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Kyoko Aiyori

"I didn't become a vanguard because I wanted to. It was blackmail."

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a character in “Crimson Vanguard”, as played by ゆうい


Kyoko Aiyori

Kyoko or Kyo
Female, she's known to cross dress though.
Crimson Vanguard
Romantic Interest:
She doesn't have one. She's very dense. However she's had a relationship before. Her heart has been scarred deeply by the tragic ending.
Dual Wakizashi -specialize
Dual Pistols - if the situation calls for it
Cafe Co-owner

Personality: Kyo is above all these four things. Responsible. Down to earth. Independent. Straightforward.
To start off she is the most responsible person you'll ever meet. Waking up early, completeting homework on time, and running a business are examples of how responsible she is. Hard work is something she doesn't mind either. It's rather a joy to her to know she is doing something productive. If she happens to make a mistake though, she'll take full responsibility. This goes the same in team efforts where she is the leader she will take responsibility for their actions because she failed as a leader. Since she was raised differently than most, Kyo often displays a more practical, down to earth, responsible self. It tends to bother other vanguards who are more laid back because she pushes herself more than what is needed. If the could understand her, they would see Kyoko does so much to make others lives easier. She knows they want to get into the field for some action.

Now lets get to her down to earth side. Kyo tends to look for the ways that make sense and not crazy sporadic ideas. Because what's reasonable comes to mind for her, she often needs bribing to go ahead with the more peculiar plans of the other vanguards. An example is wearing a girly outfit and being spirit bait. Being practical she figured spirit guarding/hunting wouldn't pay all the bills so she runs a cafe that she is the co-owner of. She is often stingy when it comes to money because she try's to save it when she gets it. Therefore if she knows he doesn't need something she won't buy it = not materialistic.

Independent and straightforward, Kyo absolutely refuses to have anyone lift a finger to help her. The reason being so she won't be a burden to anyone. Although habitually unflappable, she is wry fearful of thunderstorms(Brontophobia) to the point of paralysis. As a result of her independent self she deals with on her own by hiding away and from view.
By being straightforward, Kyoko is consider apathetic by the members of the Crimson Vanguard unless bribed. Even it seems unlikely of her, she does understand people to very deep degree. Merely observing a person's situation and thinking of herself in their shoes allows her to imagine of predict how the person feels or how they'll react.

Sadly though, as good of a reader Kyoko is. She is very dense and wouldn't understand a confession if it danced naked in front of her. She is also sometimes unaware of her own feelings. The result in her school days was a trail of broken, ripped, crushed, and shredded hearts.

-Quiet Places
-Talking with spirits
-Night time
-The City
-Waking up late
-Her job
-Hurting people
-Other Vanguard
-Piano and violin
-MMA and Tae Qwon Do
-Understands people very well
-Very Dense
-easily bribed with sweets
-doesn't know when enough is enough
-Thunder and Lightning (Brontophobia)
-playing piano and violin
-take photos at night


"You guys have to much fun sometimes! But it makes it interesting you know.."
Kyoko had a pretty normal childhood. Two caring parents who doted and encouraged her. However one fateful day, Kyoko's mother died in a car crash. This was a day Kyo forgot to wake up and wish her mom the usual, "I love you! Be safe!" As a result the girl thought it was her fault that her mother died and forced to group up quickly. Her cheerful naive self disappearing. Her father did his best to dote on her as usual though, but she had become very independent and distant. Nonetheless he cared for her. The moment her mother died though, Kyoko's ability to see spirits was awakened. Her mother had the gift and it was passed to her.

As she grew older she worked hard in school to get top grades and get a scholarship. She passed the entry exam for a prestigious school and got in. The first day there, the cooking class were making mochi. The bowl was sitting on the window sill and someone knocked it outside. The mess landed on Kyo's long hair which she cut . It was a messy nest, but she hardly cared. Time through high school passed by quickly and she excelled as top of her class. She graduated with honors and gave the speech at graduation. In her heart though, Kyoko felt like something was missing though. She had gotten friends, but they weren't exactly close. She was still as apathetic as usual.

A few months later after graduation. Kyoko was walking down the street. She saw a spirit like any other, but being led by a person to a young man. He asked the young man if he could see anything. The young man said no. The person then shook his head and said he was rejected. Kyoko, passed by them an wondered what it was about when the spirit whispered something to the person leading it. At that moment Kyo ran. She wanted no part with what was happening, but the person gave chase. As they ran, she turned a sharp corner and stuck her foot out to trip the person. It worked, but the person dropped a glass bottle and shattered. To Kyo's great unfortunate, to bottle had kept a 3000 year old spirit in it. Unable to pay back the debt. Kyoko had to join the Crimson Vanguard from that moment on until she caught a spirit of equal or greater age.

A year later she is one of elite, still trying to find a spirit to settle her debt. In the years time she opened a cafe, which her father runs. She stepped down as owner because she knows its her father's dream to own his own cafe, as a tranny. Kyo doesn't mind at all and is happy to know her father is happy. Where he is now though may change her even more.
She cares deeply for everyone if the vanguard and try's to help them in the slightest way if she can.
Kyoko can be scene only smiling around spirits or at her cafe.
-Father: He works as a tranny(transvestite) at a bar. He dotes on his little girl and is always trying to get her to wear cutesy items.
-Mother: A lawyer. She died in a car crash.
-Ex-boyfriend: He was the first to truly understand her and get her to open up to him. She cared for him dearly. He was slowly dying of a heart problem and died two years ago.
Thoughts towards Other Characters:

Garren Hideki ~ "I just work with the guy."

Theme Song: (Add in the lyrics too if possible/any! Doesn't matter what language or if no singing!)

So begins...

Kyoko Aiyori's Story