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Jered Harris

"I am the son and heir of nothing in particular"

0 · 321 views · located in Zombie Infested Tokyo, Japan

a character in “CRM 144: Tokyo SOS”, as played by SkunkishBlue



Jered Harris

Date of Birth
8th April 1998


Jered is a slim but muscular person, easily able to take someone on in a fight using his fists or using a weapon. Jered likes to dress in a rather smartly, in a shirt and tie, because as he says "Just Because the world has gone to the dogs doesn't mean i can't keep some kind of style." He has a large backpack to carry supplies Jared has long shoulder length black hair.

Jered is quite a quite person dew to the trauma that he went through as a child, But this doesn't mean that he is shy, he will speak his mind and in some situations, try to take control if he thinks he can do it better. Jered has a very logical mind, always trying to find a solution to a problem. Even is a stressful and hard time, Jered will stay calm and will be able to think logically and try to calm others down. He hardly ever gets angry in any event, but usually becomes very quiet and tries to think of a solution to a problem.

Jered is 1 of 80 survivors from England left alive, brought over to Japan when CRM 114 escaped into the atmosphere, he was only 8 years old. Both of his parents were lost in the rush to be evacuated. Alone and helpless in Japan, not able to speak Japanese, Jered was taken to a children's home as soon as the evacuation plane landed. Being a quick learner he quickly picked up the language but still never really felt at home. As he grew older he grew in populatity, especially with the girls, they saw him as exotic and different, that and the fact that he was smart and sporty. His main ambitions in life are to become a Writer and Film Maker, writing about the things he saw in his early life just after the Pathogen escaped and on the way over to japan.

Supplies Carried
In his backpack, Jered carries multiple bottles of water, Packeted food and extra Hand Gun Ammo. Also Jered keeps his internet phone with him at all times, to keep up with the latest news updates and evacuation news.

First weapon (Main Weapon)
The Weapon that Jered starts with is asharpened shovel, great for knocking the undead to the ground and the smashing there heads in when there on the ground. This is a good weapon for small groups of undead but almost useless against a hord of enemies.

Second Weapon (Weapon used in desperate times)
Jered has a Hand Gun to use against hord of enemies but only when desperately needed as the sound attracts more of the undead. In his pack he always carries extra ammo just incase it is needed.

Theme Song(s)
t.A.T.u - How Soon Is Now?

So begins...

Jered Harris's Story

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Its strange how just mer months ago this street in Northern Tokyo was busy with the hustle and bustle of the Japanese people, and now, now it was a wasteland. Around every corner the carnage stretched on for as far as the eye can see. Overturned and crashed cars littered the roads, leaking fuel all over the roads, coursing a massive hazard, one spark and the whole place could go up. The shops that line the street now lie in ruin, the glass was smashed by looters after the first thew outbreaks. And then theres the stench, where ever you are in Tokyo, all you can smell is the dead the line the streets. As it was January, and the ground was covered with an even sprinkling of snow, coursing most of the bodies were frozen.
There was only one set of footprints in the snow, and they belonged to seventeen year old Jered Harris. He had been wandering the streets looking for other survivors so he would have more chance of survival, but he was starting to think that he might be the only person left in Tokyo. He Saw a convenience store that looked like it had not been completely looted.
"Ah, this looks promising." He whispered to himself, trying to be as quite as possible. Jered climes into the shop through the smashed glass window being careful not to cut him hands on the glass.
It was a small shop, 4 rows and a small door at the back of the room, it was slightly open. There wasn't much left in she shop after looters had there go at it, but Jered too what he thought useful, he took all the cup ramen they had, 3 bottles of water and a battery flashlight with some extra batteries. He loaded them into his backpack and sat in the chair behind the counter where the worker would have sat. Looking over the chaos, he thought about how much destruction this pathogen had coursed.
He sat quietly thinking for thirteen minutes before looking at his watch, 11:58am. Remembering that the American's were sending radio broadcasts over to Japan for any survivors there might be every hour on the hour, he got out his phone with built in radio and, quite sure there was no undead around, turned up the volume to half way.
"This is an emergency broadcast to Japan in this time of great need" The lady on the radio said, it started like this every time, Jered was quite bored of it starting like this. Then she went on to talk about the main story of the day. "Today in Tokyo, a rebellious terrorist group, yet to be named, coursed a slur by.." at that moment Jered heard a loud moan from through the door at the back of the store, he turned the radio off immediately. The door swung open reveling one of the undead, starring in his direction. The zombie was male and must have been a worker once as he was wearing an apron with a badge that said 'Welcome to the store, my name is...'
Jered climbed over the counter as quickly as possible, the zombie in pursuit, There was no time to be careful out of the window and Jered quite badly cut his hands when getting out, he tripped a little as he got through the window but continued to ran as fast as he could away from the zombie. The zombie, who can't feel pain had no problem getting out of the window and followed after Jered in quick pursuit .
Jered, who is quite athletic and speedy was running out of breath and he knew he couldn't run forever, so he started looking for a temporary weapon. He notices a hardware store and that there was a rack with shovels on it out the front of the shop. Grabbing the first shovel he saw, Jered turned to face the zombie, holding the shovel like a baseball bat, he smiled and shouted "Come at me!"
Just as the zombie was in range, Jered swung the and hit the zombie in the head with the flat side of the shovel coursing it to fall to the ground, he kicked it when it was down, but it slowly got back up again. Now holding the shovel with both hands, Jered pushes it into a parked car and then hit it downwards again. Then with one final blow, Jered stabs his shovel through the zombies neck, decapitating the foul beast, but, when doing this Jered accidentally smashed the cars window coursing the cars alarm to start. Jered stopped for a moment, he knew that dew to all the noise he had made there would be more coming soon.