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In a dangerous world where trust is everything and death is one wrong move away, what happens when your efforts to escape to safety put you into more danger than ever before?

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Chaos. Plague. Death. Destruction. These things are our lives now. Once, this planet was a living one, with great big cities, lush green forests, deep blue oceans. The clouds were white and the grass was green, people were friendly and death was the last thing on most people's minds.

Then the Valos Mutagen was created. Suddenly, nations were taking ordinary soldiers, and turning them into heroes. Plants popped up all over the world to produce the stuff. Different people reacted in different ways. They could all lift over a thousand times their own weight, survive extreme injuries. They were all faster. Some displayed psionic abilities. Others could harness energy as a weapon. Some could even turn into beasts the likes of which no one had ever seen.

By the time the delayed effects of Valos were painfully clear, it was too late. Over half of the world's armed forces were on the stuff. Atrocities started happening. People died in droves as their former heroes went insane, began destroying everything with their new-found power. They didn't discriminate, they simply killed and destroyed.

After a month, the first nuclear reactor melted down. The rest followed. That first year saw more than two-thirds of the world's 'clean' population dead. Cities crumbled from neglect as survivors struggled to simply survive. That spring, people realized that this wasn't going to end any time soon. That they needed to stay together to survive.

Illnesses came back that second year. Medicine was scarce, doctors scarcer. Pox. Degeneria. Illnesses long thought vanquished came back with a vengeance. More people died. Chaos reigned as people abandoned each other for selfish reasons. The Valos-afflicted soldiers were no longer the only threat.

Then, people began noticing things. Vals, as they'd been christened, fought with each other over territory. Over food. Over water. They formed packs, like animals, roaming swaths that they claimed for themselves. Vals, like humans, became divided.

Then Halflings were discovered. Some areas were unlucky enough to have high concentrations of Valos Mutagen and radiation. Most people in these areas died off. Some didn't. Halflings. They weren't as fast as Vals. They weren't as strong as Vals. They couldn't recover as quickly as Vals. Their abilities weren't as potent. But they had one key difference: They were completely and totally sane. They could form plans, think tactically.

In some places, Halflings were welcomed as saviors. In others, they were shunned as more monsters to worry about.

Trust. Hope. Faith. These things are more important than ever now.

For at least twenty-five years, Vals have been around. Life goes on, however. Settlements have popped up where people live together, trying to survive. There is no money here. Everything works on trust and favors. Paper slips and metal discs can be stolen, after all. Settlements range from dozens to thousands in size, and everything in-between. Electrical power is scarce, so most settlements don't have electricity. Things like gas and coal and oil are rare commodities as well. Travel is on foot or by animal.

However, outside the relative safety of settlements lie many dangers. The first and foremost is the outside world itself. Violent weather, wild animals, rough terrain torn apart by the first years of conflict. Storms are a year-round threat, and low-lying settlements have been drowned in monsoons before.

Then there are the obvious threats: Vals. Packs of these former-humans roam the world, rarely larger than a dozen strong. However, that dozen is more than enough to lay waste to most settlements. Their powers vary, but all are extremely dangerous.

Another obvious threat is that of brigands. While many people try to survive by helping one another, there are always those who would seek to benefit from the chaos of the world. They raid settlements, steal what they want. Some have even managed to drive a pack of Vals into a settlement, picking through the rubble afterwards.

Halflings are a mixed blessing. As with humans, many seek to exist peacefully. Others, though, would benefit from the chaos of the world, or simply succumbed to the Valos Mutagen's effects. They are not as powerful as Vals, but they are smart. They can think complex thoughts, and many can stay above the animalistic urges that the Valos Mutagen eventually imprinted into Vals.

However, Halflings pay a price for their power. A Halfling's metabolism is higher than a humans. They must eat more to survive than a human, and many are in constant conflict with the bloody urges that the Valos Mutagen carries.

Despite all of this, Halflings often prove to be the saving grace when settlements are threatened by raiders or Vals. Even so, some settlements distrust Halflings, seeing them as just another incarnation of Vals.

The settlement of Hope. About three-hundred strong, and situated along a river. Resting in the ruins of a town, makeshift walls surround this port settlement. The people here know each other well, having survived here since the onset of the Valos Crisis, when their homes were destroyed by a pair of Vals. There are some fish in the river, and the land is fertile enough to farm.

Just across the river, a small boat is loading with a few new people who have managed to come to Hope, wishing to start over. However, their perceived paradise is not to remain peaceful for much longer...

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