting too deep into romance, she can be seductive and has, in the past, used this trait to her advantage. She is constantly found dozing off and getting bored from something simple since she has an IQ close to Einstein, or so she likes to claim.

Underneith this complex personality there is a hidden fear. Russet is scared of being alone, just the thought makes her shudder. The few who know would claim it is because of her dark past or because she is constantly on her own during missions. Though she enjoys taking her missions by herself she truthfully likes it better when she has a partner or someone she can rely on. Along with this fear she has a phobia of being bitten, surprisingly enough. Russet tends to kid about this fear rather often, even going as far as getting the tattoo on her neck. So far a vampire hasn't been able to get even close to it.


-three longswords, which she can weild all at once
-a dagger in her boot
-knife strapped to her leg
-knife strapped to her left bisept
-small handgun


Russet grew up in a dark family. Both her parents were criminals who helped the vampires get their blood. They abused her and taunted her saying she was weak and helpless. Her mother did most of the beating; she was forced to lie about the bruises and say she was a skater throughout her childhood. Though her father did hit her, he mostly taunted her, one time going as far as stripping her down and almost raping her. Six months after she turned five they were murdered by one of the vampire's they worked with. Russet was kidnapped by this vampire and daily he almost bit her, every day getting closer as if soon enough he would indead bite her.

He never got the chance, for a mere seven days later she herself killed him. After escaping she was found by the L.V.H.A and was trained by them since. She was schooled by one of the administrators of the company, though it was clear that she was already too smart to really need that must tutoring. Russet doesn't have any family or friends outside of the company, and still suffers from nightmares about her parents. On her bisepts and her shoulder blades there are several scars and perminant bruises from her beatings.

Though she isn't exactly the most spectacular thing around, Russet has some intreging features and abilities. Her teeth are naturally sharp, giving her a look that almost says vampire, though she isn't. She is convinced that somewhere in her recent blood-line a family member was part or full vampire. Aside from this she also has a scrutinizing eye, almost like Sherlock Homes, for she discovers things most people do not. Another so called ability of hers is that she can't be turned into a vampire.

So begins...

Russet Mays's Story