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James Stafford

Nothing like an apocalypse to get the creative juices flowing

0 · 336 views · located in Zombie Infested Tokyo, Japan

a character in “CRM 144: Tokyo SOS”, as played by BAWADABOO


Name: James Stafford
Date of Birth: May, 5
Age: 36
Nationality: British
Appearance: James is very tall and very skinny. He dresses very smartly, in a suit most of the time. He has medium length red hair and a stern face. He does not smile often but when he does it usually does not end well.
Personality: James usually stays pretty level headed. He stays calm in most situations, even in zombie attacks. He completely lacks the "fight or flight" reaction. He refuses to fight the zombies so he just stands back and studies the others as they do. When he is experimenting however, he goes batshit. He completely blocks anyone around him off and becomes invelpoed in his madness. If he is interupted, something horrible usually happens.
Background: James was a brilliant child. He moved through school very quickly and made it to college when he was 13. He has no recollection of his home or social life, because all he ever did was study and experiment. One day, in college, his roommate mistakenly knocked over a beaker James was studying.
The rest is a blur of black and red... He didnt come back to normal until much later, inside an insane asylum. He broke out quite easily, He was too smart to be in custody. When the apocalypse started James was excited because he finally had something new to work on. He works with the terrorists only because they are good protection.
Supplies Carried: a breifcase filled with batteries and a laptop. He also has an air tight box filled with his scientific tools, beakers, test tubes... all that jazz.
First weapon: "Fighting is for neanderthals"
Second Weapon: a small pistol he hides in his bag, incase someone interupts his research.
Theme Song(s): "Music is for the ignorant"

So begins...

James Stafford's Story