Millian (Miley) Edenfield

A confident smirking Vanguard with brown shaggy hair and grey mischief filled eyes. (WIP)

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a character in “Crimson Vanguard”, as played by Rinn


Millian (Miley) Edenfield

Psychical :
Millian- Or as she refers to herself as. Miley. Stands at the height of 5’3. Short and slightly shaggy brown hair hangs past her chin. Sometimes placed in a rather poofy and uneven short ponytail. Miley generally wears a smirk filled with confidence and sometimes worn in an attempt to taunt or goad someone.
Her eyes often seen as grey. Sometimes can be seen as a bright pale blue in the right light. Almost always filled with mischief. Complimented with her oddly pale skin,

As previously stated. This girl presents herself to be quite confident. Known for making plenty of remarks and sly comments. Some may perceive it disrespectful. Some. Her merely making light of things. Regardless she loves to tease any and everyone. Though despite how cocky she may act. Perhaps there’s more to it than just sheer egotistical behavior.

However Miley surely doesn’t just burn her free time just by teasing people. But she seems to have a very potent love for combat. But even than: She may not take her opponent seriously. Known to force her enemy into the tango before quickly disengaging to avoid injury.

But. that’s not her only enjoyment. When not combating. Working for the Vanguard. or causing any kind of trouble. She would sneak off to read Manga and listen to every genre of music imaginable.


Equipment And Abilities:
Millian often wears loose clothing. Making it harder to tell how petite she may seem. Also because she finds it comfortable. Rarely does she attempt to care for her appearance. Aside from the choker necklace she always is seen wearing. She also often has a pair of headphones on her shoulders or head.

Miley’s way of fighting is a jumbled mix of speed. And an oddly powerful punch to her attacks. Known to use her acrobats and taunting to tired out her enemy and let their guard down before rushing in like a bullet and slugging her enemy wherever she deems is suitable for the situation.

When the fight is more serious than what she likes to play around. She will pull out her special made gloves that have a …shocking punch.

So begins...

Millian (Miley) Edenfield's Story