Azrael Neer

All the beasts will pay, including myself.

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Azrael Neer

Black Wolf





Azrael's hair is a dark brown so that, if not directly in the sun, it looks black. It is medium length that he simply lets hang in a natural style. It is fluffy, much like that of fur.

Azrael's eyes are hazel. However, when he becomes excited or is turning into a wolf, they become yellow as part of his curse. His uncontrollable anger also triggers the change into yellow irises.

Physical Structure:
Azrael is lean but toned. He does not have any extra fat on his body as his high metabolism uses it all up. He fasts often, also contributing to his body structure.

Skin Tone:
Naturally, Azrael's skin is pale and flawless as he does not spend much of his time out in the sun. He prefers the shadows.

Everywhere. On his right shoulder, there is a large, disturbing scar from the bite that turned him into a lycan. When he is about to turn into a wolf, this mark will sometimes throb, remaining him of his curse. Over his entire body, there are many scars that are from both battles with other lycans, and from himself.

Ambidextrous, but favors the right.


Azrael personality is rather dark. He is quiet and calculating, the true marks of a hunter. He is respectful, but is also not afraid to speak his mind. More often than not, Azrael will haves flights of a bitter temper that he finds difficult to control that the littlest thing can set off. When he calms down afterwards, his actions during his fit sends him into a deep depression that he feels the need to repent. He has been known to starve himself and whip his own flesh in an attempt to right what he has wronged. He has no mercy towards his own body and often feels he would be better off dead. However, he will continue this futile battle until he is able to eliminate the lycans once and for all. He is heartless when it comes to the lycans and will stop at nothing to kill them. Then, with his task complete, he will kill himself to finally end the bitter cycle. The scent of human blood also drives him wild and can instigate the change into a wolf.


Azrael is always seen wearing a black cloak made from the hide of a lycan. The hood is made from the beast's head where he left the ears intact. Azrael is suited for war. He carries with him a whip attached to his waste, a sword, and a bow and arrow. He also has a pouch of liquor to hide from his memories. However, it takes him a lot to get fully drunk. He wears a small amount of chain male to protect his torso, but does not fear being injured. He also carries with him a silver pendant that once belonged to Gwen to remind him of his task.


Azrael was born and raised in a large, sea fairing town. His father was a wealthy, but greedy merchant. All through his life, Azrael lived in the lap of luxury. He had a younger sister, Annette, and loved her dearly. The blacksmith of the town was falling into bankruptcy and, to save his business, offered his beautiful daughter Gwen to the Neer family as Azrael's wife. Although he did not love her, Azrael agreed by the orders of his father. On the wedding night, Azrael and his new wife were walking in the woods alone where the lycan attacked. Having spent a year in the army, Azrael had been able to protect Gwen and scared away the beast. However, it was not before the creature managed to infect Azrael by biting through his right shoulder.

In pain, Azrael collapsed. Gwen rushed to his side in worry as, despite the arrangement of the marriage, she truly did love him. Confused and weak from the blood loss, Azrael tried to turn away. Gwen continued in her attempt to comfort him and in the process, cut her hand on a rock. The scent of blood, human blood, drove Azrael wild. He awoke the next morning with her blood scattered around him on the path, her body torn to shreds. Loathing himself and fearing what he had done, Azrael ran from the place and swore to kill the monster that did this to him. It was now, that he realized he had loved Gwen.

Alone, bitter, and remorseful, Azrael became known as the Black Wolf. He now spends him time in isolation and hunts down the lycans in revenge for what he is and what happened to Gwen. He his completely abandoned both his family and the life he would have lead. His reputation precedes him in many towns, but no one knows that he is one of the creatures that he hunts.

So begins...

Azrael Neer's Story