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Anarchist Group 'Sakura' Leader

0 · 503 views · located in Zombie Infested Tokyo, Japan

a character in “CRM 144: Tokyo SOS”, as played by Black


Anarchist Group 'Sakura' Leader

Handlebars by Flobots


"Join Me Friends and Together We Can Stop This!"

"My Name? Moróz, Pleased To Meet You."

Real Name: Artem Sidorov ~ No one -- not even closest friends -- know of Moróz's real name. He keeps it hidden from everyone and all records of him ever existing have been deleted to ensure that he is never tracked.

Code Name: Moróz ~ Meaning 'Frost' in Russian, relating to his cold-nature and home.

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty-Three

Nationality: Russian ~ Both his mother and father were Russian. He has moved around the world quite a bit from being born in Cherskiy.

Occupation: Anarchist/Terrorist 'Sakura' Group Leader.

"Not Quite An Albino."

Hair: Snowy White ~ Though most might refer to it as grey or silver. It depends entirely on the light what colour it appears.

Eyes: Lilac/White ~ Moróz's original eye colour is a purple with a slight grey tint to them, however due to an accident one of his eyes (right) has gone white. The pupil and iris can still be seen despite the fact that they are now a creamy-white colour.

Skin Tone: Very Light, Pasty

Height: 5"11

Weight: 160 lbs

Build: Lean, Medium Toned

Body Markings: Large Scar/Burn on left side and tattoo on right hand. ~ Covering the whole of his left side, a large scar marks Moróz's body. It is actually a burn which has never fully recovered, most domineering on his face. Also on his right hand a bright red symbol has been tattoo'd on, the mark being that of his group's.

Style: Casual, Sporty ~ For his usual attire, Moróz wears a plain black t-shirt and a pair of black trousers. Over the top of the t-shirt he wears a blue jacket with a hood and white stripes down each arm. The hood is almost always put up to conceal his face below.

"The Government Is To Blame!"

Likes: Shooting and Killing Zombies, Music, Sight Of Blood, Winning, Hacking, Children, Leading. ~ There is nothing more Moróz enjoys than putting a bullet through the head of a zombie; he's pretty good at it too. He sees it as an act of defiance to the government and an excuse to kill a 'human' without dealing with the consequences. Occasionally he'll put some music on as he stands on a roof far away sniping the zombies from afar, singing joyfully as the blood of 'used-to-be-humans' is splattered everywhere. Moróz has a soft spot for children and cannot bear to see them in any danger. But that doesn't mean he won't recruit them and try to use them in his plans.

Dislikes: The Government, Zombies, People Who Don't Follow Him, Anyone On The Government's Side, Rumours, Being Questioned. ~ The Government is his biggest hate, being the cause of everything wrong in the world, he'll kill any one even remotely related to them.

Fears: The Government, Failing and Being Eaten Alive ~ Moróz's fears come directly from the conspiracy he has built himself up to believe. The Government have purposely created the Zombies and also have the antidote. Even though their goal is to overthrow the Government, Moróz still fears that they have something sneaky planned -- especially since they were the cause of the zombie epidemic. He fears failing his group because they would turn against him and also it would mean that he lost the war against the Government. Being eaten alive derives from the zombie out-break. Believing it to be a slow and painful death with the possibility of becoming a zombie himself.

Personality: Moróz is one of the most difficult people to pinpoint a specific personality. Many words describe him but not all at the same time. At a first glance he seems the type of person you would avoid if you valued your life, however he comes across as friendly when you speak to him. Smiling and laughing about the most trivial things; light-hearted in every way. The closed-eyed smiles are a common expression during this time. He’ll laugh about everything, even if it isn’t funny; his main priority to enhance the happiness of others. Another thing is that he loves a good joke and can be flirty around the right people, however it’s unknown if he actually is flirting to be funny or if he generally wants to be with that person.

The phrase ‘The more you see, the less you know’ definitely applies to Moróz here. The point he continues to push on everyone is that he’s a nice friendly person who is trustable and you could easily give your life up for him, because he sold you his cause in a heart-beat. The words he uses, mixed with the pleasant personality he has, makes recruitment for the Terrorist group as easy as a walk in the park. Moróz just has a way with words and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s a determined person who will never give in, no matter how stupid his beliefs may be. Once he’s got you reeled in and signing a binding contract, stating that you’re now ‘his’, his personality changes like the day changes to night or like how a room is suddenly plunged into darkness when you switch off the lights…

It only takes a moment for the seemingly friendly leader to transform into something more sinister than the devil himself. After all, to lead a group one must also learn how to strike fear and terror into the hearts of their followers to ensure that no one decides to betray them. It is even said that screams of agony can be heard behind closed doors. Rumours drift across the group about certain things carried out -- in the basements, attics or anywhere else private -- to those who dare speak ill word of the group or its leader. For Moróz is said to be an incarnation of a crafty demon who walked the earth millennia ago. Of course these are just rumours and not all rumours are true now are they?

