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Crimson Snow

The City


a part of Crimson Snow, by Angel-Chii.

New York

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The Future
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The City

New York


The City is a part of dark-fantasy.

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CARA HOLX [1] Not your average Queen
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A/N: Some themes and elements are based loosely off of Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino. Everything else is original. Enjoy!

Hell's Kitchen, New York

Many years passed since the bloody wars and climate change struck fear into the human soul. The year is 20XX and technology has risen as well as the medical fields increased in their studies in discovering cures for rare diseases caused by the climate shifts. However not all is at peace, once the sun sets behind the city and the day walkers take their refuge, the shadows emerge from the darkness. The city that never sleeps lives up to its name, any and all attacks have been successfully unreported. The Elder Council's to thank for meddling with public affairs and silencing all and any who dares oppose them. It seems that even a peace treaty among the vampire and hunter community won't stop the spread of corruption. Still, not all hope is lost, the hunters exist to defend humanity. Even if they die trying...

A man in a dirt-tattered trench coat, leaned back against the brick wall. If he could, he would phase through it, Cara noted, yet the blood loss thankfully stunted his abilities to.

"Who is your master?" Her voice dripped icicles.

He chuckled what sounded like a wet cough he tried to cover up. "I got no clue what you mean, lady."

"Cut the bull, who is your Master? What is his name?" She pressed the edge of the dagger into his throat, the contact sizzled away at his flesh.

"Kill me, I won't give it." He winced at the sting of the anti-vampire weapon, his smirk held no humor. Dark hungry eyes trailed up her chest, eyeing her like a rack of lamb. Pig.

"If that's the case, then you serve no use to me."


"Found him." Jett scanned the supposed empty lot. The scent of dirt and human sweat was the source that lead him toward a shivering figure huddled up against the dumpster and rubbage bags. The missing child. Approaching the kid, he crouched to meet his level, "Hey, Tobey, you alright?"

Tobey peered up, his tear-streaked face caked in dirt and hints of blood. "S-some one...tried t-to bite..." He could barely form the words, his small hands balled up his stained shirt and coat. His slender form tense and wracked in tremors.

"Come with me, I'll help you find your parents." Jett picked him up. Nice and easy.

"A lady... S-she took him... took him." Tobey gripped at the lapels of Jett's coat, bony fingers raw and white-knuckled. He stared with wide eyes, unsure of his safety.

Jett crossed the marked off crime scene, passing by forensics and several police crew.

In the distance a woman latched her hands at the arm of Detective Rozen, pleading, "He's still missing, please help me find him."

Tobey squirmed in Jett's arms, his attention snagged at the voice. Jett released him and shot out toward the woman and the detective. "Mommy!"

"Tobey, my baby!" She wrapped him in a tight embrace, tears of joy streaming thin lines of mascara down her pale face.

Jett nodded with satisfaction, he'd managed to reunite a broken family and that was the best feeling. He shared his findings with his colleagues before heading out. There was more to be done.


Marchesa Manor, Tres Park

Lacey relaxed against the back of the chaise lounge, glass of blood tainted Sangria in her left hand. What a long and arduous day. She'd had enough of the Council Order and their restrictions, tonight she was gonna have some fun. However that feeling of warmth in her belly chilled as the pungent scent of leather and sweat and rain, the huntress. Back so soon? What an eyesore.

"I'm calling a meeting." Cara announced, striding with purpose toward the vampire.

"The old crows of the council and the dogs of the Association, they'll never get along." Lacey pouted at the thin glass, swirled its contents. She might require more than a few cupfuls to deal with them.

"Someone's gonna have to answer the recent attacks Marchesa, or do you guys really want another war on your heads?" Cara gave the room another glance, her ice hues focused out the tinted French double doors.

"What about your position as Pureblood Princess? You can regain that power you willingly relinquished. Control the Council. End the attacks." Lacey provided, watching her closely.

Cara scoffed and rummaged for her stash of tasteless blood tablets. Swallowing a mouthful she pulled a face, either at the horrid substance she forced herself to endure or the suggestion was debatable.

"Out of the question."

"Because she's apart of the Hunter Association. She doesn't want jack shit with your corrupted council." Jett provided. He'd been standing at the entrance for a beat. He leaned off the door jamp, ambled in his easy gait.

Cara slipped the box into her back pocket, her eyes barely lingered on his form. "Found the boy?"

"Yeah, he's safe now." He shot her a quick silver grin, smugness shown in his eyes. "Catch the Mark?"

"Ashes." Cara's jaw tightened, she crossed her arms.

Jett made himself comfortable across the room, taking a seat on the fauteuil. "There's a rumor going around, a Pureblood's turning a bunch of people, trying to rebuild a nest. Planning to attack HQ, break the treaty and perhaps overthrow the Council."

"I'll destroy them before they set foot passed the gates." Cara seemed so sure of herself. Poor thing.

Lacey chuckled mirthlessly, the little princess was finding herself in a rock and a hard place. And all by her own devices. She could end this swiftly, and all she had to do was give her hand to the Council. Alas, she wanted to play with the hunters. What a young fool.

"So," Lacey cast the two a look, "what are you going to do about it?

Both hunters stared back, their gazes barely masked the blaze of hatred contained in their eyes.

"Hunt down the nest of whoever's responsible." Jett was quick to come up with his own solutions.

"Put the Pureblood on trial, as well as his supporters."

Lacey looked from one to another, "And what sources did you attain, what proof do you have of the vampires that threaten to break the treaty?"

Jett's face contorted into a nasty scowl, "My own bloody ears. I hardly care if you believe me princess, I'm just letting you know, I'm out for blood."

Well, someone's touchy.