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Salem Wales

There was nothing I could do but run. That will never happen again.

0 · 364 views · located in Zombie Infested Tokyo, Japan

a character in “CRM 144: Tokyo SOS”, as played by BAWADABOO


Name: Salem Wales

Date of Birth: April 22

Age: 22

Nationality: French Canadian

Appearance: Salem is of average height and muscular.. He has silvery hair that reaches down to a few inches above his shoulders. He dresses mostly in jeans and a T shirt, with varied overshirts. He enjoys collard shirts. He always rolls his sleeves up to his elbows. The sleeves impede motion. He has icy blue eyes which go miraculously well with his hair. Image

Personality: Salem was always a carefree guy. He enjoyed playing sports and going for walks. He was fearle ss. He never had a doubt in his mind about whether or not he could accomplish something. That is, until the outbreak. THe outbreak changed him. He became a darker man. His fearlessness was gone, He had become more scared than ever, but he used it to fuel his drive to escape. Now that everything is on the line he is giving his all to keep the rest of the team out of danger.

Background: Salem is Canadian by birth. His parents lived in Montreal until Salem was about 8 months and then moved down to Japan. Because of this, the only trace of his ancestry is his skin and hair color. His parents have french accents but because he has more contact with the japanese than the french accent he never picked it up, other than a slightly noticable twang. He lived a happy life in Tokyo with his parents. He was always fairly popular in school, and was well respected by the adults he knew. He went to college in Canada to try and retrace his routes. He then made the worst decision of his life. He had two weeks off from school and decided to go and visit his parents in Tokyo. He had been in town for barely three days and then the outbreak happened. Salem and his family stayed safe for a while but then one night they got careless. A lone walker sauntered into their kitchen and attacked his mother. His mother turned quicker than his father expected and he ws next. Salem didn't know what to do. He just ran. It was the first time in his life he was too scared to think. It was the first time he ran away from anything. Once he finally stopped running he mulled it all over in his head. He vowed to never let another person down again, and would protect anyone he could.
Supplies Carried: Salem carries a bookbag filled with water bottles and granola bars he snagged from a convenience store a while back. He has a lighter in a side pocket and a swiss army knife in the other. A smaller pocket in the front holds three cans of spray paint and a matchbook.

First weapon: Steel lacrosse stick (6 feet long)

Second Weapon: Spray paint and the lighter. He lights a match and sprays the paint, burns the zombies quite well, but this doest last as long or do as much damage as it could, it is basically just a hinderance so he can get away.

Theme Song(s): Hold On- Good Charlotte

So begins...

Salem Wales's Story