To those who get to know Moróz for whom he really is, he is a sadistic and slightly insane psychopath who won’t hesitate to kill you where you stand. The friendly personality he once had is replaced by a more serious attitude towards situations and a mind which does not stop working -- trying to find answers which aren’t always there and even when those answers are found, they have flaws and appear wrong in Moróz’s eyes but not in his people’s. He works them to death to achieve his goals, some might even say that he’s cold and uncaring but those people disappear a few days later. It’s certainly best to keep on Moróz’s good side, if you do that then he just might treat you to some food or even a nice cold bottle of water, just watch out… it might be poisoned.

"I Travel Light."

Supplies: Phone, Lighter, Three packets of Cigarettes, Netbook and charger, Extra bullets, A bottle which is usually filled with water, Butterfly Knife. ~ All of which are carried in a satchel at his side.

First Weapon: Sniper Rifle ~ Comes with silencer and a stand, used always to take out targets at a distance.

Secondary Weapon: Handgun ~ For close fights.

"Mariya... I'm So Sorry..."

Marital Status: Single

Family: Viktor (Father), Larissa (Mother), Mariya (Sister) ~ All deceased.

Biography: Born on the 15th of May into a moderately wealthy family within the Cherskiy range, Russia. Artem was an average child who attended school for the most part, save a few sickly days. Loved by family and friends, a natural born leader and with a tongue which could make anything he says believable. Others didn’t see his manipulative tenancies, but Artem knew that they were there and he utilized these abilities to gets others to do what he wanted, including a few bizarre missions which usually ended up getting others badly hurt. When this did happen, he would put on an innocent smile and apologize in a small voice, retreating to his room to cry until his parents came up and apologized themselves; claiming that it was ‘one-of-those-things’ and just a stroke of bad luck. Artem had the whole neighbourhood wrapped around his finger at a very early age. He was as cunning as a fox and as innocent as the rabbit which it hunts.

After his younger sister Mariya was born, his family moved around Russia in search for a new place to live. Their old home could barely house the three of them, let alone a new addition to the family. Everywhere life took them, Artem’s sister would constantly be picked on from being ‘different’. Her hair was purple like an orchid being just as delicate as one too. She was a beautiful girl born with a soft spoken voice and a caring personality, her only problem was that she was blind, which gained all of the wrong attention. Of course her brother would not stand for that, he would march to the gates of her school and beat up whoever so much as looked at his younger sister. Because a delicate flower like her needed to be protected. Her protection came at a hefty price, at one point Artem got caught up in a gang fight. One of the member's younger brothers had recently been beaten up by Artem due to the boy calling his sister names. The gang didn't take kindly to this and found Artem, beating him until he was a bloody pulp. They admired his fighting skills and determination, so agreed that they would help protect Mariya if he joined them, otherwise they would go and beat his sister more than they did to him. Artem had no choice but to accept, quickly throwing him into a world of trouble. The gang spent most of their time carrying out petty crimes, gradually elevating to more elaborate and dangerous schemes. It was here where Artem was given the name Moróz. Luckily before anything too serious happened, their family caught wind of their son's actions and moved south into Asia, eventually arriving in Japan.

When the epidemic hit his family suffered badly when zombies broke into their house and ate his family, ripping flesh from their lifeless limbs. But that wasn't enough for the torture was still to come. Watching from afar, his family slowly arose from the ground with bits of flesh still hanging off. Slowly they moved towards him, moaning and snarling under their breath. Moróz gulped, backing away and into the back door. Suddenly they shot at him, smacking into the closed door with Moróz running down the streets towards a certain shop, he knew what he had to do; put them out of their misery. So stealing a rifle from the local arms dealers, he returned to his house, sniping both his mother and father through the window. The glass shattered and sliced his zombiefied sister's body, of course she noticed and ran towards him. Taking in a deep breath and blinking the tears from his eyes, he shot her right in the head, covering the streets in a mess of grey matter. Placing the blame on the government and swearing revenge, Moróz put his manipulation skills to use and formed the Anarchist group known as Sakura.

And the rest, my friends, is history...

So begins...

Moróz's Story