Emmaline Rose

Don't Tempt Me.

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a character in “Crone of Eula”, as played by pooka_x



Emmaline Rose (Goes by Emma)
Physical Description:
Emma was tall and lean. She has long blonde hair that is usually up in a bun or in a long braid. Her eyes are a piercing green.


Emma can look like a sweetheart but when something doesn't go her way she makes it known. She has an attitude if something goes wrong and seems super self confident when things go correct. She is a hard worker although, and she trains thoroughly. She learns quickly and the things she forgets she pulls from her back pocket ideas that work just as well.


Emma knows quite a bit of magic and also has a bow and arrow. She keeps the bow wrapped around her back and a sack of arrows with it. She also has a small dagger in her left pant leg. She practices shooting every day and her magic every night.


Abridged Biography:
Emma was sent to the Academy at a very young age, earlier than most. Her parents worked hard and simply did not have time for their child. She soon began learning quickly to mock her parents for putting her through school. In the younger grades she got into a lot of trouble but soon learned each year if trouble is what your after you wont get very far. Soon she began studying even harder and going through a vigorous fighting course. She has been on many quests and when the Academy sent her a gold plated letter saying she would be attending this quest she felt her heart soar. She loved quests and this was a perfect opportunity to prove everyone wrong.

So begins...

Emmaline Rose's Story