Crone, Witch of Eula

If she looks a witch, plays the part, and carries the name, surely she is a witch.

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a character in “Crone of Eula”, as played by MilkHoney


Sex: Female

Physical Description: Hunchbacked and decorated in boils, hers is not a sight to wake up to in the morning. Coarse black hair peppered with gray serves as testament to age and hardship. Red-rimmed blue eyes are weighed down with dark bags and the wrinkles may have wrinkles, but there is nothing wrong with her hearing or her eyesight. The cheeks and jowls sag, but what doesn’t on an old woman? Her nose is so hooked, it would make a passable beak, and while her nostrils have been making a steady retreat toward her brows, the tip continues to plummet toward her mouth. Her skin is dry as parchment, her knuckles swollen with pain, her nails thick as claws, and yet her hands retain an iron grip, like the bony hands of Death. If she were missing her teeth, she’d make a beautiful hag. As she is, she makes a serviceable witch: with looks like hers, no one could mistake her profession.


Personality: A stubborn streak a mile wide coupled with a millennia of knowledge. A memory well suited toward scholarly work but more often used in practical endeavors and toward holding grudges. Her library is precious to her, rivaled only by the joy she takes in hedge witching: walking between the veils which separate life from death, mundane from fey, cruelty from kindness. Substituting hospitality for affability, and honesty for disclosure, she has not made it easy for others to get close to her, to know her better. But while holding others at a distance, she has not restrained herself from mirth, finding beauty in music and dancing; joy in sparring wits; and pleasure in hearing account of fairy pranks and happy endings.


Abridged Biography: According to the villagers of Eula, Crone has been living in her hut for a century or more, and was born old. During her time in Eula, she has riled the Academy with her disregard for their rules, besieged the local gentry with her forthrightness, and created an overflow of rumors, most of which do not possess a speck of truth. It is true Crone was born in Eula a century ago, in the very home she now resides, and with the exception of the Oak Lord, none have been alive so long as to know the truth beyond that.
She is known as Crone because she is the epitome of the haggard old crone living alone in the woods. To call a woman who works magic a witch is an insult, but the Crone encourages it: she doesn’t hide the fact her magic is not always white. The Academy does not approve of her as she never trained in their halls and her practice is unorthodox, and she reciprocates their disdain, refusing to take their aptitude tests and ignoring their frosty letters refusing to acknowledge her as a master of the craft. As if they could intimidate a veteran like her. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to convince the village that she is not as competent as their specially trained sorcerers. The villagers depend on her to heal their sick, solve their problems and rescue their children from naughty fairies, and as she served as a midwife for the majority of their births, she is thought of as a cranky grandmother to everyone. It is not uncommon for young girls to go to her in the dead of night for love potions, and to return the next week for herbs to erase their youthful indiscretions. But as she is truly a witch, her methods are not always palatable and the prices are not measured in gold.

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